Published: 17th Dec 2022

Sam: Our NHS Epic Dude Paving the Way for Models of Diversity

We’re celebrating the NHS and models of diversity in this blog with the magical sparkle our young model Sam infused into his campaign.

Final images of Model Direct models on set for NHS campaign

We clapped, decorated our windows and thanked the NHS, care workers and key workers during the first ten weeks of the first national lockdown. Up and down the country, people came out every Thursday at 8pm. It was uplifting and heart-warming but the amazing work our heroes do still continues as even though we’re out of the woods, we witness the compassion and care that runs constantly through our national health service.

So, when a member of the NHS’s marketing team contacted us at HQ, we were naturally thrilled to bits (and even this is an understatement!). We have a multitude of companies contact us every day and each one is very special in its own way – be they entrepreneurs, small businesses, franchises, enterprises or corporate giants. When you’re being asked to represent a well-respected and recognised industry, it makes our job so worthwhile. It’s a game-changer!

The NHS were on the hunt for a child model of diversity that could translate their vision into a tangible manner. Sam, our talented mini model, was selected for this booking where he participated in a timeless piece that everyone’s really proud of.

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We’ve got access to a bunch of excellent shots of Sam in action on the day, one where he’s getting ready for the shoot and some marvellous behind the scenes images too. These candid pictures display the work taken for the assignment to happen and it was a success!

Sam’s mum kindly shared her son’s experience on set and shed some light on how the day went. She informs us that:
“My son’s first professional photo shoot.

This was my son’s first professional photo shoot. He loved every minute of it. The photographer and the rest of the team made him feel very welcome which put him at ease. Their instructions were given clearly and in a very friendly way. The shoot was fun and energetic. He is now looking forward to more photo shoots in the future. Thank you.”

Final images of Model Direct models on set for NHS campaign. Models of Diversity
Final images of Model Direct models on set for NHS campaign

Models Direct’s mission is to make people feel extraordinarily special and bring them closer to modelling assignments by breaking down stereotypical ideas that have revolved and attached themselves to the modelling industry. This means that models with special abilities, those who are plus size or senior, can join this profession.

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So far, we’ve worked with thousands of models and clients over 30 years on regional, national and international projects. Our wonderful team has people with strong modelling backgrounds. We keep it current and on trend by keeping a close eye on what’s happening in and around our industry and open the path for those who want to join us and our modelling pledge – to represent real-life people as models.

Our values

Models Direct’s values were born from three qualities – equal opportunities, kindness and time.  

Equal opportunities

Our team is committed to providing equal opportunities for employment regardless of race, religion or belief, ethnic origin, disability, family structure, socio-economic status, age, nationality or citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis (it’s the law, but it’s also just the right thing to do).


Kindness is at the heart of our culture: it’s no coincidence that deep connections form here. Kindness means making space for one another, inclusivity as standard, and clear, direct communication. It does not mean “good vibes only”: the kindest conversations are often the hardest.


Everyone deserves time to be listened to and recognised as unique individuals. We give our audience and models time to chat to us and speak about their modelling journey, assignments, clients, fees, schedules, portfolios and so on. We’re here when the need strikes, any time.

We hope you enjoyed this read, there’s lots more where this has come from which you can explore right here!

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