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  • Ben aged 9, Reference: K501639, Model fee: £60.00


    Modelling for Snazaroo was a very exciting experience, I felt a bit scared at first but everything went well. The staff there made me feel welcome and they were very nice. I enjoyed dressing up and having face painting done, but the best bit was posing for the camera. I have gained lots of confidence from this job and also learnt how to relax and have some fun at the same time. If you like modelling then you should go ahead and try it. It is good to have an agent. I have been a member for three years but not had any assignments until now – my mum said she never updated my profile though, so that is probably why. My mum signed me and my little sister up as she said we were good posers – so thank you to her and thank you Talent Management for the experience.

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  • Clara for Chelsea, aged 9, Reference: P607047, Model fee: £120.00


    This was my first assignment and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was nervous, but at the same time excited, to be modelling for real. I would definitely do this again; I had fun with the other models and made some new friends. It was a different experience for me. The best part was having my face painted and photographed. I gained more confidence and I quickly learnt how to change into different clothes very quickly without spoiling the paint on my face. I have told all my friends about my experience and they are all very excited and wish to join in one day. I have recommended Talent Management to my friends. I will be updating my e-portfolio with pictures of my latest assignment. I joined this agency as I am ambitious and wanted to gain more experience - I hope to get more assignments in future.

  • Monika for Amelia, aged 6, Reference: M506861, Model fee: £120.00


    Amelia really enjoyed this photo shoot, it was a great experience for her and she loved every bit of the day. The assignment set up by Talent Management was fun and the people were nice and friendly. She felt comfortable and happy all day long and has learnt a lot from this experience. I think she would recommend it to people because it is something that everyone enjoys and learns a lot from. She would definitely like to do it again. It has taught her how to be more confident with people and she didn’t feel tired or bored at all – she just had a happy face the whole time. Thanks to all the team for being so great!

  • Sharon for Tyler, aged 8, Reference: BA552160, Model fee: £120.00


    Tyler attended a two day photo shoot in Somerset in July for Snazaroo, a client of Talent Management. This was a face painting shoot to show some new face painting designs for a remarketing exercise. The images will be used on to update the company website, marketing campaign and update product packaging.

    It was a very professional set up and all the kids had a great day. The organisers made it fun but were also very organised ensuring that step by step photographs were taken so that people can see how to do the face designs.

    Tyler really threw himself into this and the characters. As a boy of 8 he also loved the free food and the pampering on top of the modelling shoot.

    A good time was had by all and I am sure the client will have got some great shots of the excellent designs.

  • Janni for Luca, aged 8, Reference: Z593053, Model fee: £450.00


    Luca was a little nervous before we got there, but as soon as we met everybody he was totally at ease. He had a great time and met some nice new friends. He loved being on the river and he had a "fab" day at the beach. He would love to it again as he really enjoyed himself. The crew were fantastic - so kind and brilliant with the kids. Thank you Talent Management for letting him be a part of this. Hope for many more to come.

  • Sam for Myleigh, aged 6, Reference: K593952, Model fee: £450.00


    This was a 3 day assignment in Cardigan Wales for Cotswold Outdoors and Myleigh's second shoot for Talent Management. This was an adventure for our daughter as we're based in Plymouth so the client provided us with accommodation and food for our stay.

    Myleigh had so much fun and especially enjoyed the beach and piggy backs with her model 'mum' and 'dad'. This wasn't like a job at all - the children laughed and smiled not because they had to, but because it was the natural thing to do whilst you're having the time of your life!

    The experiences she has taken from this is amazing, it certainly brought out the wilderness girl in her I didn't know existed! Myleigh flew kites, canoed, played hopscotch, and sang around a campfire... but most of all enjoyed herself and made new friends.

    The decision to put Myleigh forward for Modelling is by far the best choice we have made for her. The fun and experience she is picking up along the way are sure to give her the best start in life and she is earning money at the same time. Talent Management have been very supportive of Myleigh and we thank you. Also to Molly who again put her forward and to Matt the director of Cotswold for choosing Myleigh.

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  • Shani for Erin, aged 6, Reference: P585757, Model fee: £450.00


    Erin was very excited to receive the call from Molly at Talent Management to say she had been selected for the Cotswold Outdoor photo shoot. As this was her first assignment she was a little nervous to begin with, but within an hour of being there she was made to feel totally at ease. She worked with two other child models from Talent Management - Myleigh and Luca, who she got on with really well with and are now friends for life.

    The actual assignment took place in an outdoors setting for three days, which had the children in a beautiful field setting with tents, kite flying and a picnic. On the second day they were taken down by the river for canoeing, fishing and another picnic then the third day was spent on a beautiful beach where they had pictures taken of them hiking and then splashing and playing in the sea. Erin learnt a lot and has gained so much confidence from this experience. I would recommend any child who loves being in front of the camera to give modelling a go, as it certainly builds a child’s confidence and gives them a lot of enjoyment.

