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"A great working environment this turned out to be. I had a fantastic and wonderful time on set. Each and every one on set, including the models and production team were cordial, kind and treated each with great warmth and welcoming respect. This shoot was for a new healthcare product and I was in my element, thoroughly enjoying myself. Especially with my ""carer"" with who was such fun. Nana"
— Nana. Model fee: £266.00

"Yesterday's family job for Electrolux was great fun. It was a long day but the crew were funny and it was totally relaxing. We love doing jobs together as a family and the kids are getting so used to it now. Thanks to Charlie at Models Direct for this booking."
— The Karlsen Family. Model fee: £633.00

"Video shoot commercial for Poundland in Harrogate. I’ve just had a great experience on my second assignment with Models Direct, thank you to Molly for giving me this opportunity. I have enjoyed the experience, the guys made me feel welcome. It was 2 hours but it felt like one. The photographers were very good and the other models were really easy going. I can’t wait for my next assignment!!! "
— Goitom. Model fee: £100.00

Last week I had another job booked through Models Direct, this time an advert for a popular wine brand. As always I was fully prepped and given all the necessary information beforehand from Molly, who was on hand to answer any of my queries. The filming team and cast were all very easy to work with, and made the two day shoot really enjoyable. I'm looking forward to seeing the footage and to my next assignment with Models Direct.
— Annie. Model fee: £510.00

Finish Dishwasher TV Commercial Last week I completed an assignment which Charlie helped me secure. It was for a commercial for Finish, advertising the new product line of dishwasher cleaners in the UK and Germany. I was playing an engineer who was inspecting the inside of a dishwasher and watching the cleaner at work as it produced a shinny clean wine glass. I can’t wait to see the final edit to add some amazing shots to me showreel and see myself on TV It was a pleasure to work with the whole production team from the runners, catering staff, producers, creative directors, wardrobe etc. So many people made the experience from start to finish a great one. Looking forward to more and more work with Models Direct.. "
— Terry. Model fee: £500.00

Amazing couple of days filming for Campo wines! The yummy food provided on set and other actors and models from Models Direct made it really fun!
— Natasha. Model fee: £260.00

"I just finished my assignment with models direct and what an experience! The whole event from start to finish, the communication, was great and everyone who was a part of it was lovely. The hotel was stunning and I felt very privileged to be there. Dressed up very elegantly and met some great girls throughout the evening, and socialised with a lot of different people! Thank you to Molly and Models Direct for giving me this opportunity, I can’t wait for another!"
— Francesca. Model fee: £166.00

"Another great day even it was freezing but we could warm it up during the shooting with loads of laughs and talks with the people around . Been to Harrogate Mall at the Town center for a commercial video and shooting for @poundland introducing new fragrances . A huge thanks for Models Direct for the arrangement and the chance. For sure I can’t forget to say A big thanks for Molly, as usual she makes everything easier
— Saied. Model fee: £100.00

"Had a great time on Wednesday shooting a campaign for @problogroup! Despite the 4am wake up call and 3 hour drive to Liverpool, I was greeted with smiling faces and a very exciting energy! The team were fantastic and the other models were so friendly and fun! We had an incredible time
— Sam. Model fee: £178.00

I got my 1st job from Models Direct and I am so excited. The experience was memorable and very enjoyable. I was in good company and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Looking ahead for more beautiful opportunities.
— Omowumi . Model fee: £100.00

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