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  • Pinar, Reference: P530615, Model fee: £130.00


    I enjoyed my modelling experience at Windsmoor Catwalk show. Everybody was really friendly and helpful, from the staff organising to the styling. The other models were also nice and it made the day fun. I would definitely do modelling jobs like these again. The most enjoyable part of the day was getting in and out of clothes, as I adore fashion, and the sociable side with the stylists was very entertaining. Throughout the day the girls bonded very well and it made the day so quick and easy to get through. I signed up to Models Direct purely for extra pocket money, but I think the added bonus is laughter and joy with a few girls having fun.

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  • Danielle, Reference: P221127, Model fee: £130.00


    I was excited about this modelling assignment with Models Direct as it was my first catwalk experience. But I was also a bit nervous, as I didn't want to fall on my face or anything! We were modelling outfits put together from the Windsmoor clothing line. The organiser was really welcoming and the stylist gave us good instructions during the run through. I met four other lovely models and intern assistants. Mine was really helpful, I wish her all the very best with her internship and I hope she finds her path in the modelling industry. It went by quickly and I think we interacted with the audience really well. The stylist told us she was very happy with how things went.

  • Vanessa, Reference: Y229768, Model fee: £120.00


    I had a wonderful day catwalk modelling at an in-store fashion show event in Croydon. I met some lovely ladies who I modelled with. All the stylists and staff were very helpful and gave out very simple instructions so that everything in the fashion show went extremely smoothly. The ladies watching the fashion show really loved the beautiful clothes that we all wore and commented on every outfit. I would definitely recommend Models Direct to everyone. This is the 2nd catwalk show I have modelled for this year with the agency, and I can't wait to do another one, thanks again Models Direct!

  • Elena, Reference: K182320, Model fee: £220.00


    Travelling to Brighton 3 hours prior to my modelling job at the White Company, the last from a succession of five, on one of the most beautiful days of the year, is a great way of starting the day. The weather is absolutely amazing! It's as if I am in the South of France on a holiday. On the beach in Brighton I breathe the sea-salted air and have a moment of complete gratefulness to Katie at Models Direct for sending me on such a cool job. I soon realise I can now easily construct the scenario for the ideal job because I am living it: a fun holiday-like location, chilled people to work with, clothes to model that make me feel special and an agent I work with that honours her job in every possible way. On my last assignment for the White Company I felt great: relaxed, in control, and full of energy. I received lots of compliments for the clothes I was wearing and was asked lots of questions about them. I might as well work for the White Company now, for all the great advertising I did for them... :-) On my way out, I resisted buying the poncho I modelled despite the huge temptation (it really feels great to wear) but I couldn't stay away from the clothes for kids. I ended up buying lots of clothes for my 4 year old nephew and for my best friend's little one year old girl. I have caught the White Company bug!

  • Elena, Reference: K182320, Model fee: £207.00


    Day 4 of modelling for the White Company, this time in their shop in Marylebone High Street, was yet another pleasant experience. Having the luxury of working with the same people really makes things easy for me. Sophie, the make-up artist from Jemma Kidd, whom I had met the week before in Symons street, was there and applied gorgeous glam make up on me. Everything was well organized with an immaculate focused presentation. And I got to work with Natalie again. She and I were the two Models Direct models chosen by the White Company to introduce some of their new range of autumn/winter clothes for ladies. No better arrangement really! Each of us contributed in our own way to the success of the evening. The shop sold quite a lot that evening. I myself met many ladies who ended up buying the clothes I modelled. I even had people asking if I could bring them the items I had on earlier as they were looking for the small size that I wore. It was funny, as one of them had sold already! The job went really well. I would love to do that again. It is wonderful when you are surrounded by warm people. I got great feedback. Customers in the shop kept asking me if I am the White Company model. And that is when I introduced them to Models Direct.

  • Elena, Reference: K182320, Model fee: £215.00


    The modelling 'mission' for The White Company (no 3) that Katie at Models Direct has assigned me was a lovely opportunity to meet more friendly people and do another fabulous event. Lots of people turned up, the till was very busy and we ended up doing the presentation twice - we had become so popular! All in all, I had a great time in Marlow. I would definitely go back and work with the same team again.

