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  • Danielle, Reference: Z688067, Model fee: £300.00

    I really loved being a part of this advert - it was a truly amazing experience and the team were so lovely, polite and patient.  I was very nervous and anxious at the beginning as I haven't done something like this before, so didn't know what to expect but I am so glad I got the chance to be a part of this!  The most enjoyable part was meeting so many new people and learning what it takes to put something like this together.  New skills I learnt include how to not act cold when really you are freezing and how to work really well in a team of people you've just met.  I would recommend this experience to anyone if they get the chance-  it was so cool and to say you've been chosen to be a part of a big filming role is amazing - it also helps you gain confidence in yourself.  My advice for someone interested in working in this industry is to sign up with Talent Management, grab all opportunities with both hands and enjoy every moment of it.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Nicola, Reference: A660994, Model fee: £220.00

    Talent Management recently booked me on a photo shoot in Totnes, Devon - a beautiful place - for a skincare brand project.  The day started with lots of skin cream application, then moved on to camera work with various shots being taken of myself and my delightful 'model daughter'.  The photographer was lovely and knew exactly how to acheive great pictures - very talented.  I had a great day and enjoyed the shoot very much.  Thanks Talent Management for this opportunity!

  • Donine, Reference: 1092, Model fee: £150.00

    My first assignment with Talent Management was awesome and fun.  I was a hand model for the day for a well known brand of sunglasses.  I gained confidence in how to use my hands for modelling and really enjoyed working with the crew.  I highly recommend this experience to others and would advise to seek representation from Talent Management - I really needed a new challenge, and thanks to TM I am now going places!

  • Chloe, Reference: K672929, Model fee: £150.00

    I really enjoyed my day being a model. I was nervous beforehand, but felt at ease as soon as I met the people I was working with. I was modelling satin dressing gowns for the Clifford James catalog, which will also appear in Groupon and The Daily Mail. I also got asked to model a pair of leggings and a new happy light.  This made me more confident for next time and I have learnt not to be so nervous in the future.  This type of modelling work is something I would absolutely like to do again. I would recommend this experience to others because it's fun, enjoyable and a great experience to help build confidence. Thanks Talent Management for a great first assignment!

  • Emma, Reference: A662381, Model fee: £270.00

    I wasn't nervous about the assignment, although it had been a long time since I did anything similar. I had the best time - Chris our photographer was so easy to work for, with clear instructions, and Sophie his assistant who helped to choose the outfits was just lovely. My two fellow models were great to work with.

    The assignment was for a website and brochure for a lovely care home for which we posed as residents. The shoot required us to arrange flowers, do some baking, play bridge, use a computer and enjoy afternoon tea.  We were asked to have big smiles and then hold the pose, as it was all photographic stills. 

    It was such good fun with great people that I did not want it to end and I can't wait for my next assignment. I am so glad that I joined Talent Management, I wish I had done it before. Do join, you will have fun!

  • Patricia, Reference: CB695733, Model fee: £270.00

    Having worked for Talent Management before, I knew what to expect from the team ahead of my assignment - the usual excellent support, clear directions and information about the assignment accompanied by good wishes for a happy day.  Inevitably the day before you wonder what the people you are to work with are going to be like and just what the requirements will be.  It was nice to know that Herb was to be the male model as I have worked with him before.  Three of us (Herb, Emma and I) were to be models as care patients at Water Mill House, a wonderful new care home in Hemel Hempstead.  On arrival I was immediately greeted with a cup of coffee and welcomed by Chris the photographer and Sophie his assistant.  There was a schedule already made out regarding the different scenarios and we were given guidance by Sophie as to the style of clothing etc that would be appropriate for each 'scene'. 

    On the first day we had great fun enacting Bridge playing, flower arranging, taking breakfast and baking - and ended up with much hilarity trying to get successful shots of flour blowing about as we clapped our hands!  Chris directed brilliantly giving precise details as to what he needed to get successful takes and he and Sophie were extremely pleasant to work with. Day two started with computer scenes then an art lesson and after a break for sandwiches and drinks provided by Water Mill House we went on to enact 'afternoon tea', a reading or music session and finally a consultation regarding care plans for the 'patient' Herb!

