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Radio 1 Newsbeat and the facts about Models Direct

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Dear Suzy,

Thanks once again for your response. We have some follow up questions:

* You make a strong argument for scrapping upfront fees. But if that is the case would not a monthly subscription be the answer allowing models to cancel at any time if they wish? Why do you need to charge for three-year contract up front? (Appreciate a shorter contract is available but the 3-year one is really the default, isn't it?)

* We have gone back to the five companies you say you work with on the phone (L'Oreal, House of Fraser, Miss Selfridge, Easyjet, Thomas Cook Holidays). L'Oreal is adament it has never worked with you. Miss Selfridge and House of Fraser both say their records do not go back to the dates you gave us. We are still waiting for Easyjet and Thomas Cook Holidays to double check for a second time but they appear to have no record. You say in your last letter that "documentation is kept for all our assignments... we substantiate each and every booking...". If that is the case please send us contact details of the people you dealt with there and more information about the booking. We will not call those people directly but pass them on to the companies concerned and get them to check.

* As above but for Burberry and Marks and Spencer as both still appear to have no knowledge of you.

* You say in your last letter (point 1) that "we tell every model they are being put forward for selection by sending a personal email, every time, irrespective of the outcome." Our reporter (Nadia Ali, cheers for the refund) received five emails saying she was being considered for work. Please could you put us in touch with the companies behind these offers so we can follow up on this. Or at least tell us what work she was put forward for.

* You claim (point 5) that you have placed a statement about the 7 day cooling off period "boldly" on our "Modelling Offer of Representation letter to the model". Please identify exactly where that is. We can only find that statement at the bottom of a page the model has to click on to pay your upfront fee. It does not seem to appear in any email or letter our reporter received from you nor was it mentioned in a telephone conversation with your representative.

* Do you confirm of deny that your assignment team consists of two people yet your model recruitment team is made up of 14-16 people. Do you have an explaination for this?



Jim Reed
Special Reporter
BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat / 1Xtra

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