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It was a good day, we were really welcomed, and felt relaxed all the way through. He got the kittens to do alsorts which was natural for the kittens ie play with the tinsel etc which the kittens loved.

Then he had to take pics of mum and the kittens together which went well too. Kori and the kittens were very relaxed all the way through and he didn't get the cats to do things they wouldnt, he worked round them.
Kori, Model Fee: £160.00, Ref: A206140

The photographer was fantastic and made Fudge feel at ease, as it is more challenging working with animals they did their very best for her. The shoot went smoothly and was over in no time. This was a first for Fudge and after the initial tantrum she loved it.
Fudge, Model Fee: £180.00, Ref: Z195565

The shoot was fabulous! we let her out of the box when we arrived and let her have a roam around the studio. At the end of the session she was really posing!
Smudgy, Model Fee: £140.00, Ref: Z209427

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Regarding the Morrisons Shoot, we got there at 8:30 and the photographers arrived at 9:00, he gradually relaxed and they reckoned they had got enough (shots). I asked if they were going to use him and she said yes! He is going to be on the gourmet tins of cat food! I have enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to my next assignment.
Marion Wagner for Teddy, Model Fee: £266.00, Ref: 100656

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