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  • Kyarna

    My name is Kyarna and I was modeling in Doncaster. I liked the costumes I was wearing, specially Egyptian and Vampire once. Everybody was helpful and lovely. I really enjoyed my day and had fun too. Thank you Models Direct. I'd like to do it again.

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  • Hollie, Reference: BM783307, Model fee: £166.00

    I’m Holly. I’ve just completed my first modelling assignment with Models Direct. I got to try on loads of Halloween costumes. My favourite was Dracula, everyone loved me in it. I can’t wait until the next assignment. That you Models Direct.


  • Rianna, Reference: CB723317, Model fee: £266.00

    It was a nice experience filming. I would like to do it again. I met the people who were kind and patient to me. Thank you Models Direct for giving me this opportunity. I would live to have another chance of doing that. Bye.


  • Saheel, Reference: 706486, Model fee: £286.00

    Saheel who worked as an extra a film production, which will be released in cinemas in 2018. The director loved him and thought he was the main actors little brother in real life!


  • Jake, Reference: QTXN-3978, Model fee: £286.00

    Thank you to Models Direct and all the crew for this amazing experience and being part of the film. I played the part of a posh boy and met loads of interesting people including Richard Banks who looked after me for two days while I was on set.


  • Zane, Reference: K755193, Model fee: £120.00

    This lovely video feedback from our model Zane for his assignment filming a commercial for Pukka pads last week! On Wednesday I had my first assignment through Models Direct. We did 2 commercials for Pukka Pads. One was for a Puka Fun Colouring Book where we used iPads to scan it and it would come to life and it was really cool. The second one was for this really cool putty and I had just an amazing time.


    See the finished Pukka Pads commercial below and on Facebook here featuring Models Direct models Zane, Jacob and India.

    Pukka Pads - Pukka Fun Creative Putty from UNBXD on Vimeo.

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  • India, Reference: BM693128, Model fee: £120.00

    Hi Models Direct, it’s India. Thank you so much for picking me for the photoshoot. Meeting new people has been a wonderful experience. I enjoyed it so much. It’s been the most spectacular, special day ever. The thought of being chosen again and going through the whole experience again has just been spectacular. Amazing. Incredible . Words can’t describe. Thank you.


    Click here to see the finished Pukka Pads commercial featuring Models Direct models Zane, Jacob and India.

  • Jack , Reference: CB708492, Model fee: £665.00

    Hello from the Burton family. We’ve just been to Slough to do a photoshoot for the NSPCC for the ‘Messathone’. As you can see, we’re all pretty tired, pretty dirty, ready for bed now but had an absolutely brilliant day. Thank you to Models Direct for putting us forward for the job, it’s been absolutely brilliant. Kids have loved it and we're looking forward to doing another assignment soon. Thank you. Bye


  • Bobby, Reference: CB708491, Model fee: £665.00

    Hello from the Burton family. We’ve just been to Slough to do a photoshoot for the NSPCC for the ‘Messathone’. As you can see, we’re all pretty tired, pretty dirty, ready for bed now but had an absolutely brilliant day. Thank you to Models Direct for putting us forward for the job, it’s been absolutely brilliant. Kids have loved it and we're looking forward to doing another assignment soon. Thank you. Bye.


  • Maci, Reference: DVTS-9899, Model fee: £120.00

    “Maci, what did you think of Sunday?”
    “Did you love it?”
       “But I hated to get up early.”
    “You didn't like to get up early but you done though.”
       “Yeah and it was good.”
    “Was it fun?”
    “Did you enjoy the day and being with all the other children?”
       “Yeah and I read a story.”
    “And you got these lovely flowers from Marie at Models Direct, thank you Marie.”
       “Thank you Marie.”

  • Alina, Reference: TZFX-4493, Model fee: £288.00

    This is my mummy and we live in a big house.

    We went to do acting.We very enjoyed, me and my daughter Alina, we have a nice time and we enjoyed the assignment from Models Direct. The make-up artist made nice make-up for you, bye.

