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"I received a photoshoot opportunity in London yesterday which involved cycling around London. I was really pleased with the outcome, had great fun and met some amazing people. The complete process was smooth and I'm glad my representative/assistant Molly talked me through the requirements and provided continuous reassurance. Thank you Molly and Models Direct I appreciate it! "
— Sarina. Model fee: £0.00

My son got his first job after being on the agency for a couple months. The shoot/filming went well and I can’t wait to see if he gets any more work from this.
— Archie. Model fee: £0.00

Ryan had a great day with his shoot, enjoying the experience thoroughly. He said that the team were great, communicating clearly what they needed and they had a few laughs together, making the time go far too quickly! Thank you so much again for the opportunity, Ryan would I know, do it again in a heartbeat :)
— Ryan. Model fee: £0.00

I had a fantastic shoot today in Norwich for AVIVA all organised by Charlie my super efficient agent at Models Direct who is very helpful thoughout from booking to coordinating my assignments making sure I have the smoothest shoot possible! I feel that Charlie at Models Direct really promotes me and my profile to potential productions which I am very pleased about. The crew on the shoot were all friendly and just lovely to work with at my two locations which were wonderful settings around Norwich! Looking forward to my next assignment!!
— Ty. Model fee: £0.00

Yesterday I had another great shoot thanks to Models Direct, this time it was a photoshoot for a London based sewing company called the Avid Seamstress. As always, I was given all the necessary information beforehand from Molly, plus I attended a casting a few weeks ago to ensure I was right for the job, so the day went very smoothly. We shot lots of different looks over the course of the day, with brilliant direction given from the fantastic photographer, Iurana. The client Lisa was so lovely to work with and was even kind enough to give me a gorgeous bunch of flowers at the end of day. I'm really looking forward to seeing the photos!"
— Annie. Model fee: £150.00

Had a wonderful day with a group of cuddly dogs taking shots for a pet supplements company. There were lovely people on set from Altitude productions and it was all really relaxed. The contact with Charlie at Models direct was great in the weeks before the shoot. thanks :)
— CJ - Owner Dominic. Model fee: £0.00

This was a last minute assignment, that ended up being one of the most empowering experiences since becoming professional. I got to work with 4 of the most beautiful confident ladies, a fantastic film crew and the man with the naked plan, Gok Wan. Not only did we help others feel confident, it also reinforced how confident I am with my own body. From the costume designers, to the make up artist and the runners, everyone was so welcoming and worked so hard to make sure we felt relaxed and comfortable in the environment. Gok was lovely and gave direction really clearly. He was so fun and we all had such a giggle. The assignment went really quickly and Molly was so supportive. Such an exciting experience, I'm so glad I was accepted and thank Molly for putting her trust in me and putting me forward.
— Neri. Model fee: £0.00

What an amazing experience modelling for The Pet Lab co all thanks to Models Direct. Definitely a day we will not forget
— Wilfred - Owner Sharon . Model fee: £0.00

I had a short but a very good experience working with the film grew for the Avia advert, I was treated well and respect as an artist for the time I was there.look forward to work with the company and the associates again.
— Villmore. Model fee: £0.00

We just finished our first job and everyone was so wonderful the atmosphere was relaxed and easy for the kids to just be natural and have fun whilst doing what the brand needed and models direct handled everything so quickly and efficiently and we're always so lovely on the phone thank you X
— Simpson Family. Model fee: £0.00

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