Hawaiian Tropic®

Published: 17th Jul 2023

If our model Deana closed her eyes and breathed in the sensual scents, she’d be forgiven for thinking she was actually in paradise. Waikiki Beach and the black sands of Hawaii Island itself were immediately evoked when she stepped on set for her photo shoot with Hawaiian Tropic®. It almost makes us scramble for our passports and buying a return flight to the 50th US state!

Hawaiian Tropic® is best known for their suncare products. Whether it’s protection from UV rays or cooling aftersun hydration, the company helps millions of health-conscious, sun-loving people achieve the finest protection and therapy with its array of Hawaiian-inspired creations. A lot of their products are blended with coconut, guava, argan oil and passion fruit, which conjures up the desired images of tropical garlands and pristine sundrenched shorelines. No wonder female model Deana didn’t need to think twice before accepting the assignment!

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We’re an animal loving bunch and we’re always thrilled to work with like-minded people. Hawaiian Tropic® is no different, as one of their priorities is the welfare of animals and the planet – particularly marine life and the oceans. So much so that they’re against animal testing and they don’t use oxybenzone or octinoxate in their perfumed products, which historically have been proven to damage coral reefs. We’ve been stringent supporters of skincare, and it’s even more important for our models and readers to be aware of the benefits of suncream when the days become longer and brighter. That’s one of the reasons that placing enthusiastic models like Deana with commendable companies like Hawaiian Tropic® is a win-win partnership for all involved. We doff our collective hats to all of them!

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The shoot took place in Cardiff, and she was put at ease right from the off. As she told us after her assignment, “I was very grateful to have been cast via Models Direct to shoot with Hawaiian Tropic. The process with the agency and the client was extremely easy and enjoyable! It was very easy to get in touch with the agency if there were any questions, and they provided me with everything I needed prior to the shoot.”

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As we like to remind all our models, the process is a straightforward as we can make it, which increases the efficiency of the booking, from first contact with the client to the end of the assignment. We’re always on-hand to anyone who has registered with us, had one or several bookings, or who are just curious about the commercial modelling business. We can be contacted by email or by phone, but it doesn’t harm to reiterate some of the basic advice available to any inquisitive souls!

Has Deana’s tropical assignment given you the inspiration to apply to become one of our models? Well, what are you waiting for? Join us and we’ll see which of our lovely clients would love to consider you for their modelling needs!

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