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  • Vaneesha, Model fee: £110.00

    Filming an internal video for this luxury car company, was a very good experience for Vaneesha She was asked to perform not just act as it was a  difficult virtual situation, filming in front of a green screen. The environment was very friendly and crew members were helpful.Thanks Models Direct, looking forward for more live assignments.

  • Phoebe, Model fee: £150.00

    Phoebe said " at first I was a little nervous as this was my first assignment and didn't know what to expect. The crew were funny and made me and Toby laugh. I had to play games with Toby while photos were taken. I forgot about the camera as I was having fun playing! I learnt that we have to sit up straight and keep smiling as we were playing. I had fun and would like to do it again"

    Phoebe had been with Models  Direct  for two years before securing this assignment posing for Learning Resources catalogue, so you need to be patient and most importantly make sure that your profile is updated regularly.


  • Bobby and Jack, Model fee: £500.00

    It was brilliant fun, the whole family was involved for this assignment which made it even more exciting!  We would definitely love to do it all again.

    The assignment involved being filmed and photographed pretending we are getting the keys to our new home and then celebrating our new home with champagne on the balcony. The cameraman was great, giving us simple instructions and increasing our confidence.  The most fun part of the assignment was watching my children have a great time with beaming smiles.

    We would definitely recommend it to other families - a great fun experience and you get paid, win, win!

    I haven't been great at keeping the boys profiles updated but this has spurred me on to update them so they can get more work.  I signed the boys up to Models Direct as I thought they would love the experience and I was right, getting paid for it is a bonus.

  • Angel, Model fee: £250.00

    Angel just finished the film shoot for advertisement of Hull City of Culture 2017.  Angel was really happy and enjoyed the filming. All of the staff were kind and helpful. It was a really fun and unforgettable experience. Angel was very thankful to Models Direct for her first and very lovely assignment.

  • Mylo-Lloyd, Reference: BM675573, Model fee: £250.00


    Mylo throughly enjoyed his Models Direct booking in Hull!

    Apply: Child modelling

  • samantha, Model fee: £250.00


    I really enjoyed been a model for Learning Resources and would love to do more modelling shoots. I was nervous to start with but when I got going I couldn't stop laughing and smiling.
    From the photo shoot I gained so much confidence in front of the camera and speaking to new people.
    I would  recommend this experience to other as it gives you confidence, you get to meet loads of new friend and play with toys!
    My advise for people is to be your self and have loads of fun doing it.
    I joined Models Direct because I wanted to experience been a model and see if it was for me and I I wanted to earn my own money to buy clothes, shoes, toys and to save some for when I am older!

    Samantha ( 5 years old)

  • Amber, Reference: 1523, Model fee: £150.00

    Really enjoyed our morning at the studio, the staff were very welcoming, lovely and made Amber and myself (mum) feel relaxed.

    The photographer was fantastic! Made Amber feel at ease the whole way through the shoot.

    Thank you to Marie at Models Direct for guiding me through our first modelling experience and all the staff at the photography and catalogue agency for such an amazing experience. We are so happy with having such a fantastic opportunity!

    Can't fault any part of the experience, Amber is looking forward to seeing her photos in the Learning Resources catalogue and she thoroughly enjoyed her experience with the team. Thank you!

  • Violet, Reference: 1525, Model fee: £150.00

    I felt good being a model for the day. It was fantastic and I hope to do it again very soon!

    I really enjoyed getting my pictures taken and playing with the toys when the photos were not being taken. I was asked to smile and I was asked to hold some toys for the pictures. They asked me to sit down, and I had to move my hands in different places on the table.

    I learnt that modelling is about listening and smiling, I would tell anyone that wants to, to do it because lots of people like smiling and it was really fun, plus if you're really good you will have your face on a magazine!

    I wanted to join Models Direct to do modelling jobs and I thought it was going to be fun,thank you!

    Violet (5years old)

  • Noah, Reference: 1496, Model fee: £270.00

    Noah had lots of fun filming for the Sainsburys Christmas advert.  From leaving home to arriving in London, we were made to feel really special.