    If anyone is serious about modelling then I would definitely recommend joining Talent Management as they have a great team and have really made my little girl happy by giving her the opportunity to be selected for this assignment. I signed up Erin as I wanted her to grow in confidence and have fun with the experiences and she is certainly having that.

  • Zoe for Chloe, aged 8, Reference: BM563019, Model fee: £60.00


    Chloe was so excited about her assignment with Snazaroo. She had a brilliant time and enjoyed every minute of it. Chloe loved having her face painted in stages and having the pictures being taken in between.

    We would, and have, recommended Talent Management to friends - with the advice of keeping your portfolio up to date. Chloe enjoyed her self so much and everyone was so friendly. She is hoping that she gets another assignment soon! Thank you.

  • Antonia for Jakob, aged 4, Reference: BW627086, Model fee: £120.00


    Jakob had an amazing day having his face painted for the Snazaroo assignment. The theme was a children's party and Jakob actually thought it was a real party, and asked whose birthday it was!

    He loved dressing up in the different outfits and posing for the photographs, and he also made a few new friends as well. The team made us feel very welcome, and were obviously very experienced in working with children.

    Jakob gained even more confidence in front of the camera and is really looking forward to future assignments. He was a little disappointed that we couldn't return to the shoot again the next day as he enjoyed it so much.

    We have been very proactive with checking the Talent Management jobs board and their Facebook page for updates - in fact Jakob stepped in at the very last minute on this particular job. Our advice would be keep your profile updated, and keep looking out for any jobs/ requests as you never know, you could be exactly what they are looking for.

  • Sam for Myleigh, aged 6, Reference: K593952, Model fee: £142.50


    We joined Myleigh up to Talent Management to help build her confidence and gain experience. This was Myleigh's first assignment and it was for Snazaroo, the world's largest face painting company. When we arrived Myleigh was made very welcome, which immediately put her at ease.

    Her first face paint was a monkey; Myleigh had such fun jumping around and getting into character. Myleigh said the best bit was ' having the girly glittery butterfly face' and pretending to be having a girl's birthday party - they had balloons, music, pretty dresses and wonderfully painted faces...... what more could a girl possibly want?!!

    Myleigh surprised me with her confidence and patience, they had so much fun and made so many new friends that the time went so fast and she didn't want to go home. She is looking forward to tomorrow when she returns to see what other characters she will be.

    I recommend signing your children up to Talent Management as they learn so much from the experience. I know for certain Myleigh will remember this for the rest of her life. Thank you Talent Management and thank you Snazaroo for giving Myleigh this fantastic opportunity.

  • Sarah for Casey, aged 5, Reference: P535904, Model fee: £60.00


    Casey was very excited about being a model for Snazaroo and she would absolutely love to do it all over again. The part she found most entertaining was having her face painted as a clown. She had her face painted then her photos taken. It really gave Casey confidence and made her more comfortable around the camera. I would recommend this to people as she had a fab day and met lots of new people who were all lovely. I would tell anyone thinking of joining a modelling agency to keep updating your pictures and information and apply for jobs - you will soon get one :). I chose Talent Management as it was reasonably priced and they were helpful with information.

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  • Xhemile for Keila, aged 5, Reference: C501150, Model fee: £120.00


    Keila felt very privileged to be chosen and was very happy to be a part of this assignment! It was her first photo shoot and so naturally she was nervous… however, the client was extremely friendly and professional and put her at ease. It was a dream come true for her and she would definitely like to do this again. Thank you very much Talent Management for giving Keila this experience.

  • Mya, Reference: N517856, Model fee: £150.00


    The assignment Talent Management sent me on with the National Trust was really good fun but I was very nervous because I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. In this modelling shoot I had to overcome my fear of heights as we were asked to climb a tree for the photos! But the photographer was nice and helped a lot. The tree was easy to climb, there were five of us in the tree and we had lots of pictures taken in different poses. In the end I enjoyed climbing and got more confident as I climbed higher and higher. I think everyone should climb trees because this was what the National Trust says is good for us. I would say that being a model is a great way of doing new things and learning new stuff. If you want to be a model you should join an agency and try to keep your e-portfolio up to date. I did this for the experience and have enjoyed my work as a model.

  • John for Ellie, aged 6, Reference: BD530904, Model fee: £180.00


    Ellie was very exited to be doing this shoot as it was her first shoot with Talent Management, so she didn't really know what to expect. She was a bit nervous but she soon fell in to what she had to do. It was a very fun two days for her, which involved doing a shoot for a face painting company. She enjoys having her face painted anyway, so it was like a dream come true for her. When it came for her to leave on the second day she didn't want to leave as she was having too much fun. Thank you very much for giving Ellie this experience.

