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Published: 14th May 2021

Modelling doesn’t always entail strutting down the catwalk and being the centre of attention. It expands to something greater than just capturing something that looks picture-perfect with a model who has to die for gorgeous looks and figure. 

Models Direct have had some incredible projects our talented models have worked on throughout our 30 years in the modelling industry that haven’t just revolved around well known fashion brands. We have had the privilege to have the NHS and healthcare industry come to our modelling agency requesting for our talent to be utilised in their health campaigns and commercials. 

Our agency has had some leading healthcare clients such as AXA Health, First City Nursing, NHS Bowel Screening, Motability Operations and Cancer Research UK to give you an insight into our world. Models Direct is proud of the assignments our amazing models have had the chance to participate in, and they’re making a real difference in the world of healthcare. Bookings are made with our expert assignments team and we diligently short list the models that fit the criteria that our healthcare teams are searching for.  

Read our model’s fantastic reviews here

We wanted to share some of what our models have said whilst working with the industry right here: 

Working on the NHS bowel cancer screening program, Steven left us a short and sweet review of his time:

“Just finished an excellent shoot for models direct on behalf of the NHS for a new bowel cancer screening program happy days” – Steven

Ben, who worked on a Motability Recovery video, left us with some positive feedback:

“I attended my very first assignment today which was a small acting part in a training video for Motability Recovery. I was sent through the script and full, clear instructions of the shoot, what to wear, who the other actors and crew were in plenty of time. Everybody at the shoot and the client was really nice to me and made me feel relaxed especially as it was my first assignment. They even altered the script to suit me better. I can’t wait for my next assignment as I very much enjoyed the atmosphere”. – Ben

Darin was booked with Invacare and has some great things to say about his time: 

“Just to let you know that I am back in London today. The videos & photo shots were great. We completed the work successfully. Everyone was happy. I believe we have done a brilliant job. found it interesting the team were really amazing, very friendly, polite and easy to work with” – Darin

Some extra reviews can be read below:

“Very pleased with the job! Great team, well organised and very interesting. Many thanks, Models Direct!!” – Claudia

“Thank you Models Direct, what a lovely client and great crew. We had an excellent shoot, with lots of laughter and fun and hard work of course. My co model and I just clicked and enjoyed magical chemistry. Thank you so much for the opportunity”. – Marilyn 

Cancer Research UK shoot had our models, Charmaine and Edyta join forces and they left their response here:  

The Cancer Research UK shoot was brilliant. I was honoured to be part of it, Most people have lost someone dear to cancer or know someone with the illness. The team were very nice to work with and the location was perfect right next to my house. I wonder what the future holds next hopefully another amazing shoot…Warm regards Charmaine

“Hello, I would like to say thank you, Molly Robinson, for yesterday’s session for Cancer Research, all the information I should know was provided, professional approach, great communication. “- Edyta

Opportunities for our models

Models Direct has exciting opportunities for models – whether you are a body parts model or fall into the plus-size division, there is an assignment out there that has your name on it! And when you’re promoting an industry that is so recognised and respected, it makes the experience even more worthwhile. Get in touch with us today if this sounds like something you’d like to try your hand at. 

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