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Reference: 1518

Hi, I am Jennifer.  I did a photo shoot at an NHS hospital, and this was my second assignment through Models Direct.  I was not nervous, the staff were very helpful and made it fun. Also the other models were very kind and one female model helped me remove a bracelet that I couldn't (it was necessary to complete the job). I was asked to change into uniform and pretend to be a nurse.  The best part was to work with a child model who was really lovely and made my job so easy. I was asked to pretend to be a nurse taking notes from a doctor and then take the child's temperature.  It was a really fantastic experience, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The more jobs you do the less nervous you become, because you tend to have an idea of what to expect. I will definitely recommend Talent Management to anyone who is interested in the industry.

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Reference: 1506

I wasn't nervous before my shoot with the NHS.  I had fun chatting to the 'doctor' on the shoot.  I just had to lay in bed and answer questions about my reason for being in hospital, then I chatted with the 'doctor' on being discharged.  I didn't necessarily learn new skills as I am used to working on stills shoots, but I would recommend this type of work as it is all great experience. 

In terms of joining an agency, I think you have to be patient and not expect too much too soon.  I signed with Models Direct because they approached me.

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Reference: 1517

It was great being a model for the day, I was relaxed and had fun with the others, and I would definitely to do that again.  I enjoyed every moment of the assignment.  I was acting as a child patient's mother for NHS Professional's latest advertising material. What I have learnt from this experience is to devote yourself, contribute towards great team work and be confident.  I would recommend other people to take the opportunity for this kind of work through Models Direct as I am doing.  It requires ambition to gain experience and through this you will certainly gain good money.

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Reference: 1510

I was feeling very comfortable about the assignment. I was asked to be a doctor for an NHS photo shoot. I had the good fortune to be able to interact with an adorable little Chinese girl, who was to be my patient. I adore children so to  interact with her was a real treat. Her pretend mum and myself managed to make her feel more at ease and managed to draw a few shy smiles out of her. That alone was such a pleasure. We were asked to look like we were talking to her and the mum, then a bit later I had to report to a nurse about my patient. If the shoot had been a longer affair, I would have had an even more fantastic time with my little patient, who was in the end warming up to her role.

Any advice for someone else? Such jobs can be fun for sure. It is my first one with Models Direct, but I am used to have my pictures taken or being filmed for other purposes, so I have no confidence issues about it. I loved being able to interact with everyone involved in the shoot. I hope they all remember how I made them all laugh a little!

Why joining you? I did it years ago when my life circumstances were different, and regular work would have been so welcome. Today, I am in a different place, but I would still hugely welcome doing more such work to take my mind off more demanding responsibilities. Being way too busy these days, I forget to look on your site for jobs but if you can put me forward for more assignments, I would certainly consider them, if my time allows.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Warmest regards to the whole team. Isabelle

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Reference: 1509

I wasn't nervous before my first job for NHS Professionals, for me its all about meeting people and being part of a team. I enjoyed my experience and felt a bond with my employers and would happily work with them again. It was confidence building and I personally believe in the cause. I look forward to earning more money through Models Direct!

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Reference: 1507

I spent a great morning ad-libbing as a hospital ward manager for a promotional campaign to recruit NHS staff. It was a photo shoot, but did involve a little acting in order to 'get into the role'. I was working with a well-organised friendly group of people who made us welcome and ensured we were all at ease. The assignment went smoothly, and we were not hanging around. The direction was clear and the company seemed happy with the results.

I would definitely recommend modelling to others thinking about doing something different from the regular 9 to 5 - especially to earn a little extra money!  Thanks Models Direct!

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Reference: 1494

I had a nice opportunity working for the Avon TSA Group at The Automechanika Show. I met a lot of new and interesting people. My colleagues were so helpful and polite. It  was great experience and I really enjoyed. Thank you Models Direct!

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Reference: Marketa

I was very nervous before my promotional  assignment for Avon TSA, at the Automechanika Exhibition as it was my first one but when I arrived at the exhibition everyone was really friendly. Along with  another model from Models Direct,  we were asked  to promote the brand, bring more people to the stand and offer people coffee. I really enjoyed it!  It was a really good experience for me and I made new friend! Thank you Models Direct for this great experience !

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Reference: 1498

The assignment today was good fun, and would like to do similar things in the future. It was a shoot for the NHS Professionals so I was given a nurses uniform and then had to do various poses such as taking someone's blood pressure, taking blood etc. I learnt to just be natural and chat away during photos being taken rather than being static.  The most enjoyable part was meeting all the different people e.g. the make up artist, photographer and other models.

I would definitely recommend this experience to others as it is just something different to what you would normally do (I'm an accountant!). The advice I would give is just be yourself, turn up on time and listen to instructions. I found Models Direct to be really good and informative with regards to my most recent assignment.