    Every new shoot brings new experience and knowledge as to how to react to the camera - its a steep learning curve but so rewarding!  If you have ever considered trying this sort of thing yourself and then written it off as 'they won't want me' - don't believe it!  All types of models are required at different times for different circumstances.  The only little bit of advice I might give is - if you are considering signing up with Talent Management for commercial work, avoid the temptation of having a tattoo where it can be seen by the camera!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Jody, Reference: P559559, Model fee: £130.00

    Working with the Medikidz team as a superhero was an amazing experience as usual!  Just being part of a team that helps kids understand medical issues is such a privilege. The most enjoyable part of the day is when we first present ourselves to the kids, the excitement and joy on there face is priceless. Medikidz have definitely helped me boost my confidence and continue to teach me new skills and knowledge.  I will most definitely do it again and would encourage others to sign up with Talent Management and get involved.

  • Naomi, Reference: 1082, Model fee: £130.00

    Again, I loved working with Medikidz for the day at St Josephs Primary School. The same core team were brilliant to work with and I was confident with the drill - which was talking about eye health and entertaining the children with fun activities and competitions. I really love the idea behind the company and the activities - I would be happy do it again.

    My job involved dressing up as 'Skindy' - along with a great team of other interesting characters/superheroes, and going to a children's primary school where we quizzed, helped and engaged with the children about eye health and looking after the body in general (whilst making it upbeat and fun). I really love speaking to the children individually about their special super hero glasses during the competition and getting them to engage with the thought process about eye health.

    I would recommend this job to anyone who wants to work with children or who likes sparking imagination amongst youngsters, as well as those who have an interest in character entrainment and education. It's activities like this one that make being with Talent Management such a lovely experience.

  • Naomi, Reference: 1069, Model fee: £130.00

    I absolutely LOVE Medikidz - such a great way to engage the children and get them involved and interested with learning about the human body, and super heroes!  It was brilliant working with the team and I was comfortable and confident with the drill. I would love to do it again. For the activity we had to all be dressed up and ready as super heroes and address groups of primary school children and inform them with the importance of eyes, eye health etc. We worked alongside a woman from Vision Express and got the children involved with drawing super hero glasses and reading out comic strips with us. I would recommend this experience to anyone else trying to get involved with acting/working with children, as the job in itself is rewarding and you learn a lot on assignment, such as how to deal with certain situations. I think if you were trying to pursue a career in this industry you just need the right drive and enthusiasm as well as hard work and smiles. Talent Management have offered me a variety of clients to work with and for that reason and many other, they are a great agency to be a part of.

  • Victoria, Reference: BV640118, Model fee: £100.00

    I was very nervous beforehand as I have never done anything like this before, however after completing the assignment I felt much more confident and it is something I would like to do again.

    We were required by Medikidz to dress up as superhero characters and introduced ourselves to the children in assembly. We talked about the eye and asked them any questions in which an optometrist answered their questions. We then went to the Year 3 class and had them make their own superhero masks and write down three super powers. We made it into a competition and had some photos taken with the children. I am training to become a primary school teacher so found it extra supportive, and this experience will give me more confidence to stand in front of the school assembly in my future.

    The most enjoyable part of the day for me was working alongside the children in the classroom.

    I would definitely recommend signing up with Talent Management and undergoing assignments like this - it was a very rewarding job, giving the children more knowledge in a fun way.

  • Patricia, Reference: CB695733, Model fee: £175.00

    Despite this being my third assignment with Talent Management there was still the slightly nervous feeling of 'what is it going to be like?', 'will I be the sort of person they were looking for?' - but all doubts proved unfounded.  The team were delightful to work with - relaxed and happy which led to a wonderful fun day.  The assignment involved being photographed driving mobility vehicles after some tuition from the shop staff, and the photographer was brilliant with direction and encouragement. His kind words added to my confidence as the day went on, and I learned so much about being in front of a camera.  It is not as nerve racking as you may think - do give it a try.  One thing I would say take any assignment that comes along - simply for the different experiences - be prepared to travel even if it means that much of your fee disappears in travelling expenses and don't forget that the team at Talent Management are always there to support you.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Rebecca, Reference: R606350, Model fee: £130.00

    I really enjoyed the family assignment I took part in for Conway County Council.  We went to two locations - a castle and an ancient church.  The shoot involved myself, two children and also a male model...  It was really nice working with the kids, who took direction extremely well!  This was my first shoot with Talent Management and I had a great experience.

