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  • Lorna, Reference: N191581, Model fee: £133.00

    I felt happy and pleased with how the photoshoot turned out. Very relaxed. The best thing about the assignment was the whole experience. I was asked to walk on the beach and kitchen shots

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  • Samantha, Reference: R192795

    It felt brilliant, I loved being pampered and getting my photograph taken. I was very pleased with my hair and make-up and the client and beautician were absolutely lovely. The best thing was meeting new people and getting some stunning photographs taken. The hair was amazing also. I was asked to pose into different postitions for my photograph to be taken and to smile lots, which was great. I am very pleased with Models Direct as an agenc.


  • Rebecca, Reference: W189818

    The assignment was a great experience. Walking down the catwalk and people shouting my name and taking photos was the best.It's everything i ever wanted to do so being a model for the day felt like the beginning of my dream. I was asked to wear Physce and Kate Fearnley dresses for a catwalk.

  • Rebeca, Reference: A204491

    The assignment went really well. In one sentence being a catwalk model for the day was really exciting. I was asked to get my hair done ready for the carwalk show, and was asked to model 3 different sets of clothes i enjoyed my time doing this. Model Direct were very helpfull.

  • Shu, Reference: V184508, Model fee: £186.00

    The photoshoot was very interesting and exciting. The models I worked with were really nice and friendly. The best thing about the assignment was having to work with babies. I was asked to hold the babies to take pictures of my hands and arms.

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  • Rebeka, Reference: 203008

    In one sentance it felt great to be doing something I've always dreamed of doing. The best thing was having my make up done and getting infront of the camera. Iwas asked to listen to the photographer as to which posistions he wanted me to do, whilst modelling for the assignement, also having my make up done for the shoot.

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  • Gyte, Reference: F154470, Model fee: £1995.00

    It is always a pleasure to work with GMTV fashion. The day was very friendly, professional atmosphere. I felt really good and relaxed. I was asked to model spring coats.

  • Gifty, Reference: N194228, Model fee: £133.00

    My photoshoot assignment felt very good. The best thing about the assignment was that i felt comfortable. It is always right to register with the right agency.

  • Charlene, Reference: 193301, Model fee: £133.00

    I feel my photoshoot went well & they were happy with the photos. I enjoyed myself very much, hopefully that will be one of many in the future.The best thing was playing the part as th air hostess as i have taken air hostess training last year. I had to model as a back packer and air hostess pushing a trolley.

  • Carly, Reference: R210516

    My assignment for Cancer Research UK went very well, it gave me the opportunity to gain some vital catwalk experience, all colleagues were very welcoming and all other models were lovely,had a great night . 


  • Lorraine, Reference: P188043, Model fee: £133.00

    I really enjoyed assignment, I felt very inportant and made me feel special for the day. The best thing about the assignment was thinking i was on holiday. And who i was working with. I was asked to sit on a deck chair next to Kevin and make out we were on holiday. To someone thinking of being a model I would say you have fun and get paid for it.

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  • Julie, Reference: N175046, Model fee: £266.00

    Im still very excited and very pleased with the shoot and working alongside David Tucker gives me great pride. In one sentence i felt very privlidged & special, meeting such a nice and professional photographer. I was firstly asked to change into my t shirt and sports trousers and do several poses whilst holding a tape measure firmly across my waist and hip area. If you feel you can and would like to,go ahead,do youre best ,be as confident as possible and most of all enjoy it. I am very satisfied with Models Direct.

  • Sarah, Reference: F183592, Model fee: £133.00

    I found the assignment relaxed, and enjoyable throughout. In one sentence the modeling was fine and i felt confident...even though i was in a bikini! The best thing about the assignment was the shots and that the client was happy. I was asked to wear a bikini, posing for shots and Silhouette for lazer hair removal, and also for his chiropractic clinic.

  • Faezeh, Reference: N206230, Model fee: £133.00

    As part of the assignment I was playing the role of a practitioner for a photoshoot. I enjoyed it, felt very nice.

  • ELA, Reference: N168225, Model fee: £133.00

    I felt like a princess:).The assignment it was very professional.I had a very professional hair.The client (very nice ladys) were looked after us.The photographer was profesional and very friendly.they treated us really well. Being a model for the daywas a very nice feeling. It was a really lovely day.I can't wait for my next assignment. The best thing about the assignment was I had done my hair.I am very happy with new style. I had a lots of fun.The best think for me - nice and very professional people worked with me. It is a great idea to be a model.Very nice work. I wish to have a lots of assignments.I like to be bussy as a model.But my first assignment it was made very professional by Models Direct and by the client.Thank you for everything Amy and Shirley.For understanding my not very well english.

  • Gillian, Reference: V168537

    The assignment was fantastic, great photographer, very professional atmosphere and superb make up artist. It was a great experience. The best thing was the photos they are incredible. Iwas asked for three different looks. Mainly headshots!

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  • Carly, Reference: P190417, Model fee: £80.00

    My photographic shoot went well, for my first time I tried to do it in a professional manor.

  • Ashleigh, Reference: Z207015, Model fee: £140.00

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first job. The managers of the company were extremely friendly,  welcoming and helpful. Friendly, professional, helpful, enjoyable and a great experience all round. Thankyou very much for the oppotunity.

  • Pratiba, Reference: E130255, Model fee: £90.00

    I really enjoyed the day and had alot of fun. People were very friendy. I had to perform a variety of tasks including the following: pretending to read a newspaper and do a cross word, pretending to feel very cold and shivery, and stay in bed with a hot water bottle, helping a lady walk down the stairs, helping a man walk with a walker, going outside and helping a lady with a walker go through the door. All in all it was a great day and the feedback on me was very good and they thought I was very photogenic.

  • Dawn, Reference: W206640, Model fee: £100.00

    All went well, I really enjoyed myself. They were very nice and they were pleased with me.

  • Gyte, Reference: F154470, Model fee: £100.00

    The assignment went very well. It is real pleasure to work for GMTV. I enjoy it very very much. The atmosphere is always extremely friendly and warm. Looking forward to work with them again.

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  • Iman, Reference: P200479, Model fee: £147.00

    Thanks for the assignment; I thoroughly enjoyed my time working. The other models were a pleasure to work with and all the clients were extremely polite and friendly towards us. The clients seemed very pleased with out work.

  • Shu, Reference: V184508, Model fee: £147.00

    The assignment was fantastic. The other mpdels were so friendly. We had a great time together. The team was very friendly and made me feel comfortable through out the day. It was an enjoyable day.

  • Sasha, Reference: F143074, Model fee: £147.00

    Photoshoot went really well , they released us about 2.30pm, and we all got on very well. Really enjoyed it, we've all swapped numbers too!

  • Sasha, Reference: F143074, Model fee: £80.00

    All went well the clients were happy and we had a good time on the shoot.