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Sarah for Holly

"Holly had a lovely afternoon at her assignment with Jems. The job consisted of a photo shoot for photos to be used on the client’s new website and perhaps in the future for a brochure. Jems is a company which produces hand made Scottish clothes predominantly in tartans and tweeds, much of which would be worn as wedding attire. The client required very little in the way of poses, smiles and activity during the shoot, so I feel that it was a good starting point for Holly to gain some experience in front of the camera and build her confidence. I felt that the client was pleased with the results of the shoot and with Holly’s performance, she was particularly pleased with her complexion as it carried the bright tartan off well. Overall we had an enjoyable afternoon and learnt lots!"

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Louisa for Luca (7)

"We had a fantastic time at Madame Tussauds yesterday. Lucas really enjoyed it and I believe he was able to do what they wanted him to do. A couple of Chinese TV channels were also there and interviewed him and said that it will be going out on their channels. Lucas really enjoyed the day and he says he wants to do loads more!"

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Courtney, aged 8

"I had a great time at Fila and cant wait to do more jobs. The ladies were very kind to me and let me do what I liked to do. I tried on clothes so they could adjust them."

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Teresa for Roman

"The assignment was wonderful. We were so well treated by Mint Apparel and the end client Fila. The fact that we are of Italian origin went down very well with them as they liked the fact that Roman understood and responded to them in Italian. One very very positive feedback I got from Amelia who is from Fila Italy, is that Roman had the precise body measurements they needed. She stressed that it was very difficult to find someone with the right body sizes and that Roman was perfect, and for this reason she asked me to leave Roman's details with Rahul, the designer, so that they can use him again - about 3 to 4 times a year. I have left them with Maxine McCarthy, but it may be worthwhile reminding her of this. Roman was very good and enjoyed trying on the clothes. He took it very seriously and did as he was told. The clothes were beautiful and I know he liked them. We can't wait to see them in the shops. Thanks again for putting Roman forward for this exciting assignment."

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Suzanne for Jordan aged 5

“Jordan had a great time he didn’t even know he was working! A fun day. We had lots of information.”

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