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Reference: 1499

Meeting new people, learning new stuff, enjoying an exciting work environment, making choices about how I work; these are some of the really enjoyable aspects of working for Models Direct.  My latest assignment involved modelling a skin-care product and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the brilliant sales results coming through during the live TV show.  At the age of 61 I'm loving it!

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Reference: 1513

Really enjoyed being a part of this evening ..It was amazing opportunity to meet some AMAZING people and mix with the rich and famous  .. Lovely to meet the Guys from  Spanner in the Works Spoof entertainment , they really made our evening. Would definitely love to be involved in an assignment like this again the experience was fab. Thanks you Models Direct!

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Reference: 1501

It was an amazing experience as I was asked to be the doctor for an NHS photo shoot.  I really enjoyed St Thomas Hospital on the Thames river in London - what a great hospital!  I loved connecting with the team and patients, and had a wonderful time role-playing consultations.  I would highly recommend Models Direct as something to apply for, then enjoy and get paid for it for the assignments. I met some really lovely professional people - thank you so much!!!  Natalia 

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Reference: 1503

Today's assignment was set in the Simulation and Interactive Learning Centre at St.Thomas's Hospital London.

I was to to take the part of a nurse for the NHS Professional's latest advertising material. It involved wearing a nurses uniform and and being involved in various activities. I had to instruct another nurse how to set up a syringe for an injection, have discussions with the doctor and staff nurse about various patients and taking the temperature, pulse and blood pressure of a child patient who was lying in bed, and to give comfort and reassurance to the child's mother.

The idea was to portray the sort of activities that would normally happen in a hospital and to generally interact with one another whilst working on a ward and walking in the corridors.

The crew were very friendly and easy to get on with and seemed very pleased with what we had all achieved.

It was a very enjoyable experience and I look forward to seeing the photos in due course.

Thank you once again Talent Management.

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Reference: 1486

This shoot for  Steelcase furniture  was my first time doing an advert with such a large production team so I was a little nervous, but they made me feel right at ease as soon as I came in. They were all welcoming and friendly which made me feel very comfortable. I definitely enjoyed this assignment, learned new skills and made new friends too. Thank you Models Direct!

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Reference: 1481

Just had a fantastic day meeting new fantastic people....fellow models, photographers and make up artist!  We were very well looked after by our hosts, made to feel welcome and so I was excited but very relaxed. I was a model for a medical client's brochure and was also in an acting role for their online advert.  My role was of a daughter having to find full time care for my mum, so shots were required of us with the carer mainly in the house and garden. I had to start out looking worried and anxious for my mum, but then happy and relieved that the care agency could help.

I would absolutely recommend Models Direct and these experiences as each assignment offers a sense of adventure - all are totally different, you never know what to expect or what lovely people you are going to meet.  I am definitely gaining in confidence with each assignment and can't wait for the next one!!

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Reference: 1482

I was very nervous before I arrived at the venue because this was my first assignment.  I was really gratified at how kind everyone was and how helpful, and yes I would definitely do this again.  We all had a laugh it was such fun.  I had to portray an elderly lady who had a daughter who was at her wits end about caring for her.  She finally gets this lovely young live in carer who takes over the care of said lady and daughter can now go off and live her life.  I had to remember not to be too sprightly (on a crutch - really) and had to remember to keep shaking my hands when holding anything, and to keep smiling!  I would recommend doing this, after all getting paid for having fun - it's a no brainer.

It is a very good idea to join an agency, though I admit I don't have the IT skills for updating my portfolio.  I have had to rely on my daughter for uploading it in the first place.  Now she says she will update it all for me.

I joined up on the basis that if my dog could be accepted and earn some money then why not me as well.  And of the three of us I'm the first to be called up!

I loved it.  Thank you Models Direct.

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Reference: 1483

I've had such an amazing time being a model for the Textile Center of Excellence for the day. I've never done any modelling in the past  so to get such a fantastic opportunity was great. Everyone made me feel very at home and comfortable the entire day.  I loved modelling such a variety of clothing, from Hats to Vintage Clothing to Wacky Outfits! The entire shoot took place in an unused textile mill. They were going for a grungy look to make the clothes pop and it certainly worked. Wow, some of the photos looked amazing. The minute I got in front of the camera, I had a burst of confidence and tried lots of different things out. The photographers were very happy with the fact I was posing myself instead of needing to be instructed. It was an overall great day, I even made a new friend and got her number even though we live two hours away. I'm so happy that I decided to sign up to Models Direct, very very pleased, especially with the contact, quick response to emails and no hassle with phone calls.
Faultless! Thank you again for giving me such an opportunity.

