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Just finished an excellent shoot for models direct on behalf of the NHS for a new bowel cancer screening program, happy days!!
— Steve. Model fee: £200.00

Today went really well! I really enjoyed myself. The staff were really easy to get along with and even though I’m a Manchester United fan the academy facility’s were AMAZING! it was different to what I’m used to which is stand still photos as we were moving about and training almost like we was actually footballers. I’m so great full for the opportunity and I’m glad I have taken another step into my Modeling Career and cannot wait for my next opportunity for Modeling. Many thanks again.
— Andy. Model fee: £160.00

Yesterday and today went equally well, I really enjoyed modelling for Luxury Student Homes in Liverpool. The photographers were great and made me feel at ease.The client, Jess, was lovely to work with and made sure we all had plenty of refreshments and food between sets. The other models were very friendly and easy-going, it was a pleasure to work with them too. Overall I loved my two days working with them and it was such a fun experience. My agent, Molly, made sure I kept updated with information prior to the job via emails, and reassured me I could contact her if needed.
— Tegan. Model fee: £440.00

The shoot was great! The staff and photographer were really friendly and helpful. The accommodation was superb and we managed to capture some great images.
— Erick. Model fee: £220.00

Regarding my assignment for the Football Manager 2020 shoot, I felt everything from the start to finish was very impressive, how helpful everyone is from the agent to every member of staff at the shoot on the day. I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of the shoot today and hope to work with more clients and gain more experience in the industry. Today at the shoot was a real success, I thought everyone was very warming and polite and it made the day easy. Rather than feeling nervous and worrying what could go wrong, it allowed me to relax and just enjoy the day.
— Jack. Model fee: £160.00

I would like to give a big shout out to Molly at models direct for giving me the opportunity to be involved in a video to pin point the different areas of the anatomy for accupuncture for The AACP Ltd. Molly was very supportive and informative setting this up as i wasn't entirely sure what to expect, the team at AACP in peterborough gave me a very warm welcome on arrival and were a pleasure to work with during the whole two day assigment as were film crew. This was a fantastic experience and cannot wait for my next assignment so a big thank you to Models direct and AACP Ltd.
— Tom. Model fee: £400.00

Once again I had the pleasure of working for Models Direct on my second assignment for a wedding shoot at the Newbury Racecourse, alongside a beautiful family. Ricky and the rest of the crew gave us a pleasant and warm welcome. He was able to help me transition into the Best man role. Always an absolute honor working for Models direct and looking forward to many more projects!
— AJ. Model fee: £133.00

Really enjoyed my first shoot on Monday for models direct filming an advert for ITV3. Everyone was extremely friendly and I was given lots of support. The organisation from Molly throughout was amazing.
— Aaron. Model fee: £133.00

Thanks for putting me forward for the casting leading to this job today. Had a great few hours of work :) here is a behind the scene photo with the photographer checking out the photos.
— Kristina. Model fee: £320.00

"Thank you very much Model direct for the opportunity you gave me, it was a brilliant day!!! The team was amazing, and my agent Molly was fantastic, she updated me in everything, I can’t wait for another shoot."
— Terry. Model fee: £140.00

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