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"So this was my first ever job with models direct and I certainly wouldn’t want it to be my last ! All the team on the day were amazing to say the least. The girls at the pro blo shoot were so warm, welcoming and made us girls feel comfortable even though we got on so well anyway it was just an added bonus to such a great day. Charlie at MD was fantastic in every way, she really made me feel excited about the whole thing from the beginning, kept me up to date with all information and just so great to speak to. What a great representative to the team ! Thankyou so much Emily x"
— Emily. Model fee: £178.00

"Myleigh was booked for an assignment for Invacare. Molly contacted us to say the client wanted Myleigh and kept us in the loop the whole time regarding the licensing. Myleigh has been fortunate enough to have had quite a few amazing jobs from Models Direct. This has gave her the experience and the patience for the long days and what is expected from them. The clients were extremely happy with Myleigh and said “she was a natural, not at all nervous and didn’t need to be directed”, they asked her to do certain things and she was able to listen and perform in the way they required for the shoot” Myleigh enjoyed every moment of this assignment, she made good friends with her model mum and grandmother, she even got to eat birthday cake!! Models Direct and especially Molly the bookings coordinator has always been very supportive and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with them again! “Thank you for another great day, doing what I love” - Myleigh "
— Myleigh. Model fee: £265.00

Recently did a shoot for Models Direct and it went great. Worked with a lovely team and had a lot of fun shooting outside (even though it was freezing haha). Great agency and very efficient, can’t wait to work for them again.
— Emeline. Model fee: £130.00

Great photoshoot for Poundland
— Sam. Model fee: £100.00

Very good experience, all staff involved very friendly, helpful and punctual. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot today!
— Angelika. Model fee: £100.00

I had a really great time on the shoot, they were a lovely crew and the shoot itself was great fun. Always helps when there's a dog on set! Huge thanks to this lovely agency who secured the job and were an amazing help throughout!
— Ethan. Model fee: £100.00

I recently completed a job with Models Direct for a Bridal show. Their correspondence was extremely prompt and they made sure I had all the relevant information about the booking. The job itself was very enjoyable as the client was both professional and welcoming. I would definitely use Models Direct in the future.
— Katherine. Model fee: £450.00

"As ever the day went very well and was quite seamless despite the very early start! The crew were very well organised and very welcoming, it was once again a great insight into just how much effort and planning goes into such a short presentation. My short acting role was great fun, I'd like to say it was a high octane stunt scene but in reality I just had to pull up in my car, get out, shake hands with the Kwik Fit engineer and ask for a new tyre! :) This all said, it didn't matter, it was a great experience and I enjoyed it. Let's just hope I did ok!"
— Gary. Model fee: £360.00

The whole day went really really well for both me and Bella. I wasn’t sure how she would get on with the whole thing, but it was made extremely easy and fun with the team there. Everyone was extremely nice and very patient with her, so she had a great time. Off set the team were throwing her ball for her and cuddling her constantly, so she felt happy the entire day and I expect didn’t want the day to end. At the end of the day, they gave me and Bella their feedback, which turned out very positive and reassured me that I should continue to do this with her. Adam
— Adam for Bella. Model fee: £0.00

"I had a great day filming and shooting for Poundland fragrances. We were made to feel very welcome and everyone got on really well. Really enjoyed it, thank you so much! "
— Lauren. Model fee: £100.00

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