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Ref: XSVQ-9469


Reference: XSVQ-9469


Personal statement

“Hi I'm Harlyn ,
Everyone knows me where I live as smiley because anytime anyone see"s me I am always happy and have a smile on my face. I love meeting new people and seeing new faces were i am sure to give them a smile. I am comfortable and happy In all new surroundings. I enjoy going to the farm and seeing all of the animals they always make me giggle. I love being in the water and always have fun splashing around. I am avilabile all of the time .Any day ,place or time I can be there . I can travel wherever you need me to and I am fully flexible to suit whatever and wherever is needed.”

Personal Details

Availability: Any time

Eye: Blue

Hair Colour: Brown

Complexion: Fair

Ethnicity: White Caucasian


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