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  • Ruby, Reference: G198022, Model fee: £54.00


    I had a great time doing art modelling for a lovely group of talented artists. I have never done art modelling before. It is a skill in itself trying to stay as still as possible and I am grateful for the experience and would love to do this type of work again. The most enjoyable part of this assignment was seeing the outcome – 15 paintings of myself and seeing how talented the artists were - amazing. I gained positive feedback from the client and artists. I felt I carried out the assignment well and what was required of me. I think it is a good thing being part of Models Direct as clients can view your e-portfolio and you can get selected for assignments and I personally find it very enjoyable. I was very happy to represent the modelling agency and I look forward to other assignments in the future.

  • Natalie, Reference: J526854, Model fee: £207.00


    Day two at The White Company, this time in Marylebone Road. Another fun night of wearing lovely comfy clothes and meeting new people. It really didn't feel like work at all and my confidence has really grown. It was so lovely to see the other Models Direct model Elena again - I met Elena on my first assignment with Models Direct and we instantly hit it off! Modelling with her helped me with my nerves; she completely put me at ease and showed me the ropes! We had so much fun! We've since exchanged numbers and are hoping to meet up soon. I really hope I'm lucky enough to have another assignment. Fingers crossed!

  • Elena, Reference: K182320, Model fee: £207.00


    What better location for a job than the White Company in Sloane Square? As I used to live in Chelsea, that made me instantly feel like home. I had a wonderful time yet again in my modelling career. I also got to work with a charming lady, Natalie, also a modelling assigned by Models Direct. We had great fun and I believe we both enjoyed working with each other. As we were asked to change in a room with no full length mirrors, we ended up being each other's mirror and that worked perfectly well. Stasha Subotic, a wonderful lady who works for the White Company in Symons Street (located just behind Peter Jones) was of great help. We needed a hand with our quick changes as we were flying in and out of the changing room straight on the shop floor. A big thank you to all involved who were extremely supportive: Katie at Models Direct, Stasha and all the staff at the White Company in Sloane Square. Also, thank you for the glass of champagne served on our way out! I had to wear four different outfits while Sally-Ann was describing the clothes I was modelling. Easy and fun! The audience was extremely friendly and the atmosphere relaxed. To many more such jobs!

  • Natalie, Reference: J526854, Model fee: £210.00


    So happy to have been chosen by Models Direct to model for The White Company. It was a great evening and fun to model. The best thing about the modelling assignment was that the people were friendly and the night flew by. Looking forward to the next model assignment!

  • Elena, Reference: K182320, Model fee: £207.00


    I had a great time in Tunbridge Wells on Wednesday modelling clothes at the White Company. The atmosphere was very welcoming, the catwalk fun and the people I worked with were extremely warm and genuine. My job as a model was really easy. Katie at Models Direct made sure I had all information I needed to get there without any worries or effort to find my way around. Once at location half an hour prior to the agreed time, I followed the instructions the White Company representative, Sally-Ann gave me and the whole event ran smoothly. The best thing was definitely the people I got to meet and the lovely clothes I got to wear. I had to wear them, imagine they were mine and that just made the trick. Quite a few ladies came up to me to ask about the coats or dresses I wore and ended up buying them straight away. I was asked if I model for the White Company exclusively. I ended up speaking about Models Direct and their professionalism and realized I felt proud of being one of your models. Thank you for putting me forward but most importantly, for getting a wonderful job for me which I know I will be talking a lot about.

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  • Pauline, Reference: P526353, Model fee: £210.00


    The assignment was in-store modelling for The White Company London; this involved modelling the new autumn collection for a special VIP party of around 70 people. It was a great experience and fun. I was the only model selected for the assignment-so a big thank you to Models Direct for promoting me and their guidance along the way with travel directions etc. The best thing was the opportunity to wear a new collection of clothes!

  • Louise, Reference: Z520841, Model fee: £212.00


    The modelling assignment with Models Direct was an enjoyable and fun experience. It was my first assignment and I was made to feel at ease and relaxed the whole time. The best thing about the assignment was being able to model and try on a whole range of new clothes. I had to showcase a variety of clothes for the new winter collection for The White Company in front of 50 guests in store.

