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Abidur, Reference: BYSZ-3397

As a model I really appreciate it and I find myself very comfortable and valued. Very friendly approach and professionally organized. It was a great day for me and I loved it. Thanks a lot!

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Suly, Reference: QGNY-8993

Great experience. Would definitely recommend them as an agency!

The Yusuf Family, Reference: NVBK-9683

This is our first assignment with Models Direct as a family and has been a positive experience. Communication with Models Direct has been exemplary, as every email is promptly followed up with a phone call, ensuring that we are always well-informed. The shoot we took part in was not only enjoyable and laid-back, but also depicted professionalism by treating us with utmost respect. Upon our arrival, we were briefed on the shoot's concept and the day's itinerary, which helped us smoothly navigate through the day. The welcoming demeanor of both cast and crew contributed to a seamless experience on set. We extend our gratitude to Models Direct for granting us this opportunity and eagerly anticipate the prospect of future collaborations.

Jacob, Reference: DYGZ-3836

I had an amazing morning in Oxford for a private tuition shoot, everyone was friendly and welcoming. Another new experience ticked off the list. :)

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Max, Reference: HVHH-8644

As my first experience representing Models Direct, I can honestly say how much I loved the experience and hope for many more, the other models were extremely friendly and made it easy and a pleasure to work with such talent. The photography team were second to none and very easy to approach if needing anything. I’d love to get more jobs with Models Direct and very proud to represent them! I loved it!

Jonathan, Reference: YFPM-6399

Modelling was much more simple than I had imagined. Engaging with the other models during the shoot and listening to the photographers really helped to create a comfortable experience.

Samuel, Reference: CTTG-3848

Very friendly and welcoming when doing the shoot. Instructions were easy to follow and all members of staff were kind.

Date of experience: 09 April 2024

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Alexander, Reference: HTDF-7374

I had a fantastic time on shoot for The Scottish Kilt Conpany in Edinburgh. The team was great, everyone pitched in and done their bit. It was my first shoot with Models Direct after signing with them in 2022 so was glad to get some local work. Looking forward to the next one.

Ben, Reference: PXSR-4734

My shoot today was filming TikTok content for a national pub chain. The crew took tremendous care of me and were open to ideas and suggestions from the modelling team.

We filmed a variety of scenes, some including dialogue, and had many laughs throughout the day, thank you Models Direct!

Alex, Reference: KFCY-9863

When I first arrived I met the lovely hosts Dan and Grace who were in charge of the filming process throughout the day.

The other 2 amazing models that I worked with were Zaidy and Ben. We worked wonderfully as a team and had a team hug at the end of the day, following highly successful day infused with loads of laughter and fun activities in front of the camera.

We were asked to do a number of funny videos which recorded our voices, movements and even dances. Our acting activities encompassed a wide variety of funny videos both mute and where our voices were recorded, with one absolutely hilarious video showing Zaidy and I dancing in front of the bar. : )

Once all the work was completed with Dan and Grace we were asked to assist the other team, also working on site, with still modelling images for the Flaming Grill's portfolio of still shoots. We completed it in no time leaving the photographer and the director highly pleased with the result.

All in all me and the other 2 models worked exceptionally well as a team and helped and complimented each with all of the acting tasks requested by Dan and Grace. Also, Dan and Grace intimated that we were very easy to work with, did everything they asked us to do with great recordings produced for them to take away, edit and upload on Tik Tok account of the Flaming Grill's group of pubs/restaurants.

Thank you to Charlie of Models Direct for putting me forward for this great opportunity and I look forward to my next project.


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John, Reference: YVHD-7868

Had a great time working with The Scottish Kilt Company, thanks to Models Direct agency for setting me up. It was a fun environment to work in and Gemma a talent agent made the whole process very easy and relaxing for me despite having worries.

Azeez, Reference: HGNT-9789

Working with Models Direct could not have been any easier and relaxing. My first job with them went so smoothly that I had to share my experience. I arrived at the location early where I was greeted by the team with a coffee/tea and Wi-Fi password followed by the tour of the house. Next, they followed up with a brief and break down of how we planned to spend the day from shoot, lunch, costume to make sure we had all the necessary materials & information. The whole day was spent with laughter, stories and collaborative ideas amongst everyone. The food for lunch was delicious, the models were friendly & enthusiastic plus the team was super cooperative. There was such superb synergy between us all that we managed to get everything done two hours prior to our closing time. I would highly recommend Models Direct to anyone trying to get work/experience as a model. 10/10

George, Reference: YMTC-8363

Prior to the day Gemma kept me up to date with the arrangements for the shoot so that I knew what to expect and how the day would work.

