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Cheri, Reference: KZCZ-8387

Heathrow photo shoot LHR shoot today. Really lovely clients. Thanks Molly and Models Direct xx

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The Burton family, Reference: CB708491

"Yet again another fab day on an assignment for Models Direct. We have had a brilliant day on our photo shoot for a Santander Pensions brochure. Meqele, Ben and Simon all looked after us really well and made the day so much fun. We started our day in a home environment, baking and having fun in and around the house. We then moved on to the Battersea Park zoo, the kids thought it was amazing, especially feeding and petting the animals. We finished off with ice cream and playing ball in Battersea park. What a fun filled day, very tiring but lots of fun. A big thanks to Marie from Models Direct for putting us forward for the job. We look forward to more adventures soon. "

Simona, Reference: QHDZ-7496

I loved my assignment with Models Direct - Was such a great experience!! I would certainly recommend this agency and can't wait for my next assignment!! x Thanks Models Direct for the opportunity.

Marta, Reference: 707184

"That was an absolutely lovely day shooting for British lion eggs latest campaign, I enjoyed it a lot, it was a lot of fun and the people I met was very nice and helpful. Atmosphere was great, overall a great experience! I hope I get a chance do do this again in the future! I will recommend Models Direct to all my friends!"

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Neri, Reference: TCGT-8644

IDEAL WORLD - ongoing monthly work

"I had an awesome time yet again working with the Ideal World crew (channel 22 freeview, 654 sky) advertising the NoNo hair removal system. As soon as I walked in it was hugs and was just like walking into a workplace tgat had known you for years. Seeing my fellow model Bernardo again was just like being with family and we knew exactly what we were doing. I even made a little bit of Ideal World history, as they don't normally allow tattoos to be shown on television. But the presenter said that so many people have them (and I hadn't shaved my legs for quite a while, so there was plenty if hair to remove.) So I was allowed to advertise by shaving over my tattoos to prove it could be done, with no damage being caused. Everyone remembered me and I them and I think I've made some fabulous friends to work with. Highly recommend Models Direct and a huge thank you to my agent Molly, for being an absolute star once more!"

Frances, Reference: A782558

"I had the most brilliant day, led by a super-talented crew, and enjoyed watching from behind the scenes as much as being involved as the driver who had broken down! Leading up to the actual day, I found myself picturing the shoot, well, guessing really. Imagining. My vivid imagination hadn't accounted for any possibility of the most beautiful blue skies; we happened to be filming on the warmest, clearest day of the month. Perfect! This was my first assignment and, from being met at the station by Jacqui upon arrival, I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute! It was a joy to shoot scenes with Mark from RAC, reassuring to be clearly and patiently directed by talented Tom and his crew, all of whom answered our questions with a smile... and empowering to be sat in the driver's seat of such a stylish car! I was particularly interested in shooting the same scene again from different viewpoints, some very close up, some at long range. Thank you Molly at Talent Management for your endlessly cheerful emails; you really enabled me to be fully prepared for yesterday. Thank you, too, for introducing me to close camera work with such great people, for a company that is so relevant to me. I can't wait for the next one!"

Rameesah, Reference: P783618

I had so much fun modelling for Proctor Group which was unusual and unique for me as I didn’t know what to expect. It was by far such a great experience and as soon as I was picked up by the marketer for the company (Lucas) I felt at ease and confident. They made sure you were okay all day and provided us with warm fleeces which came in handy! Overall such a great experience and I can’t wait to see the photos in the magazines!!

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Rajya, Reference: VPWS-9843

NATWEST photo shoot "Had a great time at my first assignment with Models Direct. I was really nervous when I started out from home but I was settled as soon as I met the team. Everyone was really nice and pleasant to work with."

Bernice, Reference: QQSM-3433

NATWEST photo shoot. "I had an amazing day yesterday at the NatWest photo shoot, everyone was so lovely. A big thank you to Molly for all her kind help with all the details. Looking forward to the next one. "

Jackie, Reference: GCPG-3444

NATWEST photo shoot Today was a big day for me. My first ever modelling assignment. I left home feeling excited but nervous about what to expect. It turned out to be a really good fun day. Stephen and his team greeted me on arrival. They were all very friendly. I met the four other models I would be working with and found them to be really nice people. We did a mix of photos and filming throughout the day and it all went well. Thank you Nat West for a great first assignment. Thanks Molly for all your help. Looking forward to the next one!"