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Reference: 1489

It was a great couple of days working alongside people from iCabbi. My booker Molly is the best and always makes sure I have all the information I need for the job.  This time I was working as a promotional model in the Milton Keynes trade show. The iCabbi team was very welcoming and relaxed - it wasn't hard working from them as they were cracking jokes half of the time, which made the time go very fast. I would definitely recommend taking upon a promotional job like this, so far I have only had good experiences when being booked by Models Direct!

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Reference: 1413

I had a lovely afternoon taking part in a photo shoot for a Brochure to promote Newfield Lodge Care Home in Castleford.  Myself and 3 other models (Pat, Graham and Michael) from Talent Management had to partake in various scenarios, showing different settings and activities that residents can take part in e.g. playing carpet boules and skittles as well as card games. Pat and I were asked to ice buns and Michael and Graham played dominos.  I also played the part of a grandma with a model mum and daughter to show that family and friends are welcome to visit. We were all photographed having a sing along whilst Michael played the organ.

The photographer and design team managed the shoot very well - they gave us good direction making us all feel comfortable and at ease.  I really enjoyed the experience and meeting lots of people.

I would recommend Talent Management to anyone wishing to enjoy lots of different experiences and to gain in confidence. Talent Management look after all the arrangements and actively promote their models. I'm looking forward to my next assignment.

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Reference: 1475

Acting and Modelling for the global office furniture company Steelcase was a really nice first job to received from Models Direct. The film crew and director all made me feel very welcomed on the day and it was a very chilled atmosphere, not to mention the free lunch, snacks and drinks provided all day long.
I would definitely recommend Models Direct as a great platform to pursue work in the talent industry!

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Reference: 1477

At first I was really nervous because this was my first assignment - it turned out to be not that scary though!  It was such a fun day and I met great people, one of which was a Models Direct model. We had to have shots taken for Solent Forts Hotel, and present its features in the best way. It was such a pleasure to spend the day in such a beautiful place!  I had a great time on my first photo shoot, and now I am sure that I made the best choice to become a model.

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Reference: 1414

Another fun day!  This time I was with Graham, Anna and Michael at a home owned by Ideal Care Homes - a very smart and well run establishment. They were updating the brochure and asked us to pose as residents in different scenarios to give a full indication of the facilities.  Personally I was involved in scenes at the hairdressers - icing cakes - playing cards - reading in the lovely garden and having sing round the organ. The home staff were so welcoming and the team in charge including the photographer so very organised that it was delightful to work with them. I changed clothes so many times I lost count, but fortunately having had experience of this kind of shoot before had taken along lots of different items to give a wide choice of costume. This is something I have learned as I have gained experience - always take more props than you think you need... If they are not used - no matter!

Every time I have worked for Talent Management I have had a wonderful experience, learning more about the industry.  My assignments are always so well documented and organised by Molly - thank you! Do sign up and get involved - you will have a whale of a time, and get paid for it!!

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Reference: 1460

Having my first assignment modelling for a wheelchair company in Cardiff was amazing. I was so excited as this is what I've always envisioned myself doing. The staff, photographer and OT were all so lovely and happy to help. I was asked to have shots taken at various locations by Cardiff Bay - in a bar, bowling alley and a few shots outside. The photographer was so happy to give directions when needed.

I thought I would have been nervous, this being my first shoot, but I was full of adrenaline yet felt so relaxed. The other models I was working with were more experienced but more than happy to help with advice on what was best and they were genuinely lovely people.  My confidence was really brought out on the shoot as I felt relaxed and not pressured one bit. I felt even more comfortable knowing there was an OT (Occupational Therapist) as she helped to position me in the wheelchair correctly and was there to assist with everything I would generally need help with. I loved the whole set up of the shoot and changing into different outfits. The day was the perfect first time experience and I cannot wait to do another one.

Talent Management is very much so worth joining. They stick to their word and are more than helpful with any worries and general queries - I had a lot, but nothing was too much to ask. I am very pleased with how well the assignment went and even shocked myself with how well I did and the confidence I had. I wasn't expecting to receive an assignment when I joined up, but I'm so happy I did and was able to enjoy and experience the model lifestyle. Thank you so much!

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Reference: 1461

I had a fabulous day shooting at The Chateau Rhianfa Hotel in Anglesey. I was there to model for their latest brochures. From start to finish, I was treated like royalty. The client gave good guidance, and from the very first photograph I felt confident. Myself and the other models were given clear instructions as to what to do in between laughs with the crew.  I learnt that you can be a model at any age as long as you are respectful of what you are there for.  I joined Talent Management to pursue my dreams, and I would definitely recommend them.

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Reference: 1463

This was my 4th time working for RGB Building Supplies, they are amazing bunch of people. The best part of this assignment is standing in the photo booth, posing for pictures with customers!  It's fun, and I enjoy it so much!  I'm looking forward to my next job with them.  Models Direct are amazing!!!

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