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  • Tatyana, Reference: S206720, Model fee: £105.00

    I really enjoyed the assignment, I felt perfectly comfortable and I'm happy with the experience. . I had to pose as a group of four women & imagine that we are as friends having a good night out.

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  • Emma, Reference: V185701, Model fee: £105.00

    The assignment went very well. The client was relaxed and good to work with and they seemed pleased with the outcome. I was acting out a character in order to promote a theater show - Girls Night. I was the party person of the group so a good role to express myself. It felt really good and was enjoyable and fun.

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  • Lorraine, Reference: P188043, Model fee: £225.00

    I had a lovely assignment. I was asked to walk around lovely gardens sitting by the river and eat in a restaurant. Something I would say to someone thinking of being a model is go for it! Its a good way of meeting people and getting paid for enjoying your self.

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  • Tarnia, Reference: I146525, Model fee: £127.00

    I was asked to do an advert demonstrating the neck slimmer device. I feel the assignment went well and the people there were lovely and friendly.

  • Jacqueline, Reference: M185923, Model fee: £225.00

    The assignment was fantastic. I felt very honoured to have worked with such skilled photographers. I was asked to do a cafe scene, play a tourist part with a partner walking, do a various relaxed poses as a retired couple on a Cambridge punt and e photographed at a riverside table in a restaurant with 3 other models to make 2 couples enjoying pre-dinner drinks and nibbles. Something I would say to someone thinking of being a model is If they were at all suitable and keen I would encourage them to apply to agencies for selection. I learned today that agencies need a wide selection of types and ages, and the models I met today had enjoyed all their assignments. Unreasonable demands are not placed by clients and certainly today was lovely.

  • Laura, Reference: K183746, Model fee: £50.00

    The assignment was fun & in a very relaxed atmosphere. I was asked to model dress costumes. Something I would say to someone thinking of being a models is contact Models Direct and go for it.

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  • Laura, Reference: P178596, Model fee: £150.00

    The assignment was enjoyable and i believe it was a success, it felt good & was fun trying out new styles. I was asked to models uniforms for a medical uniform leaflet including aprons, scarfs, jackets and hats.

  • Ayshat, Reference: A211652, Model fee: £1000.00

    I felt like a star it was an amazing feeling. I enjoyed modelling for 2 days with a perfect production team. The best thing about the assignment was the fact that I had a chance to explore my acting skills and contribute ideas in the whole process. i was asked to express various emotions, worked in pair with a male colleague to make a scenario scenes like a morning conversation over a coffee or something like a friendly laugh with my partner, or anxious look portrait, etc. Something I would say to someone thinking of being a model is just go for it, there is no special requirement for those willing to participate in advertising promotions, it is just about your special look.

  • Joanna, Reference: G216051

    It was a pleasure to work with all involved, we got a lot done, & the atmosphere was relaxed, professional and fun. The best thing about the assignment was the client was happy with the Shots. I was asked to do various shots to illustrate an exercise book. something I would say to someone thinking of being a model is if you are comfortable with yourself and following instructions, happy to go with a client's ideas then you'll have lots of fun!

  • Ann, Reference: O149022

    Being a model made me feel very happy and special. I was asked to do make up, pose and dress change.

  • Sarah, Reference: C188179, Model fee: £255.00

    It felt great as it was my first assignment with Models Direct and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to be the best that I could be and to represent the agency. The best thing was feeling comfortable with the photographer who made me feel very at ease which will hopefully reflect in the photographs taken. I was asked to be in various parts of the holiday resorts, (they have three) in the hot tubs, pool, chalets, dining etc looking happy and relaxed on holiday so as to highlight the facilities offered.

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  • Francesca, Reference: S214250, Model fee: £105.00

    I am very happy with the outcome of the assignment. The best thing honestly, was just having a laugh! Meeting new people and getting some good results at the same time. I was asked to do different poses, but mainly to relax, have fun and be myself.

  • Nicola, Reference: H147099, Model fee: £180.00

    Brilliant. The garments were stunning, the people were so lovely and I loved my hair and make up! I had a really good day. I was asked to model a number of wedding dresses.

  • Lindsey, Reference: M190236, Model fee: £131.00

    I found the assignment enjoyable, brilliant and much better than I had expected. I was asked to try on a number of outfits to show the buyers how they looked. Something i would say to someone thinking of being a model is that I would highly recommend it.

  • Donna, Reference: K223015, Model fee: £285.00

    I had to dress in a bunny costume, smile and take part in races, it was a fun & lively experience which was very enjoyable. Models Direct gave precise instructions and I cannot think of any improvements.

  • Gemma, Reference: K160998, Model fee: £130.50

    I felt very privileged to be chosen and was glad to be a part of the promotion. I was asked to hand out leaflets, promote the rally day, answer questions and have photos taken with people. Some thing I would say to someone thinking of being a model is make the most of the opportunities given to you and enjoy them!

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  • Shaz, Reference: V174769, Model fee: £60.00

    It was a good and fun assignment to do. I enjoyed every minute of it. Fantastic! I had to stand and give out CD wow leaflets and attract as many people as possible. Some thing i would say to someone thinking of being a model is don't let anyone bring you down and go for your dreams.

  • Maria, Reference: Z203113, Model fee: £75.00

    It was nice to be the model chosen for the assignment. Having the lady pass her exam for the make-up she did on me had to be the best part of the assignment.

  • Clare, Reference: W192578

    I had fun and felt at ease. I was asked to be natural in a number of poses. I changed several times and moved to different areas of the location.

  • Arseli, Reference: N206103

    It was absoulately brilliant! I loved being photographed! The assignment was a good experience. I was asked to do different poses.

  • Rebecca, Reference: C177333, Model fee: £60.00

    I had a lovely day. I was asked to hand out flyer. I got to meet some great people and hope to do it again soon.

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  • Claire, Reference: G220035, Model fee: £165.00


    It felt amazing to be a model for the day; I was treated with such respect. I enjoyed everything about the assignment. All of the staff were so friendly and easy to get along with, there was one other model working as well who I got along with and I was given clear and easy instructions to follow and I just enjoyed the whole weekend. I was asked to hand out leaflets and stickers, all sorts of information to all the customers at the show and was also asked to walk around the show ground with Big Ed talking to everyone and posing for pictures on the bikes. Someone who is considering being a model I would say go for it. I thoroughly enjoyed working the weekend and am looking forward to the next time.

  • Lorna, Reference: E155985, Model fee: £337.50


    I feel proud and grateful of the experience as it has made me more confident. It felt great and exciting to be a model. We were picked out 3 outfits (2 casual and 1 smart) by a Next representative, we had a rehearsal on the catwalk so we knew the timings and when to stop and pose. I would like to say, anyone thinking of becoming a model I wish you luck and say you can achieve anything if you want it enough, never get your hopes up, but not to give up to easy either.

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  • Alice, Reference: X186873, Model fee: £75.00

    I had to pose in a business-type setting whilst also eating some lunch and looking stressed!! It was fun.

  • Charmaine, Reference: K196358

    It was a fantastic experience & I loved every minute of it. The photographer was so friendly and I feel we both worked well together. I had to wear a 17th century victorian style dress, it was amazing and I did various photo shoots in many different and interesting locations. Lisa (the coordinator) was fantastic. Very helpful, kind and always in touch letting me know any updates with regards to the assignment. If your thinking of being a model and its something you enjoy, go for it- you'll never know unless you try to be. Be confident and yourself!