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  • Kate, Reference: BQ635073, Model fee: £180.00

    This was my first assignment as a model for Talent Management, and I was a little nervous beforehand, particularly when I heard it was going to be videos as well as stills photography.  My nerves went away as soon as I met the client and the other models though - everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and we had brilliant fun throughout the two days of photo shoots.

    My favourite part of the assignment was getting to know the other models and exploring the holiday park.  We had pictures taken enjoying drinks on the balcony and food in the bar, and the had a sunset dip in the pool and paddle in the sea.  The next day we met our 'children' for the day, and rode bikes, pretended to have barbeques, and played on the beach - it was like being on holiday!

    I would definitely recommend the experience to others, as I met such interesting people and had a great time, while getting paid to do so!  It's very rewarding to be part of something like this, and I can't wait to see the video and images.  Thanks Talent Management!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Charlene, Reference: BQ610049, Model fee: £180.00

    I was booked to star in a video for Medmerry Park, a holiday park company based near Chichester, West Sussex. I was filmed going over a bridge in my wheelchair at the holiday park to a bungalow, where I was greeted by two other models and their model children and we discussed our 'holiday' together.  The next scene I was filmed going up a ramp into one of the bungalows. This was the first time I had been filmed, therefore I have learned a new skill and this has given me more confidence. I enjoyed the experience and would recommend signing up to Talent Management to other aspiring models.

  • saadia, Reference: K651259, Model fee: £180.00

    This assignment was very enjoyable - I was not nervous beforehand and I enjoyed meeting the other models who were friendly and interesting.  The most enjoyable part of the day was being photographed whilst engaging in improvised short scenes, requiring interaction with the other models. We were asked to pretend to be a family group engaging in different activities, which would promote the company. I would recommend this experience to others if they are interested in modelling - you need to be confident, flexible, cooperative and sociable.

    If anyone is thinking of joining Talent Management, I would advise them to be as proactive as possible on the website, otherwise you could wait months or even years before being called.  I joined Talent Management because they were encouraging and actively work to find me suitable assignments. I would very much like to have more opportunities to model or to act.

  • Mansoureh, Reference: BC588301, Model fee: £200.00

    My assignment on Monday afternoon was pleasing - it was a photo shoot in a lovely house with nice decoration inside and a great view.  I was working with other models, who were very friendly.  Myself and the other models had a friendly chat during the photo shoot, while we were waiting to be photographed. The assignment was organised by Feel Agency and I found them to be very kind and helpful.  The photographer was so funny and did his best to keep the environment warm and friendly. Overall, I had great time - I really enjoyed the assignment and made new friends. Thank you Talent Management.

  • Samantha, Reference: A619694, Model fee: £200.00

    I thoroughly enjoyed my day and felt so comfortable modelling for the first time on a paid shoot.  I was very nervous beforehand but the team made me feel so welcome and comfortable.  It's hard to pick a specific moment as a highlight because I immensely enjoyed the whole day, but it would probably the part when I worked with horses (although this was a challenge!). Throughout the day I learnt how to be more comfortable in front of the camera.  I would recommend this experience because it's something really different, exciting but challenging. I signed up with Talent Management because of their excellent reputation - and they have been really helpful, especially when it comes to looking for jobs. My ambition is to get a lot more work and to keep on having as much fun on the job as possible.

  • Michèle, Reference: BY625724, Model fee: £120.00

    I had a great time on my assignment with Level39, a new office space provider company.  I have done still photography many times before so I wasn't nervous and I really enjoyed myself.  I had to pose as a business woman in a private club/lounge - myself and the other models were photographed pretending to be in meetings, having lunch/dinner and generally interacting.  The location in Canary Wharf was stunning and all the people on set were a pleasure to work with. 

