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When is an agency not an agency? ...when it's just a 'Showcase'

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There are plenty of catchy online companies providing, what they describe as 'essential modelling and talent services'.

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What they usually offer, is either a 'showcase' opportunity, where they suggest 'you may be contacted', or only valuable 'cant live without' advice, or flashy, studio and location photo-shoots, followed by expensive photographs, all of which, somewhere along the line, you will be expected to buy. 'Star Now', 'Models Connect' and 'UK Models' are just a few of many online companies who are not talent agencies but are 'showcases' and offer these fluffy services, with no prospect of them finding you paid work.

Buy way of example Models Connect quote: 'Models Connect Ltd does not actively seek work for members, only gives access to modelling and casting agencies to use the website and search for new faces.' ...this is buried in the small grey print and far from what you want to hear as a model looking for work.

'UK Models' make it very clear with a 'tick box' on their home page confirming they are not an agency and therefor legally cannot find their models work!, what is on offer, is a pricey photoshoot.

These businesses and many more, admit usually in tiny print, on their web sites, they are not an Employment Agencies and therefore legally cannot find you work.

What is an Employment Agency?

Here is an easy dictionary definition: An Employment Agency is a company whose business is to help talented people find work and help employers to find the people they need.

Any business which is not an Employment Agency, is legally unable and therefore will not find you work - simple as that.

Finding work is the tricky bit. It's far easier for a business not to be an Employment Agency and only give advice or take photos, thereby dodging all the rules, regulations and responsibilities. Some companies are up front in admitting their legal limitations and they don't find work, others take your money and hope you don't know the difference.

Does Models Direct find modelling work?

Yes we do. 'Models Direct' is a Government regulated Employment Agency and we have been successfully placing many of our men, women, and child models in paid, part-time work for more than 30 years.

We are regularly inspected by HM Government's Employment Agency inspectorate, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

As an Employment Agency there are very strict do's and don'ts and big penalties for getting it wrong. It is no longer legal to charge for registration simply as a model and therefore, our service for this is free. To be considered for opportunities in the film, TV, theatre, music and the entertainment industries, we charge a small, one-off admin fee. Our talent and clients know this and that's why after 30 years of being in the business, we are known for saying what we do and doing what we say. 

This is what we do:

  • We look for work for those registered with us, film, TV, advertising, fashion, walk-ons, extras, as well as the entertainment industries - your work is our business. 
  • We check out the authenticity of clients, making sure they are genuine - your safety comes first.

  • We negotiate the best fees, collect them and pay them to our talent promptly - good to have fun, better to have fun and be paid.
  • We manage the assignment and follow-up with 'happiness checks'.

  • We are established and respected and busy since 1990 - we must be doing something right.

We look forward to processing your 'New Talent' registration with us and putting you forward for paid work, to our thousands of clients in the UK and; if you want, overseas. Travel with us, is expenses paid.

As Europe's' leading talent Employment Agency, we say at the outset, “it depends what you're looking for” - advice, photos and a showcase, or, a trusted and experienced Employment Agency who is Government regulated and will look to find you work? Your choice.

If you're still undecided as to what's best for you, come and meet us at our UK Head Office you'll be made very welcome.

If you'd like to chat through your registration, talk to one of our experienced support team members now on 0844 334 0000 option 3.

Kind regards

The UK Models Direct Team... come and see us if you like and watch us in action, we're not just a website!

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