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Whose heart does not melt when they see a smiling, happy baby? No wonder baby models are in such high demand!

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Baby modelling is big business when it comes to promoting all kinds of products through advertising, as well as for newspaper and magazine articles, website photography and even television work.

We see their laughing faces peeping out at us from the labels of baby food jars, the sides of milk tins and the wrapping used on nappy packs and boxes. They smile up at us as they roll around under brightly coloured toys or clothed in soft and stylish babywear. And they join child models, female models and male models, in posing together as happy families to promote everything from home insurance and holidays to cars, interior decoration and garden furniture.

Every bouncing baby you see is someone’s beautiful baby boy or girl – and little ones from newborns up to one-year-olds are always in high demand. Twins, triplets and even quadruplets can be perfect for baby modelling. And babies of all sizes and appearances are required for an array of photography and film shoots so the more gorgeous faces we can offer our clients to choose from, the better!

Many baby models will be at the start of a long and exciting career in the industry – while others may be tiny tots who just take on a few jobs to help you earn a little extra income. As far as we are concerned, the most important thing is that they are jolly, smiley and more than happy to engage with people they don’t know, as this makes it so much easier for the professional photographers to carry out their shoots.

Anyone starting to explore the world of baby modelling will find assignments vary greatly in the form they take, as well as the locations you might be asked to visit and the duration of the differing jobs. Whatever the work, however, we always ensure you have a clear understanding of what is required of both you and your precious bundle of joy. At Models Direct, we always put your baby first and we explain everything very carefully so you can decide whether or not to accept a job.

Baby modelling can be a wonderful experience for you and your little one. Contact us to find out more – and, you never know, this might be the start of a whole new exciting chapter of both your lives!

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