Diverse Models: Meeting Modelling and Disabilities

Published: 23rd Sep 2020

Modelling doesn’t just focus on the typical super slim and tall look which dominates the runway.

Our modelling agency, Models Direct, offers everyone with the same opportunities regardless of age, gender, size, style and special abilities. We welcome diversity and inclusivity and we understand it’s so essential to represent the entire population – not a portion or bite-size chunk. Models Direct offer a sensitive representation in the modelling world. 

Disabled Models are making waves

We support breaking down barriers and making waves, not ripples, in our industry. There are lots of disabled models that are inspiring diversity such as Elesha Turner, Shaholly Ayers, Gianna Schiavone, Nina Marker and Rafi Solaiman. If modelling isn’t on your radar or you’re procrastinating, doubtful or anxious, we’d like to tuck your worries away. There’s a high demand for this modelling category and knowing that will help dispel any uncertainty. Why not try your hand at modelling? 

Helping to make it happen!

We’re proud to support and offer our modelling assignments to those who are experiencing a disability. So, if you’re thinking about taking the next step into a modelling career, our application form includes a disability category should you wish to apply. Just fill in your details and attach two images of yourself in front of a white background – it’s as simple as that! Our dedicated and expert team will be in touch with you thereafter. If one of our clients are interested in your look, we’ll let you know and get you ready for your first modelling job. 

Making your modelling journey safe and smooth

Our innovative team will provide you with essential support and valuable advice you’ll need every step of the way to make sure you have a stress-free, enjoyable and – above all – safe time if you’re selected for a modelling assignment.

We’ll be your guide and companion throughout the whole process, from beginning to end. At every step, we’ll keep you informed and maintain excellent communication so you’re never left in the dark. You’ll be in the know, that’s for sure! 

And just in case you’re wondering, we ensure that all our model’s profiles and images are fully secure too. So, no need to worry about your personal details and information falling into the wrong hands – ever!

The lowdown on Models Direct

Our team is creative, collaborative, friendly and supportive. We’ve developed and maintained industry knowledge in the modelling world giving our models the confidence to work with leading clientele in our markets. We want our modelling talent to feel comfortable in front of the camera and love getting their photo taken. Add a splash of can-do attitude and there you have it. The perfect recipe for modelling talent. Be confident, be happy and leave the rest to us. 

If you get the chance, have a browse through our pages in this section to explore more about disabled modelling. Head over to 

https://www.modelsdirect.com/help-advice/model-types/disabled-models to apply as a model today. 

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