  • Naomi, Reference: BH550587, Model fee: £100.00

    Working with MediKidz was such a brilliant experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to work with children creatively!  With a really strong team, the day was a great success and I found that the children were very much engaged in the activities. The best parts of the day were jumping into assembly and hearing the buzz of excitement from the early learning years and working on the competition for the children's superpower glasses. It certainly boosted my confidence and the experience was very rewarding. MediKidz have a very professional team that I got along well with, and I would happily work for again in the future. I am grateful to Talent Management for offering the work and would recommend joining this agency to anyone who is looking to advertise their skills on a higher platform of networking. It really was very successful and Im grateful to Rachel, our team leader, for choosing me to be one of the MediKidz Super heroes! Thanks!

  • Charlotte, Reference: BM680023, Model fee: £120.00

    My assignment involved creating a speed dating online advertisement video shoot for an e-cigarette brand.  I enjoyed doing something creative for the day away from my full time job, so it was great to do something different and I found myself gaining confidence infront of the camera throughout the day.  I found my assignment enjoyable and I look forward to doing more modelling assignments with Talent Management.  Thanks again!

  • Jody, Reference: P559559, Model fee: £230.00

    I absolutely loved my first assignment through Talent Management -  I got to be a superhero for the day!  It really was amazing, I especially loved it when myself and the other superheroes made our first appearance to the kids - they were amazed and it really made their day. We took part in the activities with the kids, for example acting from the 'Medikidz' comic book, letting the children have a chance at being superheroes themselves and helping them create their own superhero glasses.  The job really has helped with my confidence. I joined Talent Management to help me with my modelling career, as this is my lifetime goal and aim. This is just the start to my dreams becoming reality.

  • saadia, Reference: K651259, Model fee: £180.00

    This assignment was very enjoyable - I was not nervous beforehand and I enjoyed meeting the other models who were friendly and interesting.  The most enjoyable part of the day was being photographed whilst engaging in improvised short scenes, requiring interaction with the other models. We were asked to pretend to be a family group engaging in different activities, which would promote the company. I would recommend this experience to others if they are interested in modelling - you need to be confident, flexible, cooperative and sociable.

    If anyone is thinking of joining Talent Management, I would advise them to be as proactive as possible on the website, otherwise you could wait months or even years before being called.  I joined Talent Management because they were encouraging and actively work to find me suitable assignments. I would very much like to have more opportunities to model or to act.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Naomi, Reference: BH550587, Model fee: £220.00

    Yesterday I took part in an advertising photo shoot for a luxury spirits brand in Central London.  The day in itself was a brilliant success for both myself and the client - I think the team were very pleased with the outcome and were very helpful with directing me and communicating what they wanted from the shoot. I felt confident that the client was satisfied and we had a good laugh.  The most enjoyable part was wearing the beautiful dresses and being able to act naturally in front of the camera. I was asked to do a variety of poses and expressions and I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere we worked in.  I would like to say thank you to Protege International and Avalon for having me and to Molly at Talent Management for being so supportive. I would recommend this sort of work to anyone looking to gain professional experience in an artistic career such as modelling. It was the fun, relaxed yet professional atmosphere from yesterday that reminded me why I joined Talent Management in the first place. Thank you guys!

  • Molly, Reference: 1023, Model fee: £450.00

    I was very pleased when I received a call from Talent Management last week, offering me 3 days worth of promotional work in my area on behalf of Adonis (a touring male glamour show).  I was not nervous beforehand as I have a plenty of experience in promotional work, but I was definitely curious as to how the general public would react to this type of event.

    Myself and a male model from Talent Management were required to put up a large amount of Adonis posters in shop windows and on the streets of Great Yarmouth (ahead of their show in the area), as well as handing out flyers to female locals and tourists.  We enthusiastically engaged with as many people as possible about the event, with a view to get them to purchase tickets.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment - particularly getting into character as somebody who is passionate about male cabaret shows, and seeing women's reactions to the raunchy flyers!

    I would recommend promotional work to anyone looking to earn some good money on the side whilst having fun - particularly to those who enjoy social interaction, or are looking to develop those skills.

    Signing up with Talent Management is a decision I will never regret. Their clients are some of the biggest, well known and reputable company's in the UK - and it wouldn't be possible to work alongside them without the help and exposure TM offer to their models.  From dealing with the registrations department right up to my booking agent, I have always been satisfied with the high standard of customer service. I can't thank Talent Management enough for their friendly yet professional approach in sourcing me fun and well paid modelling assignments.  Many more to come I hope!