    I would definitely recommend such assignments to others, as it is always fun and enjoyable and such easy money, which is always appreciated!  The more one works, the more experienced and relaxed one is and the better it gets.  It is crucial to join an agency if you are interested in this industry - and I would highly recommend Talent Management.  I am hoping that my first assignment with Talent Management will lead to many more exciting opportunities.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Kat, Reference: N658009, Model fee: £200.00

    I would like to thank Talent Management for selecting me for this photo shoot.  It was nice meeting Lee, the photographer - I really enjoyed working with him.  The photo shoot itself was short but it was a great experience for me and it was definitely worth travelling for!  I hope Talent Management have further suitable jobs for me in the near future as I would love to do more!  Thank you for the opportunity, Kat.

  • Wallis, Reference: BT585987, Model fee: £120.00

    Being a model for the day was amazing - it is my dream job and I had a great experience.  I was very nervous before hand but as soon as I arrived at the location (a prestigious Chelsea hair salon) they made me very relaxed and at ease. Before I got started, the salon manager briefed me on what they were planning on doing to my hair and what type of look they were going for.   They also explained again about the L'oreal Colour Trophy Awards competition in more detail and certain dates that I would be needed if their submission was successful. The day started with my hair being cut and coloured while the make up artist gave me a facial and did my make up. I was brought lunch which was lovely and then afterwards changed into my clothes for the shoot.  It was great fun having my hair and make up done and the photo shoot at the end was the absolute highlight - we played around with lighting and my posing to get effective photos.  I gained a lot of confidence on the day as the team believed in me from start to finish and were very thankful for my efforts.

    I would definitely recommend experiences such as this to others - it is a great way to expand your portfolio, build your confidence, make new friends and have a fun time!  If people are interested in having a career in this industry, then applying to an agency is a brilliant idea as you can view lists of available jobs and you will be assigned to a member of staff who will be there to help you along every step along the way. I decided to join Talent Management as my ambition in life is to become a successful model, dancer, singer and actress - if I didn't apply, then I would of never gone on this assignment and I am now one step closer towards achieving my dreams.

  • Patricia, Reference: BP590063, Model fee: £150.00

    What a wonderful day I had on my modelling assignment for LINK!  I set off by rail to London early - there were not many people about in the city at that time on a Sunday morning.  It was perfect weather - thank goodness - as myself and my model partner were to be photographed at an ATM in the street outside a bank!.  This was for publicity to encourage older people to use cash machines safely and with confidence - showing how to cover the numbers when entering as the pin is entered and safely retrieve the card and cash.  On arrival I met up with my 'partner' for the day and the photographer and his assistant.  From the word go we all got on famously - and yes, I learned a lot from the shoot - particularly the photographer who was easy to work with and a brilliant director.  The only thing I was slightly anxious about prior to the shoot was whether I had chosen the right clothes to give the appearance of an over 70 year old bank client, however Talent Management advised me on previous assignments to take spare clothing and accessories as props, and as it happened we did a change of jackets half way through to give some variation. 

    Anyone thinking of doing this sort of work - I would say 'give it a go'!  You do have reservations, but the feeling of satisfaction afterwards is great - and you do have fun!  Talent Management give wonderful support, clear instructions of the assignment and emergency contact numbers just in case things go wrong - I highly recommend them!  All you have to do is check the website regularly for possible jobs, make sure your portfolio is up to date and wait for your opportunity to arrive!

  • Mansoureh, Reference: BC588301, Model fee: £120.00

    My assignment on Saturday afternoon was a memorable experience and I really enjoyed myself.  All of the models were nice, kind and friendly - we had the chance to talk and making new friends during the photo shoot.  I also found the photographer and the client to be very polite and helpful.  This experience has encouraged to continue with modelling by attending further photo shoots.  All in all an amazing experience - thank you Talent Management!