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  • Arife for James, aged 10, Reference: BC546367, Model fee: £90.00


    James felt very excited being a model for the day. He really had a nice time and had lots of fun. He is looking forward to doing again. The Talent Management assignment involved James and three other children taking part in creative face painting activities. James and the other children had their photographs taken together for promotional purposes for Snazaroo, the world’s largest face painting company. The photographs will be used for their website, leaflets/books and packaging. James enjoyed all of it, especially the photo shoot outside. He's gained so much confidence and skills from this; working as a group, taking direction, listening the photographer, being creative etc. James would recommend the experience to others, because he enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

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  • Ben, aged 9, Reference: P574340, Model fee: £120.00


    I really enjoyed being a model for the day, especially having my face painted and then being photographed during each stage of the process. I was very nervous to begin with, but the people there were very helpful and friendly, which helped a lot. It has boosted my confidence and I would very much like to do it again. Thank you Talent Management for making it possible.

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  • Anitah for Persia, aged 7, Reference: BC564154, Model fee: £90.00


    It was a fun and good experience for Persia. The assignment involved face painting. I joined Persia up to Talent Management for her to gain experience, fulfil her ambitions and gain extra money.

  • Anitah for Christian, aged 7, Reference: BC564153, Model fee: £90.00


    Christian loved the assignment. It involved face painting and was fun. I will definitely recommend the experience to others. Christian loved modelling a lot and decided he wanted to join Talent Management himself to get the experience and money.

  • Clare for Jack, aged 5, Reference: BB582569, Model fee: £120.00


    Jack absolutely loved his assignment and had so much fun! He wasn't fazed by the camera at all and kept saying "next time..." so obviously wants to do more assignments!

    The whole assignment was fun as it was for the world's largest face painting company so Jack got to be a tiger, an octopus and a knight all day. The photos were of step-by-step instructions of how to paint the above, so Jack had photos taken at different stages of the painting.

    We would definitely recommend this experience to friends and in fact already have! I'm sure this sort of work isn't everyone's cup of tea but I can only go by what we have experienced and it has been a very positive experience.

    Being with Talent Management has been good because you can see the jobs on the job board and apply for them if you think you would be suitable. Also, being in control of your own e-portfolio is brilliant.

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  • Tracy for Connor, aged 7, Reference: D514409, Model fee: £60.00


    Connor loved being a model for the day. He really had fun, enjoyed it and would love to do it again. He enjoyed the thrill of a new experience, being painted and being able to work with new people. The modelling job involved going to a farm and spending 1/2 day having his hands and face painted to advertise for face painting designs step by step. He would recommend this to others and has not stopped talking about the experience. It was a good move signing Connor to Talent Management and we hope more work will follow.

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  • Robert for Darina, aged 7, Reference: BB572718, Model fee: £120.00



    Darina enjoyed the assignment day; she was absolutely fine, had lots of fun, and made new friends. She's looking forward to doing more modelling jobs in the future. The most enjoyable part was changing into different outfits for the photoshoots. The assignment involved trying on outfits, face painting and after posing for photo shoots. She learnt to be confident and work in a group of other kids. We would 100% recommend this to others, as it is great fun. The thing that made us to decide to join Talent Management was that we could see our daughter's potential and also because we believe that this agency is well managed, plus Darina's ambition.

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  • Alex, Reference: N191025, Model fee: £576.00

    2ND JOB

    I'd love to do a job like this again, and again it was brilliant like the last job. I wasn't nervous, I just couldn't wait. As this was my second job, I knew what I was doing, as it was with the same company as before. I'd totally recommend it to anyone, it's fun to do and I'm always learning new things and making new friends. If I could do it all again I would over and over. The best bit was meeting all the people again. The job was doing a shoot for ADHD medicine. I'm on leaflets all over, and am glad I can help people who have this form of ADHD.

  • Nina for Sienna, aged 6, Reference: N538286, Model fee: £100.00


    This Models Direct assignment was only a fitting, but Sienna loved getting changed and trying clothes on. The atmosphere was relaxing as the people were nice. Sienna wasn't nervous at all and enjoyed travelling and having a nice day out!

  • Brett, aged 9, Reference: H203350, Model fee: £18.00


    I had a really good time at the Nintendo casting Models Direct organised for me, it was very exciting. The people from Nintendo were very nice to me and the best bit about the day was all of it! It was a new experience for me and I enjoyed meeting the other models there, especially my two fake mum and dads, who were really nice to me and made me feel at ease.

  • Max, aged 8, Reference: V159224, Model fee: £18.00


    The Nintendo casting Models Direct set up was a very exciting day! I had a brilliant time. We got to try out for 2 adverts. The first time I was really nervous, but the second time I was much more relaxed and had a much better time. We had a laugh with our fake mum and dad and they made us feel confident.