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Aniela, Reference: N787802

Really professional and nice company! (fashion shoot Scotland)

Patricia, Reference: CB695733

TV shoot - Ideal World - Bare faced beauty was the order of the day on my latest assignment!! I was one of four models being televised to show the effects of Fabulift - a product to lift wrinkles around the eyes being promoted by the TV shopping channel Ideal World. It was an absolutely brilliant day even though we had to appear without any makeup except for a slick of lipstick - not sure I am too keen on that early morning face! The television studio is always busy with three or four shows being set up at any one time - the film crew and presenters are lovely to work with and immediately give confidence. We were wired up for sound which was a new experience and then had to remember not to speak when other filming was going on! It was such an interesting day watching all the behind scenes activity and I hope I will be able to work with Ideal World again. Thank you so much Talent Management for all your help and support - every time iI have done an assignment everything has been so well organised by Molly and her team

Christina, Reference: W201606150937517651

Photoshoot for Salisbury Group - My first assignment for Models Direct went very well! It was with Salisbury group. A shoot for the cleaning/security department in London. I really enjoyed it. It was my first experience doing a professional shoot and being in front of a recording camera. The team were amazing very friendly and warm, brilliant atmosphere. Marie - my agent, was very professional, explained everything in detail and gave me her time, no question too little. Thank you so much to Models Direct for this opportunity it was amazing! I’m looking forward to more opportunities like this x

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Oksana, Reference: K709163

Photoshoot - Just had another lovely opportunity from Models Direct to have shoot with artist Robert Meldrum for a new concept chess game in London. Everyone on set was really nice and got to play some chess for the photo shoot, which I never tried before, overall really enjoyable! Thank you for Models Direct, Jane Sellers and Robert Meldrum!

Louise, Reference: HRQQ-9844

Bridal photoshoot - Absolutely loved my experience working on a shoot for "Brides Do Good" pop up shop in Bicester Village. From start to finish, Marie from Models Direct was fantastic in the whole process of booking me on this job. Communications were excellent, all the details were very clear, so I had everything I needed to prepare. Lucie from "Brides Do Good" and the whole team were very friendly and professional, and every shot was well thought out. The other model Shyan, and the photographer Adam, had so many laugh at loud moments on set together, especially shooting outside in the village - we got a lot of interesting looks from passers by in our elegant wedding gowns! So in love with every gown in their shop, and I'd love to be booked with Models Direct again. Thank you so much!

Whitney, Reference: CM771744

Booking for RGB Supplies. This was my first model experience with the agency, the whole experience was very organised and professional. I had loads of fun and it was nice to be working with another experienced model from the agency which made me feel more confident and relaxed. The company gave me guidance and everyone was very approachable and friendly! It has been a very exciting 2 days and i hope to be able to have more opportunities like this again! Thank you!

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Tamia, Reference: ZWZH-7683

Assignment for Great Western Railway. Thanks for everything the experience was really nice and the people really lovely! You are the best.

Joanne, Reference: QSBR-4777

This was my first assignment with Talent Management. Everyone was lovely and professional. I hope it is the first of many!!!!

Natalie, Reference: MCVN-9697

My whole family did a shoot for a global tech company and everything was so perfectly organised. The staff at Models Direct were so helpful, especially Marie and everyone on set was lovely. We had our children with us and we were all looked after so well. It was a great experience which we thoroughly enjoyed. Would definitely recommend Models Direct! Thanks again for the opportunity!

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Orika, Reference: KPTY-9949

I recently attended the photography show with Models Direct it was a great experience, I had so much fun, it was a pleasure working with Sony at the Birmingham NEC. I'm looking forward to do more shoots with Models Direct.

Jovita, Reference: FYKP-6849

My first assignment for Models Direct went very well! It was with Sony camera company. A wedding shoot in Colchester with a male Model, I did really enjoyed, it’s my first time I had experience shoot with Male model. Team was amazing very friendly and warm people, brilliant atmosphere. Marie is my agent, she is very professional, explained everything in detail. Thank you so much to Models Direct for this opportunity it was great! And I’m looking to do it more! Definitely Recommended!

Claudia, Reference: YPWB-4967

The assignment on Monday was a lot of fun, and I had a great time in modelling Glouseter. Working with Alex was so comfortable as well as with the other model(s). The shoot was in a very casual setting and we managed to get everything the client wanted whilst having fun! I’m really looking forward to the next assignment for the same client, and working for Models Direct again.

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Katie , Reference: DTDF-6434

All went really well this morning in Birmingham with Virgin Active! Such a lovely, considerate crew and they were really pleased with the footage. Max loved it!

Charlotte, Reference: CG751496

I had such a great time shooting the new commercial for Deliveroo in London, everyone was so friendly and the food was out of this world!! Met some really amazing people, can’t wait for the next one x

Sinead , Reference: YXZT-4389

It was great to meet everyone on the shoot for Hardhats! Really enjoyed working with our director on characterisation of the script, he was very good at drawing out different elements of the scene. Everyone was fun to work with! We had a nice lunch and finished on time, so overall I enjoyed the experience!

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