  • Lauren, Reference: BV640338, Model fee: £100.00

    Having already spoken to the client the night before the shoot, I felt very much at ease as I knew what was expected from me.  I had so much fun modelling the client's fashion designs which consisted of a gorgeous silk gown, and some beautiful scarfs and handbags. It was so nice to hear everyone involved were really pleased with the outcome and I'm looking forward to seeing the final images, and hopefully soon the designers clothes out in the shops!  Thank you Talent Management.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Nicola, Reference: A660994, Model fee: £360.00

    I was nervous prior to my shoot for Latham Trust as I wanted to do a good job, but as we all going I became less and less nervous and there were lots of laughs.  The assignment involved posing as a family (I played the part of the granny) on holiday in a caravan park.  It was lovely as I suddenly had a new family with 2 adorable little grandchildren.  The most enjoyable part of the assignment for me was meeting new people - it felt great to do so and learning about each other was a lot of fun. I learned that being professional in everything I do i.e. being on time, wearing the right clothes, presenting myself well etc makes the client happy - it is a great feeling knowing that you have worked to the best of your ability.  I would recommend similar experiences to others as it's a great confidence boost, especially for the more mature model.  My advice to others thinking of pursuing work in this industry would be to be yourself, prepare for the assignment and be ready to work hard and smile.  Thank you Talent Management!

  • Angela, Reference: R677214, Model fee: £360.00

    I really enjoyed taking part in the photo shoot for Latham Trust over the past couple of days.  I was booked to play the part of a mother with her family on holiday at a caravan park. I got to meet some really friendly people and gained experience in modelling. I was a little nervous about it at first, wondering if I had the right clothes and look they wanted but it was all very relaxed on arrival and I soon felt welcome.  I would recommend joining Talent Management as you will be included in searches sent to potential employers and the clients can end up choosing you, which feels nice!  I also trust that the assignments will be well managed and safer by going through the agency.

  • Natasha, Reference: P533354, Model fee: £180.00

    Disabled model - photo shoot for Motability Operations

    I was really nervous before the photo shoot started, but once I got there and met everyone at the place I felt much more at ease. I had fun getting to know the rest of the models, and doing the photo shoot. I got a lot more confident as the shoot went on - posing for brochures and the online site helped me learn skills on posing in different ways and was lots of fun.


    My advice to anyone who is thinking of joining or has joined with Talent Management modelling agency, is to stay positive and keep things light and fun. Patience is a virtue - always take your time and don't rush things, when it happens it happens and you have to grab it with both hands like I did - I couldn't be happier. I've achieved a real goal of mine by doing this and getting a modelling assignment, and hopefully I will have more to come…

    I signed up with Talent Management after I came across the website. As I was reading it out my mum said 'Sign up for it Natasha' as it sounded trustworthy, so we signed up and waited for a call. It was after the call that we went for it, as they assured me they would find me something. Other agencies said they would but they wanted a huge amount of fees – 
    Talent Management didn't…


    I'm grateful to Talent Management for giving me an amazing experience on the photo shoot and for the help with finding me something! My ambition is to become a well known model, maybe in catalogues or for make up / hair modelling. I hope to have more modelling assignments coming my way soon! Thank you, Natasha.

  • Patricia, Reference: BP590063

    Just a year or so ago I decided that I should attempt to become a mature model - having read in the Times that there seemed to be a demand.  I signed up with Talent Management who provide information on the web with regard to all sorts of opportunities - cats, dogs, babies, children and male and female of all ages.  I was called for my first assignment as a patient in a care home, along with another of the Talent team who was to appear on the video as my nurse.  It was interesting to watch the man doing the video and I learned a lot about appearing in front of a camera but not noticing it!

    My only previous experience of this sort of thing was years earlier when I had been an extra for the film Revolution and the odd amateur stage appearance.

    I recently was asked by the agency to do a shoot for Link.  It was a perfect spring day - off to London early to meet up with my 'partner' for the day and the photographic crew. The shoot took about two and a half hours with changes of clothes and accessories presumably to enable the best colours to be chosen for the publication. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction doing something like this that is totally different from my employment as a home care organiser before I retired and I get to receive a cheque!