    Being on set was the most exciting part of the shoot.  Watching Noah's face light up when the cameras started rolling and when he placed the star on top of the Christmas tree really was priceless.  On the second shot, the director confirmed that this was the one, which was very impressive considering Noah's disability.  This was a great achievement for him.  He was treated with so much respect by the crew who completely catered to all of our needs.  Noah bonded with everyone on set, particularly his on screen family which included Jo Burke, Alexander Perkins and a lovely young actress who played his sister.  He had so much with them. Noah also loved playing in the dressing room with the Wardrobe Stylist who was wonderful too. Despite it being a long day, Noah smiled the whole time and the everyone on set adored him and thought he was such a special boy.  Everyone was amazed by his story.

    I would definitely recommend this kind of experience.  I wish I had signed Noah up with Models Direct from Day 1!  Everyone thinks their child is the most gorgeous in the world, but we were being advised us so much to join an agency that we went for it - we just wish we had done it sooner!  Every child is different and has their own unique qualities - there is work for everyone out there.  I would recommend all parents to sign their children up - go for it, don't even think about it - just do it! There's only you stopping yourself from reaching your goals in life.

  • Gracie, Reference: 1502, Model fee: £200.00

    I definitely wasn't nervous more excited and keen to get started!  I would like to do it again because it was so much fun. I enjoyed dressing up as patient and pretending to be unwell. It has built my confidence and I am eager to do it again. The assignment involved me pretending to be an unwell patient in a hospital ward with a pretend mum. I had my temperature and pulse taken by a nurse while laying in the hospital bed! I was asked to look as if I was unwell and had to try very hard not to smile!  The photographer was a very nice lady who told me how to sit and what faces to pull. I really enjoyed this experience and would recommend Models Direct to anyone interested in getting into this sort of work. I had a lot of people tell me how pretty I was and that I should join a modelling agency so I asked my mum to look into it and here I am! This was my first job and I hope there are many more. - Gracie

    Apply: Child modelling

  • Darius, Reference: 1410, Model fee: £150.00

    Darius had nice time on his photo shoot today - all the people involved were nice and treated us very well.  I'm sure he would love to do it again.

    Darius posed with an animal print disposable tourniquet (medical device), it was fun for him to choose the one he liked the most.  He was very confident, and loved the lights and cameras.

    It took a while for my son to get a booking and of course there is no guarantee of work, so as a mother it was great to see my little one on his first ever photo shoot.

    I signed Darius up to Talent Management for experience.

  • Raven, Reference: 1347, Model fee: £150.00

    Raven  was really looking forward to this and absolutely loved the experience.
    She said it made her feel very special and she can't wait to do it again, her favorite part of the day was Posing on the Triumph motorcycle.
    She was asked to sit and act as natural as possible as if she was having fun with her family and  helping her dad with the bike.
    I believe she has come away  from this experience with a lot more confidence and understanding of the modeling world. This is something that she really wants to do and would recommend it for anyone else with an interest in this industry.
    If I was to give advice to anyone I would say it is a lot of waiting around so if u want to do something like this be prepared for that, act confident, be helpful and follow instructions.
    We have been updating our e-portfolio and changing photos around so there is always something different.
    Raven has always loved the camera, has always been bubbly and loved being in the lime light so Joining Talent Management was a good move for her.

  • James, Reference: 1349, Model fee: £150.00

    James was asked to model for Triumph Motorcycle children's wear's upcoming catalogue. It involved being in a really trendy barber shop, pretending to have his hair cut and posing onto a motorcycle with another child model.
    James thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish. He loved chatting with different members of the team and getting dressed into various motorcycle clothing.
    We felt James behaved very well and listened carefully to the photographers instructions. He was not nervous at all, a real natural with the camera!
    The team were extremely professional and friendly, they made James feel at ease and talked him through each pose.
    This was James first real assignment with Talent Management and so far so good, fantastic experience! We are very pleased and will be very proactive in updating James e-portfolio now as James would love to do some more modelling very soon!!

  • Sean, Reference: 1298, Model fee: £200.00

    Thank you Talent Management for this opportunity!  Sean really enjoyed the whole experience, shooting for Stem's educational toys!
    He said that staff were nice and friendly and he enjoyed the snacks that were provided.
    As an escorting parent, I can say that staff were warm, friendly, welcoming and helpful.