  • Kate, Reference: BQ635073, Model fee: £180.00

    This was my first assignment as a model for Talent Management, and I was a little nervous beforehand, particularly when I heard it was going to be videos as well as stills photography.  My nerves went away as soon as I met the client and the other models though - everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and we had brilliant fun throughout the two days of photo shoots.

    My favourite part of the assignment was getting to know the other models and exploring the holiday park.  We had pictures taken enjoying drinks on the balcony and food in the bar, and the had a sunset dip in the pool and paddle in the sea.  The next day we met our 'children' for the day, and rode bikes, pretended to have barbeques, and played on the beach - it was like being on holiday!

    I would definitely recommend the experience to others, as I met such interesting people and had a great time, while getting paid to do so!  It's very rewarding to be part of something like this, and I can't wait to see the video and images.  Thanks Talent Management!

  • Charlene, Reference: BQ610049, Model fee: £180.00

    I was booked to star in a video for Medmerry Park, a holiday park company based near Chichester, West Sussex. I was filmed going over a bridge in my wheelchair at the holiday park to a bungalow, where I was greeted by two other models and their model children and we discussed our 'holiday' together.  The next scene I was filmed going up a ramp into one of the bungalows. This was the first time I had been filmed, therefore I have learned a new skill and this has given me more confidence. I enjoyed the experience and would recommend signing up to Talent Management to other aspiring models.

  • saadia, Reference: K651259, Model fee: £180.00

    This assignment was very enjoyable - I was not nervous beforehand and I enjoyed meeting the other models who were friendly and interesting.  The most enjoyable part of the day was being photographed whilst engaging in improvised short scenes, requiring interaction with the other models. We were asked to pretend to be a family group engaging in different activities, which would promote the company. I would recommend this experience to others if they are interested in modelling - you need to be confident, flexible, cooperative and sociable.

    If anyone is thinking of joining Talent Management, I would advise them to be as proactive as possible on the website, otherwise you could wait months or even years before being called.  I joined Talent Management because they were encouraging and actively work to find me suitable assignments. I would very much like to have more opportunities to model or to act.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Mansoureh, Reference: BC588301, Model fee: £200.00

    My assignment on Monday afternoon was pleasing - it was a photo shoot in a lovely house with nice decoration inside and a great view.  I was working with other models, who were very friendly.  Myself and the other models had a friendly chat during the photo shoot, while we were waiting to be photographed. The assignment was organised by Feel Agency and I found them to be very kind and helpful.  The photographer was so funny and did his best to keep the environment warm and friendly. Overall, I had great time - I really enjoyed the assignment and made new friends. Thank you Talent Management.

  • Samantha, Reference: A619694, Model fee: £200.00

    I thoroughly enjoyed my day and felt so comfortable modelling for the first time on a paid shoot.  I was very nervous beforehand but the team made me feel so welcome and comfortable.  It's hard to pick a specific moment as a highlight because I immensely enjoyed the whole day, but it would probably the part when I worked with horses (although this was a challenge!). Throughout the day I learnt how to be more comfortable in front of the camera.  I would recommend this experience because it's something really different, exciting but challenging. I signed up with Talent Management because of their excellent reputation - and they have been really helpful, especially when it comes to looking for jobs. My ambition is to get a lot more work and to keep on having as much fun on the job as possible.

  • Michèle, Reference: BY625724, Model fee: £120.00

    I had a great time on my assignment with Level39, a new office space provider company.  I have done still photography many times before so I wasn't nervous and I really enjoyed myself.  I had to pose as a business woman in a private club/lounge - myself and the other models were photographed pretending to be in meetings, having lunch/dinner and generally interacting.  The location in Canary Wharf was stunning and all the people on set were a pleasure to work with. 

    I would definitely recommend such assignments to others, as it is always fun and enjoyable and such easy money, which is always appreciated!  The more one works, the more experienced and relaxed one is and the better it gets.  It is crucial to join an agency if you are interested in this industry - and I would highly recommend Talent Management.  I am hoping that my first assignment with Talent Management will lead to many more exciting opportunities.

  • Kat, Reference: N658009, Model fee: £200.00

    I would like to thank Talent Management for selecting me for this photo shoot.  It was nice meeting Lee, the photographer - I really enjoyed working with him.  The photo shoot itself was short but it was a great experience for me and it was definitely worth travelling for!  I hope Talent Management have further suitable jobs for me in the near future as I would love to do more!  Thank you for the opportunity, Kat.