    My experience with Talent Management has been very positive.  Each occasion I have had clear, precise information regarding the assignment and the knowledge that should there be the slightest hitch I have an emergency number for contact. The modelling fee is negotiated by the company together with any travelling expenses if they are to be added and clearly stated when you are asked to do the work.  The subsequent cheque follows shortly after completing the assignment.

    I would really encourage you to sign up with Talent Management and await your modelling or acting opportunity!

  • Claire, Reference: G246SM7, Model fee: £200.00

    I was booked by Talent Management for a dance commercial with The Walt Disney Company.  It was very nerve-wrecking beforehand, however the client made myself and the other dancer feel incredibly welcome and I soon felt at ease. Dancing is my passion, therefore I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Disney's set - it has always been a childhood dream of mine to dance professionally and regularly!  The most enjoyable part was the filming in the studio, the assignment really came to life at this point; my colleague and I were asked to choreograph a short dance routine as part of a football-themed television show, aimed at 7 - 11 year old boys.

    I would recommend the experience to others as the staff at Talent Management were so helpful and quick to respond to any queries, and always had my best interests and well-being at heart.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Anne, Reference: BU600158, Model fee: £200.00

    This was my first assignment since I signed up Talent Management - it was really great fun and I can't wait for the next one!  

    The job was an advertising video for William Hill, promoting the Grand National horse race, filmed at Kempton Park Race Course.  A bunch of mature ladies behaving disgracefully - that's what we had to do!  We all got on really well and had a terrific laugh. We were all dressed up in old lady clothes, given walking sticks, zimmer frames, with one lady on a mobility scooter.  The idea was we had to 'race' to the finish along part of the course including a fence - no, we didn't have to jump it!  There was a lot of 'old lady' growling, nicking of walking sticks etc in an effort to get to the finish first (with a great deal of laughing in between takes).  We had to keep doing retakes to enable the camera man to get shots from different angles, with close ups and wide shots too. The guys were happy to include some of our wacky ideas to add to the fun and I'm fairly sure that they were happy with what they got.  Take a look on the William Hill YouTube channel in a week or so to see what you think.

    Acting at this level is a great way to earn some pocket money at the same time as having some fun.  There seems to be a lot of opportunities for the more mature person and, provided you have the time, it is a fantastic way to meet new people too. I would definitely recommend signing up with Talent Management - it is important to register with an agency to maximise your chances of getting assignments. I joined Talent Management as their listings looked like the types of jobs I was looking for; I'm not a trained actor but I have a lot to offer including a range of skills - add driving a zimmer frame to the list!  This job today is hopefully the start of many more.

  • Vivien, Reference: K661385, Model fee: £200.00

    My video shoot booking with William Hill was my first assignment, so I was very excited and a bit nervous beforehand, however I had such fun with the other models/actors involved!  We were all made up and put in clothes that made us look like old grandmas and we then had to run a race at Kempton Park Racecourse, named 'The Gran National'.  The other ladies were all given either walking sticks or zimmer frames, but I was the only one lucky enough to have an actual mobility car which was such fun to drive!  I have definitely gained confidence in my abilities from acting in this video.

    My daughter persuaded me to sign up with Talent Management, as I used to be a model in my late teens and early twenties. Now that I am semi-retired, I thought it would be fun to get back into modelling again. Having completed one assignment with Talent Management, I can't wait to be asked to participate again - hopefully very soon!

  • Sandra, Reference: P653887, Model fee: £200.00

    Prior to my video shoot with William Hill, I was a bit worried about was finding the venue and getting there on time.  However, I did my research beforehand and I got to the shoot very early - the journey turned out to be straightforward.  Myself and the other ladies had our make up done and chose our costumes for the role play shoot.  We all got on with each other straightaway and had a lot of banter.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere, almost as if we had known each other for a long time.The assignment itself was a play on the Grand National but we were playing the 'Gran National' and given props such as walking sticks, zimmer frames and a mobility scooter.  It was such fun doing the runs in the race. The experience has given me a lot of experience and I am very keen to be placed on further bookings.