On the day the shoot was well organised, we were introduced to everyone and it was explained what was needed. Between shots we had space to chill and relax and get to know the other models. The design agency and photographers that managed the day were very professional and friendly. Overall a positive experience and I would be keen to do another one.

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Kyne, Reference: NVFY-7986

As a first timer doing a photoshoot, I had an amazing experience on set and working as a model.
If given the opportunity to do more, I would definitely do it again.
Thanks Models Direct.

Lukas, Reference: MNGR-7434

The experience in Liverpool was a brilliant one! All the team that were there were really friendly, we all got on and had a good laugh together. Everyone was really friendly, happy to be there and most importantly, prepared!

The product was seriously good quality and will be promoting it personally on my social media platforms. Again, a brilliant day, some great people met and an experience to remember.

Paul, Reference: BTBT-9383

It was a great experience clients were very friendly and welcoming and i enjoyed my time working there.

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Wills, Reference: FMCX-7366

Another lovely job through Models Direct, this time for the amazing charity Centre Point who provide a home and a secure environment for homeless young people.
Neil and Hugh from Centre point could not have been more welcoming and helpful, and interacting with the other three models was loads of fun.

Freddie, Reference: WSWF-8897

Great time working with a client for marketing a student accommodation in Leeds. Client unfortunately cancelled last minute but after it was rearranged it went great!

Jaimal, Reference: XRPR-8493

It was really fun especially my first time doing a modelling shoot. Everyone who was working with me was very enthusiastic and made it very enjoyable and comfortable and i would definitely do it again.

I met some other models who were able to share their experiences which calmed my nerves quite a bit and i had so much fun chatting with all of them.

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Pranay, Reference: YFWD-7699

I loved this experience with them as a starting out model.

1) Do NOT worry about the admin fee. That’s normal, and required capital for them to market you well to brands.

2) The first few months WILL be slow. But, when your portfolio does spark interest - it will maintain that! I got 2 shoots within 5 days after 4 months of waiting. It really is that random, but with a great selection of pictures and a good work ethic: you can definitely fasten this process.

The people are really good - I’ve worked with Charlie and Gemma so far , and they’ve always been there to help and guide me through the process.

Overall, definitely worth a shot if you get selected by them!

Billy, Reference: HRFK-8687

I had my first photoshoot with Models Direct today. I was nervous in the beginning but Gemma was kind enough to talk me through the process and coordinate during the entire process. I worked alongside five other models and since the beginning of the shoot we all got along really well. The crew and coordinators were really supportive. We had lots of fun and laughter throughout the shoot! Cannot wait to work with Models Direct again!

Yang, Reference: STRH-3486

A lot of fun and got to meet great people.
I just did my first shoot yesterday and I walked out of the shoot feeling pretty happy as not only was the work fun, but I got to meet the other models. Half of the day, the models were sat in the waiting area for the photographers and videographers to set up the rooms we were doing the shoots in which gave us models time to get to know each other and connect with each other which was amazing. Getting to know about other people’s backgrounds and their experiences in modelling.

Our lunch was paid for us which was a nice bonus. Overall, I would love to do it again if it means for a fun experience with other models where I can connect with others.

For anyone who is interested in modelling but is also daunted by it, I would say just give it a try as it’s not often that people to get do something for work which is genuinely fun, collaborative, and you get taken care of well by good staff in a comfortable environment.

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Ramiz, Reference: THTD-6476

I had an amazing time at the NHS photoshoot. It was brilliant meeting new people and working with a new team of photographers and models. I also made a made a lot of new friends. It's a great way getting to know other models.

Awab, Reference: SZTF-7836

Working with Models Direct was a lot of fun. I had a great time, everyone was very friendly and kind. I was very pleased with how smooth everything went. I would highly recommend this for any outgoing person who wants to get themselves out there.

Pranay, Reference: YFWD-7699

As a new model signed just a couple of months back, there are always concerns: will the people be friendly? will I know what to do, and meet expectations?

Models Direct made this process very simple, relaxing and friendly making me focus on what actually matters: looking presentable for the camera and adapting to the director’s instructions!

Working with a good brand name, and a highly professional and polite team: I definitely can’t wait for my next shoot!

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