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We’re on a mission to disrupt the UK modelling industry. For too long, models and clients have been short-changed by irresponsible practices and broken promises. At Models Direct we do things differently. And we have done for over three decades.

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We find real models real work

Models Direct offers everything you’d expect from a family business that’s been around as long as we have. We give a personal, professional service with a focus on building relationships. While we can’t guarantee you bookings due to how competitive the industry is, when you register as a model, we’ll help you put your best self forward. Unlike many modelling companies, we’re a Model Employment Agency, so we actively match registered models to opportunities.

When a client wants to hire a model we send through suitable modelling portfolios so they can find the perfect fit. It’s a win-win; our clients don’t have to crawl through 2,983 pages of photos on a showcase website, and our models get considered for real, paid work.

Our clients are some of the world’s biggest brands

As you’ll see from our client list we’ve worked with some of the best-known brands in the world. Dream clients, including BMW, McDonalds and Nintendo. Our reputation has been built over three decades working with thousands of clients, large and small, so you can be reassured we know our industry inside out. We’ve grown by giving consistently high service to clients when they hire a model.

Our unique position as a nationwide agency means we’re bound to have the right person (or pet) for the job, wherever a shoot takes place. For clients, this means a one-stop shop for all modelling requirements, with support from our team to find the right models for all types of shoot. For our models, it means clear and structured onboarding, vetted clients, a water-tight booking system, and prompt payment, with models paid within five days of completing the job. Can’t say fairer than that. 

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Why choose Models Direct?

Best for Models

There’s no getting away from it. The modelling industry hasn’t always had the best reputation. We want to change that with a new initiative that gives modelling businesses a quality benchmark to strive to. In the same way other checkmarks like the red tractor and kitemark indicate quality, The Real Work Project will help clients and models recognise at a glance whether a UK Modelling Agency operates within Employment Legislation.

We’re a legitimate Employment Agency, so we stick to the rules and regulations. Some modelling businesses are little more than glorified photo albums. They simply take your money and stick your pictures on their website. Tumbleweed rolls by as your e-portfolio sits gathering dust. Most don’t even make an e-portfolio for you, they take photos and tell you to go find an agency. They can’t legally call themselves an employment agency, because they never actually place models into paid work.

But you wouldn’t always know that by looking at their websites. There’s a minimal upfront admin fee (£159+VAT) for three years’ representation, which works out as a little over £1/week. A small price to pay for peace of mind that you’re working with experienced professionals. We’re all about transparency, so we’ll go through the full Ts and Cs with you when you sign up. Another way we set ourselves apart to show we’re genuine; we’ll cover half of your travel costs if you want to come and meet us in person at our Norwich headquarters.

Best for Clients

Our approach is better for models and better for clients. When you use Models Direct, you get a personalised service. While others send you to a website to scroll endless pages of potential models, we provide modelling portfolios matched to your specific brief, saving you precious time. Once you’ve selected your model, we take care of all contracts and manage the booking for you, so you can get on with what you do best; bringing your creative vision to life. 

Any kind of model, anywhere in the UK

We’ve got a talent for matchmaking. If a client knows their requirements, we handpick the modelling portfolios that match what they’re looking for. If the client isn’t sure what kind of model they need, we can advise on best practice, give tips on trends, and offer wildcard, outside-the-box options to help you stand out.

We’ve seen the modelling industry change a lot since we set up shop in 1990, and most changes have been for the better. Businesses are finally using models that reflect all of society, instead of just a small segment. As a company that celebrates perfect imperfections, we welcome this shift. We have a diverse catalogue of models to choose from, with people of all ages, gender, and skin tone. Representation matters now more than ever, and we welcome registrations from models with all types of disability. We also take on pet models, so you can register your good doggo, beautiful cat, or handsome tortoise.

Some models register just certain body parts (no, not those parts). Not only is our talent pool diverse, it’s also spread across the UK. This helps us to find the perfect fit in both model match and geography. Not that models need to live close by to the shoot. We make sure transport costs are covered, and some models can access opportunities around the globe. It’s a bit of a challenge to pack three decades of experience into one web page, so if you have any questions or you just want to chat through your options, feel free to give us a call on 0844 334 000 (option 3). Or, you can skip straight to booking or registering using the buttons below.

We can’t wait to work with you.

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