    I would recommend this experience to others because it is such fun and you meet some very lovely people on the way. I am fairly knew to the talent industry, however after this experience I will be putting more effort into pursuing my modelling/acting career. My previous commitments have now come to an end, so I will be keeping my e-portfolio up-to-date at all times from now on.  I think it is important to join an agency in order to gain insight from their expertise in this industry.  I personally chose to sign up with Talent Management because they are friendly and gave me some good advice.

  • Gwynneth, Reference: A527272, Model fee: £200.00

    I was slightly apprehensive before my assignment with William Hill, but from the moment I arrived until our last goodbyes it was a wonderful experience.  Our director, Sam, explained the basic theme of the video and the interaction between the characters. The theme was 'Gran National', based on a famous horse race, but featuring racing grannies complete with various walking aids.  We had to stagger and jog to the finish whilst being grumpy and extremely competitive. We worked well as a group and had great fun.  If you are nervous when starting out on your acting career, I would recommend taking part in a group assignment as you can encourage each other and learn new skills.

  • Susan, Reference: 138503, Model fee: £200.00

    I had a fun day on my photographic assignment for Vogel's Bread. The ladies from the agency were very welcoming and it was great to meet other models.  I really enjoyed doing something a bit different and watching all of the creative work taking place.  I am already looking forward to further assignments with Talent Management!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Shirley, Reference: BV616879, Model fee: £200.00

    It was good to meet the other ladies and film crew at the William Hill video shoot yesterday.  The video shoot was a spoof advertising campaign called 'The Gran National' - we were all given props (such as zimmer frames, walking sticks and mobility scooters) and told to race each other competitively across the racecourse. It was such a fun day - although I didn't enjoy being made up to look older! 

    I would definitely encorage others to take work up in this industry, but you must always do some research to ensure you are signing up with a genuine agency.  I decided to join Talent Management as they are a very professional and reputable agency, and because I have a lot of experience to offer.  I look forward to the next assignment!

  • June, Reference: 141388, Model fee: £146.00

    I had the most amazingly fun day yesterday - meeting some lovely new people and going to Kempton Park Racecourse for my acting job with William Hill, where I would probably have never gone to if not for Talent Management!  I was a bit nervous beforehand, but all the people there were so lovely that my nerves soon disappeared. When I got to the shoot location, I was made up to look like a proper granny - my make up made me look like my mother!  The other ladies were all made up in a similar way and after putting on the granny type clothes, off we went on the racecourse to make a spoof video of the Grand National - in this case the 'Gran National'! 

    I will definitely be recommending Talent Management to my friends - I had so much fun on my assignment and I also got paid for it.  Not bad!

    I had such a super day.  Please send me to do something else soon!

  • Elaine, Reference: BT597821, Model fee: £175.00

    I had a wonderful time at my modelling assignment yesterday with Motability Operations.  It was my first assignment and I did not know what to expect - but I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was.  Everyone was so friendly and made me feel at ease - the crew gave me clear directions throughout the day, which gave me a lot of confidence. Throughout the day, I learnt a lot about modelling and what it entails and I would recommend it to anyone as it is very enjoyable and a good way of meeting new people. I decided to get into modelling as I had always wanted to give it a go and older models are often needed for certain shoots.  I highly recommend joining Talent Management as they will help you get started with your modelling career and will place you on exciting jobs.

  • Jess, Reference: P624048, Model fee: £200.00

    Molly has been extremely helpful since the day she called me about the assignment.  She was always there for me via email and phone.  The job itself was very fun and professional, as a model with experience this was one of the easiest shoots I have had to do because the photographer was very professional and friendly.  The shoot was involved with an architecture company overseas, I had to do different styles of posing with over 100 cameras around me in a room. I felt at ease when the photographer gave me options to chose for the posing.  I am already looking forward to more work through Talent Management!  Thank you, Jess.