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Had a great time at the shoot I did for a well.known football game. The location was at the Charlton athletic football ground, we were treated very well by the staff at the ground and the guys at ichi worldwide. All the other models were great lads so made the whole day more enjoyable. Well organised and informed by molly. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
— Gregory. Model fee: £120.00

Thanks to Models Direct, I had an absolutely brilliant time at the RSPCA Assured shoot with Goitom and Alex. Alex was such an organised, instructive photographer - he made it clear exactly what he wanted, but was also not overly critical e.g. about getting facial expressions 100% perfect, so long as they were natural, which made for a really relaxed atmosphere. He had two assistants that basically made sure everything in the shot was positioned right so that we didn't have to move or do anything! I found Goitom really easy to work with as well - having never done a couple shoot before, I was quite nervous, but in the end it didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable at all (for me at least!) In addition, the client was perfect for me as a vegan, as the RSPCA Assured campaign is centralised on eating less meat, and only eating meat good for animal welfare if you are going to. Would definitely be happy to work with any of the people involved again!
— Lydia. Model fee: £133.00

The shoot today was great, the staff working on it made us feel welcome and comfortable upon arrival to the shoot. They gave us clear instructions as to what was to be expected on the day and were there to help us. It was a friendly, professional and fun environment to work in and I enjoyed every moment. Thanks to all the staff who worked with us on the shoot it was a pleasure to work alongside them. Also I would really love to work on some more shoots soon as this was my first real one since signing up to models direct. It was a real pleasure to represent models direct and I am looking forward to working with you more closely and regularly. Again thanks Molly for organising everything and keeping in contact with my before and during, it’s much appreciated and you were a massive help Molly.
— Dathan. Model fee: £120.00

OMG! What a great day!!
— Ryan. Model fee: £120.00

What a fantastic day. This was my first assignment with yourselves, and having been a SA in several films, I can honestly say that this was a far better experience for me. We were made to feel part of the team from the outset and totally involved in the project. Thanks also to modelsdirect for keeping us up to date with all the travel and location info.
— Dave. Model fee: £160.00

Yesterday I had another great shoot thanks to Models Direct, this time it was a photoshoot for a London based sewing company called the Avid Seamstress. As always, I was given all the necessary information beforehand from Molly, plus I attended a casting a few weeks ago to ensure I was right for the job, so the day went very smoothly. We shot lots of different looks over the course of the day, with brilliant direction given from the fantastic photographer, Iurana. The client Lisa was so lovely to work with and was even kind enough to give me a gorgeous bunch of flowers at the end of day. I'm really looking forward to seeing the photos!"
— Annie. Model fee: £150.00

Great assignment at Charlton F.C. Photo shoot for a new upcoming video game, was a really great day. Many thanks to all staff involved including Molly and the Models Direct team for the great experience and making sure we had all the info we needed!
— Marco. Model fee: £120.00

I have just completed an assignment at the Etihad Campus and it was a fun and enjoyable experience. Everyone on set was helpful, friendly and focused, which created a nice atmosphere to work in. Even though we couldn't take pictures on set, it was a great opportunity and I'm excited to see how it all turns out.
— Shane. Model fee: £160.00

My name is Marty and yesterday I had my first Lifestyle magazine shoot for Gtech's new range of vacuum products. I was given lots of treats and cuddles, and the Team were all very friendly and professional. I can't wait for my next assignment with Models Direct. #starpets #modelsdirect #modellingagency
— Marty - Owner Michelle. Model fee: £133.00

Great day on set shooting for something big
— Tyler. Model fee: £120.00

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