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Radio 1 Newsbeat and the facts about Models Direct

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Dear Jim

I do not feel we make a strong argument to scrap up front fees, in fact we list the potential nightmares if they are scrapped. Managing agents and the consequences of how some showcase agencies might operate would be more difficult to police than they currently are. A monthly subscription would administratively be very difficult to manage, many clients request models for a booking months in advance, how would you put forward the correct models? What if models were selected who hadn't renewed? this could happen multiple times a day. You will be discriminating and not providing equal opportunities to the right models at the right time.

I can assure you that models have most definitely been supplied to all the clients we claim to have done, we are not in the business of misrepresentation or lies;

Thomas Cook - most recent Thursday 17th September 2009 - 4 models. We are awaiting photos.
Easyjet - Wednesday 13th February 2008 9am - 5pm in Luton 4 models. Ignore the May date I also gave you as this was a misunderstanding on my part.
Attached is photographic evidence of the L'Oreal work

Miss Selfridge - promotional models 23/03/02 - 10.00am - 2pm for a store reopening in Hull.
House of Fraser - promotional models most recently;
Monday 31st October 05 8.45am - 6.00pm
Tuesday 1st November 05 9.00am - 6.00pm
Wednesday 2nd November 05 9.00am - 6.00pm
Thursday 3rd November 05 9.00am - 6.00pm
Friday 4th November 05 9.00am - 6.00pm
March 2000 - Edinburgh - Fashion Show

Burberry - We spoke to the Assistant Product Developer. Models attended castings but were not selected due to measurement sizes 4th August 2008. A further search was conducted as I mentioned in October.

Marks and Spencer - you didn't question M&S as a client in your previous correspondence.

It emphasises the point I have been making all along, when you question who we quote as clients because the person you speak to knows nothing, when, for example, in the case of Marks and Spencer, they published the success of working with Models Direct in their national staff magazine!! (see attached)

These are the dates and locations when we supplied models to M&S
Hull 3rd May 03
Cheshire 19th May 01
Cheshire 6th& 8th September 01
Cheshire 9th & 10th February 02
York 22nd May 04
Warrington 26th September 07

Nadia Ali
I am pleased you have received your refund.
I have checked with our Assignments Manager and Nadia was in fact considered for 7 assignments within the 2 weeks she was registered not 5 as you claim.
These quotes are still current and due to the sensitive nature of our business and indeed the competitive nature we do not wish to disclose their names. We can however confirm they were within the following categories; Bridal shoot, Catalogue, Hair modelling with photoshoot, Children's character at a party, Healthcare product promotion & discussion at the Clothes Show and a Photography school photo sitting (who book models with us every week) ..... its unfortunate Nadia chose to cancel.

Cooling off period
I remind you that we mention this in several places, above and beyond our legal requirement. We have made a recommendation that it become a legal requirement that it is more readily obvious to models by all agents.

The 7 day cooling off period is mentioned in three separate places, none of which require a confirmation in order for them to be viewed;
Terms and Conditions 7.2, also viewable online here:
Each model has a printed and online copy of these. Nadia would have received both.
Page 1 of our printed Offer letter. Nadia would have received this.
On the bottom of each of the four pages of our online offer. Nadia would have seen this.
Models Direct is a regulated modelling Employment Agency. You have a 7 day cooling off period from now, to change your mind about registering as a model with us, in accordance with the provisions of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses.
Regulations 2003 (as amended). During this cooling off period you can cancel or withdraw from your contract with us without suffering any detriment or penalty.

Models Direct employs a team of 21 plus directors. There are only 5 people within our team who are not trained to manage assignments for models as they have an administrative role and are not qualified for this specific and demanding role. Models Direct operates a strict policy of client recruitment, new and existing businesses are pro actively and routinely approached daily.

Jim, we are passionate about our agency and have worked consistently for the last 20 years supplying babies, children, teens, men and women to clients nationwide for films, TV, photographic, promotional and advertising work. There will always be models who are unhappy as they have not been selected for work, that is the nature of our business and due to the internet it is very easy for them to say as much. Models who have been successful and enjoyed paid modelling work have little incentive to blog about their work - they are too busy promoting themselves and working, but please be sure to take a glance at our model comments so you have a more balanced view:

Suzy O'Connor

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