Calling All Twin Baby Models!

Published: 7th Feb 2020

Mums and dads; we know your tiny superstars are cooing away and looking ever so adorable. So, maybe it’s time your twin-tastic bundle of joy join our long-standing modelling agency, running for the past 30 years (instead of just being snapped and left on your phone’s camera roll!)

There’s no doubt that baby twins are incredibly cute and special members of the family! They are fascinating to look at, where we can find ourselves immediately drawn to searching for both similarities and differences in them. Companies hunting for the next twin-credible duo will want to find the best fit for their marketing campaigns, and where else better to fulfil that criteria than to come to us at Models Direct. Lots of families have got the ball rolling with being a part of our twin baby models hub.

Why should you get your twins into the baby modelling industry?

Let’s face it! Babies are oh so sweet and make our hearts melt…always! They are constantly in demand for modelling work, from marketing clothing lines through to advertising family holidays, so competition is high but don’t let this deter you! Twin babies can capture an element of wonder, uniqueness and double the amount of cuteness!

Let’s take a look at some more reasons to enter this creative world:

1, Great way to earn extra cash
You’ll get paid; travel expenses too! Having an extra means of income (whether it is regular or occasional) is always a bonus especially for families as twins mean double of everything! What’s not to like?

2, Build a fabulous portfolio
You’ll be able to use your twins’ photographic work to create a wonderful portfolio for companies to see which projects they have been involved in. Every completed assignment will help your twins build this up further. Get those clients’ heads turning!

3, Increased chance of exposure and future work
Once your babies are on the modelling arena, chances are they will be called in for future work with the same company. If not, someone else may spot their sweet action shots so their exposure may increase. And who knows? This could be on a global platform if a leading company approaches you. Be patient though as, with everything in life, getting matched to a client can take time.

Parents can have fun too!

Joining your tiny tots on their modelling adventure is an unforgettable experience you will share with them. This is the best bit! Memories are always there to be made and being a part of the moments is something precious you can take away with you. As for now, mums and dads, you can enjoy your time on sets and photoshoots and who knows who YOU’LL meet along the way…

Let’s hear it from a Models Direct mum of twins!

“Just finished filming, the twins loved it, everyone made them feel very at home and fun for them. They really enjoyed all the attention and fuss that was made of them and we look forward to doing the rest of the series. Thanks.” – Julie, mum to Gracie and Evie. (Model Fee: £598.00)

The takeaway

If you go ahead and register your details alongside your twin babies, you can kick-start their fun-filled modelling journey with the help of our professional and expert Models Direct team. It’s an easy peasy process too. There is no age restriction either so apply today and see what journeys lie ahead! Best of all, you and your babies are certain to have a load of jam-packed fun!

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