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Theo had a great day modelling for the new Pampers advert. Theo had to take part in some filming and some still shots. I chose to sign Theo up to Models Direct to get some great experience being a model. I would recommend anyone to put there baby forward for modelling - I think it's great fun and very good for your baby's development :-) Theo, Model fee: £300


I took 18mth old Logan to Weybourne Beach to model clothes for the Next winter catalogue. He had a great time playing with the other children and being on the beach. This was Logan's second assignmentso he is gaining experience in front of the camera. Thank you, Elishia

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Mamas and Papas

Little baby Kyla got her first booking the day she was registered! Her mum Katrina, who was delighted with the assignment, told Models Direct... "The shoot couldn't have been more successful" Kyla, Model Ref: 181418. Model Fee: £120

Channel 4

Amelia thoroughly enjoyed her first assignment and loved all the cameras and lights etc. Amelia particularly enjoyed being with her fellow models and has made 2 new friends. We hope any future assignments are as successful as today! Krystal for Amelia aged 1, Reference: H245060

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