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Updating photos

Adding new photographs to your online e-Portfolio has now been made.... even easier.

First log in to you account and then follow the step by step guide below.

Step 1 - Click'Add Photos' link.

To Add Audio clip 'Add Audio' to Add video click 'Add Video'

Step 2 - Click 'Add' on the 'Photo Request List' panel.

Step 3 - 3 compulsory fields
'Photo Name' - choose a name for this picture
'Photo Caption' - choose a caption
'Photo Date' - date photograph taken

You will not be able to proceed any further unless all 3 are complete.

Then click 'Browse...'

Step 4 - Select your new photo from wherever you have saved and filed it.
'My latest pic.jpg'
then click 'Open'

Step 5 -The location of 'My latest pic.jpg' will now automatically be entered in the 'Photo File' box in the 'Add photo' panel.

To continue, click 'Next' at the bottom of the 'Add photo' panel.

Step 6 - Check you are happy with your details and photo before they are sent for approval. If you would like to change your details click the 'Back' button and make any amendments. When ready click 'Next'.

Step 7 - Your new picture 'My latest pic.jpg' now appears in the 'Photo Request List' panel.

Step 8 - Our team will then review your new picture within 2 working days before making it live.