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Models Direct is a nationwide agency. We supply and recruit models from all over Scotland.

If you’re a model north of the English border, Models Direct would like to hear from you. Not experienced? No problem - we equally love to hear from ambitious individuals with the necessary skills to achieve big things in the modelling world. We have the clients, but we’re always keen to hear from fresh talent!

Though we’ve placed many models in Scotland over the last three decades, we don’t like to rest on our laurels. Therefore, we’re reaching out to all the gifted people in Scotland - whether female, male, in their prime, youngsters…any committed Scottish person with a willingness to learn / progress is welcome.

Scotland’s population is around the 5.5 million mark, with the seven cities*comprising approximately three quarters of the country’s residents (*Scotland’s cities are: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Perth and Stirling). The nature of Scotland’s industry means we have many opportunities for models to ply their trade alongside some big names in the ever-changing world of business.

Now is a great time to turn any aspirations of modelling into a money-earning reality. And if you’ve excelled as a model before, then even better - we’d like to see your application for future jobs in Scotland. Please have a look at

Scotland has its own identity and is recognised globally as a prominent country. There are many industries for which the country is famous: oil, whisky, fishing, textiles, agriculture, food…but there are lots more businesses that have chosen Scotland as one of their homes. All businesses need marketing / advertising to some extent, and models provide essential assistance to appeal to the general public. What better way to spend a few enjoyable hours or days meeting new people and looking your best in front of a camera? Plus, you’ll be paid, of course! Is there a better job proposition in Scotland than modelling?

But it’s not just notable businesses that need models. We have placed talented models with local governments, who realise that reaching out to the nation is more efficient when a model comes across as an everyday, normal civilian - this is where commercial models come into play, and is perhaps the most viable option for an inexperienced model. Like we said, even if you don’t have experience, please get in touch and we’ll assess your potential for Scottish assignments.

We also have jobs on photo shoots, in commercials, as well as those for pets , babies and children, and more mature models. Oh, and not forgetting families. Yes - if you’re a Scottish family who might collectively have some spare time on your hands, please get in touch. In the meantime, you can read more about family modelling with us

Bonnie Scotland - you don’t have to bonnie to make it here, but it helps!

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