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Great fun today at my photo shoot for Newbury Racecourse arranged by Models Direct. Molly let me know of everything I needed to bring in advance and the shoot went really well. We were a wedding party to promote the course wedding events and we posed on the track, in the stands and in the function room. Great company from the other models, supper client who knew exactly what they were looking for and made the whole shoot very relaxed. Really good day and I look forward to the next one!
— Gavin. Model fee: £133.00

It was a great experience with ichi Worldwide and I totally enjoyed myself, especially with the other participants who were nice and friendly. The whole photo shoot was done in a very professional and organised way. The crew made us all feel at ease and were very friendly indeed. What a great day and I look forward to more opportunities in the future.
— Ralph. Model fee: £160.00

Thanks for putting me forward for the casting leading to this job today. Had a great few hours of work :) here is a behind the scene photo with the photographer checking out the photos.
— Kristina. Model fee: £320.00

Lovely day at today shoot filming at the Etihad Campus. The day was awesome from start to finish and what a great experience it was. The client made us feel more than welcome and comfortable at all times whilst also being professional at the same time. The models were great and made some friends in the process. Huge thanks to Models Direct for the help in placing me at this shoot, I would highly recommend. Cant wait to shoot for the next one already.!
— Raul. Model fee: £160.00

OMG! What a great day!!
— Ryan. Model fee: £120.00

The shoot today was great, the staff working on it made us feel welcome and comfortable upon arrival to the shoot. They gave us clear instructions as to what was to be expected on the day and were there to help us. It was a friendly, professional and fun environment to work in and I enjoyed every moment. Thanks to all the staff who worked with us on the shoot it was a pleasure to work alongside them. Also I would really love to work on some more shoots soon as this was my first real one since signing up to models direct. It was a real pleasure to represent models direct and I am looking forward to working with you more closely and regularly. Again thanks Molly for organising everything and keeping in contact with my before and during, it’s much appreciated and you were a massive help Molly.
— Dathan. Model fee: £120.00

Photoshoot for RSPCA in Gloucester. I’ve just had a great experience on my first assignment with Models Direct, thank you to Molly for giving me this opportunity. I have I enjoyed the experience, the guys made me feel welcome. It was 4 hours but it felt like one. The photographer was very good and the other model was really easy going. I can’t wait for my next assignment!!!
— Goitom. Model fee: £133.00

Thank u so much for this opportunity to feature in “The Souvenir 2 “ film. I really had fantastic experience and enjoyable day. The crew were amazing and make sure that everything was alright with us. It was an overwhelming day.
— Marlene. Model fee: £100.00

Yesterday and today went equally well, I really enjoyed modelling for Luxury Student Homes in Liverpool. The photographers were great and made me feel at ease.The client, Jess, was lovely to work with and made sure we all had plenty of refreshments and food between sets. The other models were very friendly and easy-going, it was a pleasure to work with them too. Overall I loved my two days working with them and it was such a fun experience. My agent, Molly, made sure I kept updated with information prior to the job via emails, and reassured me I could contact her if needed.
— Tegan. Model fee: £440.00

Had a great day working on an assignment for Merger IT, David the client made sure I had everything I needed. Charlie at Models Direct handled the booking and was fabulous, she handled everything in a professional manner and was in constant contact leading up to the assignment and on the day. Cannot wait to complete another assignment.
— Amanda. Model fee: £160.00

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