Tottenham Hotspur

Published: 10th Oct 2022

This isn’t the first time Arsenal fans will be jealous of their North London rivals…

It wasn’t because of silverware or a thumping victory to see Spurs into the next round of a prestigious tournament, although it was a winning strategy that saw a remarkable success at Tottenham.

When the star-studded Premier League club wanted a photo-friendly child to model their clothing merchandise, we were only too happy to give them a handful of our excellent younger models to choose from. The renowned football club settled on Autumn, and she couldn’t wait to work with professional photographer Rob for a sports club recognised throughout the world. What an assignment! You could say, “She shoots, she scores!”

Replica footie kits have always been globally popular, with the UK’s teams’ kits amongst the most sought after. Those of you who like a documentary, switch on the TV and you’ll often see carbon copies of professional football shirts in even the most remote of areas – Chelsea shirts in the Amazon, anyone? So it’s win-win for both parties: sports clubs spread their much revered brand to all corners of the world, and fans can show their committed support for their favourite clubs by donning the kits (and, let’s face it, they’ll feel like they’re a true member of the squad – even if it’s for a short time).

Final image from Autumn’s shoot
baby model Autumn

Autumn’s parents were proud as punch as their toddler wore a variety of Spurs’ baby clothing, including their famous Cockerel T-shirt, traditional shorts and T-shirt combo and their super-duper cute toddler sleepsuit (much better than a bog standard pyjama set!) Is this Autumn’s first step into a budding commercial modelling career? Watch this space…

Like all major football clubs, Tottenham Hotspur have an eclectic range of clothing for die-hard fans. The club knew that a toddler with inquisitive eyes and clear skin would be the perfect match to model their clothes for the 0-2 year old audience (well, for their parents, anyway!), so it’s another clear-cut example where knowing the right agency can reap great rewards.

Autumn’s parents were delighted with the end results – and as you can see, so were we and Spurs! Autumn’s parents said, “We had so much fun today at the photo shoot. Rob was so good with Autumn and was very easy to work with. He made me and Autumn feel comfortable and it was a really good experience. We would definitely do that again!”

Spurs’ toddler clothing has all the qualities you’d expect from child-friendly apparel. They are made from 100% “cosy” cotton, have front and leg popper openings, and have anti-slip dots on the feet. No wonder Autumn looked so comfortable in her brand-spanking new Spurs kit!

We’ve written a lot about the importance of achieving the right look in the world of commercial modelling, and child modelling is no exception. Autumn had all the qualities spurs were looking for, and the assignment couldn’t have gone any better.

We just hope she didn’t turn up with her family in an Arsenal shirt!

If your toddler has the same attributes as Autumn and if you’ve thought they’d be a natural as a child model, you’re only a few minutes from being on our books! Please fill out the application below and we’ll have a look to see if your child could be a modelling star!

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