Our values

Talent Management group with Models Direct has been bringing models, actors, singers, dancers, musicians, entertainers and clients together since 1990.

We’ve built our reputation on a genuine commitment to helping our talent succeed, offering what businesses want and operating in a fair, ethical manner. This page sets out the values on which our success has been built.

Real people. We believe that everyone has an equal right to succeed, to appear in mainstream media. We want to see more ‘real people’ in the media and we encourage people of all looks and body types.

Feel good. We believe that everyone should feel confident about their looks, and that assignments should build up self-esteem instead of breaking it down. We’re 100% opposed to the cult of ‘size zero’ and anything else that promotes negative body image. We reject fixed or distorted ideas about what is ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’ and encourage our talent to feel good about themselves, however they look.

The right person for every job. We pride ourselves on finding and providing the right people for each and every assignment. No matter what kind or number of talent you need – or by when – we promise to do everything in our power to deliver.

Open and honest. We are 100% transparent about who we’ve worked for and can substantiate every booking mentioned on this site. We’re also upfront about the competitiveness of the industry and the chances of finding work. Our offers of representation are backed up by a rigorous set of terms and conditions that explain everything prospective talent need to know.

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