  • Laura, Reference: L232803, Model fee: £200.00


    It was my first assignment with Models Direct, but I was informed of all the necessary information on what to expect from the job. We were asked to model the White Company’s new season clothing for an exclusive open night. It was a really good evening and I was made to feel comfortable and made very welcome in the company. The other Models Direct model that was also hired was lovely, and Katie, the Assignments Manager, was very helpful and professional. The best thing about the job was meeting a range of people and enjoying 'the buzz' of the event.

  • Giulia, Reference: W238284, Model fee: £210.00


    My assignment was to model for The White Company shop in Edinburgh. During the event I wore 5 outfits from their new autumn collection and did a semi catwalk while the presenter explained what each piece of clothing was. A make-up artist did my make-up beautifully and I had great fun trying on lots of different outfits. I would love to have this kind of experience again! Thank you Models Direct!

  • Titi, Reference: P524793, Model fee: £160.00


    I had a great day on the photo shoot at Tate Gallery. The clients were so professional and friendly. The best thing about the assignment was being in the Tate Britain surrounded by the work of some of the greatest artists ever. Didn't get the modern ones, but it was still wonderful. Thanks Talent Management and Models Direct!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Hayley, Reference: Z222326, Model fee: £270.00


    I really enjoyed the shoot with Talent Management. The shoot was a hair shoot and I really like the style they gave me. The photographer was really good, giving lots of guidance to get a really good shot.

  • Martina, Reference: D518402, Model fee: £270.00


    I really enjoyed the modelling assignment. Another model and I were chosen to do a photoshoot for a London hair salon, so they cut my hair and it looks really great now! They also took photos of us in four different dresses. It was great fun! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. It felt fantastic to be a model for the day! Would be great to do some work with these people again and I can't wait for the next job! Thank you, Talent Management!

  • Olivia, Reference: A261060, Model fee: £120.00


    I would like to say how pleased I was overall with the modelling assignment for Talent Management. The client I worked with was extremely welcoming, productive and put me at ease throughout. I would be more than happy to be part of modelling assignments again.

  • Nikolett, Reference: P243857, Model fee: £150.00


    It felt really good to be a Gelert model for a day for Models Direct. :) The Gelert staff were really friendly and it felt like being in a team from the beginning. The best thing about the modelling assignment was that all the settings were natural, and all they asked was that I was as natural as possible, which made me feel comfortable in what I was doing. The clothes we had to wear were really nice, warm and comfy.

  • Sue, Reference: F226328, Model fee: £180.00


    The modelling assignment with Models Direct was a really friendly, nice job, and everyone was very welcoming. We had to model a variety of outfits on a catwalk in a store to members of the public. There were no complications and the instructions were clear. It was a very fun job with lovely people. I enjoyed it very much, and would hope to be asked again. The client did say that they would re-book Vanessa and me again for the Christmas show, which I would love to do.

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  • Vanessa, Reference: Y229768, Model fee: £180.00


    I had a wonderful time modelling for Models Direct at a fashion show for Elys Department store in Wimbledon. Everyone involved was so lovely. It was great being a catwalk model for the day having my hair and makeup done professionally and wearing such wonderful clothes. I can't wait to do it all again! Thanks ever so much Talent Management!

  • Alanna, Reference: 171805, Model fee: £50.00


    I really enjoyed working for Models Direct and with make up artist and photographer; they were lovely people and made me feel at ease! I hope I achieved the photos they wanted and needed and I am looking forward to seeing the final result!

  • Dani, Reference: Z214237, Model fee: £120.00


    I enjoyed the modelling assignment with Models Direct; it was done quickly and efficiently, and the instructions were clear. I had to look at a mirror while cameras shot all angles on my face.

  • Danielle, Reference: P221127, Model fee: £120.00


    The assignment with Models Direct was interesting. I enjoyed it as it was something different. I was asked to sit in a chair and face various cameras or sit at various angles. My face was scanned and pictures were taken. I also stood on a rotating stand and a full body scan was taken. The client was organised and the session took 30 minutes as indicated.