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Sandeep, Reference: 183088

The assignment went well and i thoroughly enjoyed it. The clients made myself and the other models really welcome.

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Chris, Reference: 194216

The clients were really friendly and a pleasure to work for and the photographer had some great ideas and really good direction, and all the other models were really nice and great fun to work with. So once again I'd like to thank you and Models Direct for another great day and hope to be doing another soon.

Dan, Reference: 190393

I thought the photographer and his team were super-friendly, and the booker was a pleasant guy as well. The day was great fun and met with some really nice people.

Chris, Reference: 148548

We did lots of pictures, then did quite a few pictures there involving various scenarios. All in all it was a great day. It was good fun and I would like to do it again, many thanks for booking me in.

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David, Reference: 197655

I was advised by Models Direct to be enthusiastic, listen to directions and have fun. I followed this advice and had a very positive experience. At the photo shoot the clients made us feel very comfortable. The other models were very friendly and it was interesting to hear about the other assignments. We all enjoyed the experience and at the end of the day had the satisfaction of a job well done.
Best Wishes,

Gareth, Reference: 202425

I found the whole day professional and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to working with you again very soon.

David, Reference: 197655

 Everything went well. We were photographed drinking in a pub. The photographer seemed happy with the way things went.
Look forward to hearing from you again.

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Chris, Reference: 148548

It was really nice pub/restaurant. We took loads of pics there then we went to Rugby for the next shoot. All in all it was a great day with everyone working well with each other. Many thanks again it was fun.

Chris, Reference: 194216

The clients are really nice guys and hope I get to work with them again in the future. I really enjoyed myself, got some really good shots of us pulling the beer off the shelves in the Tesco store.
Want to say thanks again to you and Models Direct for another brilliant assignment and really look forward to representing Models Direct in the not to distant futures.

Steve, Reference: 171797

The shoot went very well we did a tour of different pubs in oxford and rugby. Both the photographer and clients were professional and friendly. Also made me very comfortable which made for a fun good shoot.
Thank you once again

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Gary, Reference: 176722

This was a great day - all the models interacted really well together and I found myself laughing all day long.

The photographer was great and I think everyone worked really well together.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Simon, Reference: 185422

Just did a photo shoot for Youngs Bitter with Models Direct where we went to three Pubs in the Bedford area and  was  photographed drinking and generally having a good time ,the other Models i really got on with and the Photographer and his Staff were really friendly and put me at ease with the whole experience ,Thanks very Much to all involved
Look forward to the next one

Tiano, Reference: 188341

It has been a wonderful experience again, I have learnt a lot, had a laugh and fun with the others

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Paul, Reference: 131523

It was an excellent day and we were very well looked after by Cecil, Gerard and the staff at BAT training centre. Considering they had to shuffle the schedule around because of the poor weather, we ran very much on time. The lunch was superb and refreshments were freely available throughout the day. It was a very slick operation and it was clear that Cecil and Gerard had a good vision of how they wanted the end product to look. I would welcome any opportunity to work with them again.

Barney, Reference: 152441

I have just completed a photoshoot at Burton Agnes Hall in Yorkshire for a catalogue-what an amazing place to shoot! 

We were really lucky with the weather too so even had a picnic on the lawn!
I've had a really fun day, shooting in the house, gardens and pool!  Looking forward to seeing the results.

Alex, Reference: 196533

Both days went very well, all involved were friendly and professional . I was given clear instructions of what was required of me and I feel I performed accordingly. I would be happy to work with them again.

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Ben, Reference: 197760

I just got home now. We had a lot of fun with another 4 guys which were as cheeky as I am. We all got dressed of Elvis style outfit, hair, sunglases and done some shots in front of a post office with a mobile phone. It was a nice little experience I did enjoy it, and as I said if you guys will have anything else to do for me just let me know.

Chris, Reference: 194216

Would like to say thanks to you and everyone at Models Direct for yesterdays experience, even though I've never done a shoot in a costume before I really did have such a fantastic time and everyone was really friendly and got along so well and it was a pleasure to meet another model from Models Direct.
A bit about what we did yesterday: There was five of us dressed as Elvis Presley, one of which was a proper impersonator, he was brilliant and a lot of fun to work with! We were all involved in the shoot covering numerous different poses and actions, which we all had such a good laugh doing!
Thank You again for everything and really hope I get to work for guys again soon!

Alex, Reference: 196533

The shoot went very well, started pretty much on time and both the cameraman and clients were professional and friendly. Also both made myself and the other models very comfortable which made for a fun good shoot.

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Idowu, Reference: 190099

The photo shoot today was so lively, it was an experience having lots of different guys together doing a shoot. The task was to have a group of guys together in a Scottish kilt jumping up and down, doing a bit of walking and standing shots and at the same time having good laugh. I liked the two girls at the 3 Monkeys company, they were smart, friendly, respectful, and pretty (lol), and they even provided us a breakfast snack which I think is definitely kind of them. Not once did I feel uncomfortable having my kilt on. The photographer has assuredly got the ways of making people motivated at 8 o’clock in the morning.

I am starting to enjoy my modelling career with Models Direct more and more and I would like to do more assignments to accumulate my experiences and to have more fun.

Thank you.

Justin, Reference: 184900

Hi. Job went well. Arrived on time. We had to do a number of poses in our kilts and boots. Jumping in the air, walking up to the camera trying to look mean and sexy. Worked with a good bunch of guys. Had many laughs. The guys from 3 Monkeys were great. Looked after us very well.

Chris, Reference: 182233

Big thanks to all I worked with today, Redzi (Three Monkeys) the other models and photographer.
We had to become fun scottish lads so to speak, had the kilts on and the shoots were full of energy and we had a good laugh,
and all worked hard to give the great pictures, all coming out round Christmas, can't wait to see the final copies.

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Mun, Reference: 190652

I'm just responding to our call today, I loved working with the 3 Monkeys.

Rediz was so much fun and really professional about it all. I enjoyed working with them and would love to do something with the company again. The photographer was awesome as were the models and we all got on really well.

Excellent experience with Models Direct, I hope this is one of many shoots to come.

Dan, Reference: 146611

just giving you some feedback on the day. Arrived at 7:30am, spoke to a few of the guys there, basically told us how the day is going to plan out. They started setup and did the first scene's of the mother and daughter in the kids area. The scene's which involved me and another model didnt actually start until 2:00pm. The first scene was a 'boyfriend and girlfriend' scene, had to stroll up and down examining the beds, and make it look like we were shopping for a bed for ourselfs. Second involved me and another model selecting a bed which we have chosen to purchase. Third and fourth scene involved myself and another model being convinced by the store manager to buy a bed. Overall the day was a good experience, a lot of waiting around, but fun when called up to do my bit. Thankyou for the oppurtunity to do this, hopefully there is more to come.

Paul, Reference: 183553

The day went very well, really enjoyed the company of the cast and crew on board. Wand Agency were fantastic and hope to work for them again in the near future. I played the role of 'Prince Charming' from the Classic 'Sleeping Beauty'. All in all a very fun and enjoyable day on set with a great team and I look forward to seeing the finish product.Many thanks for your management on the job Lisa and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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