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Charlotte really enjoyed the assignment. She was involved in 2 different photo shoots, one for a carpet and one for a bath range. She was happy during the whole 2 hours we were there, and the lady helping the photographer was excellent at making charlotte laugh and look in the right direction. There were quite a few babies there this time and it was nice to meet them and their parents. Charlotte has now completed two assignments with Babies 'R' Us

Annalisa for Charlotte aged 11 months, Model Fee: £133.00, Ref: 186283

The photo shoot went really well, the people were really really friendly and made us feel at ease. Kayden was wearing a long sleeved top with a waistcoat type thing on top. A pair of trousers and a pair of shoes. Kayden had to sit in front of a mirror while the photographer took photos of him. He kept moving and kept trying to crawl away as there was some toys that kept catching his eye. In the end we had to get his dad to come in to try and get him to stay in one place! All in all, I thought it went well. Everyone was really friendly.

Davinia 4 Kayden age 8 months, Model Fee: £133.00, Ref: 190361

We had an amazing day, it went really well. Everyone was lovely and there was a very good atmosphere (I took that as a good sign). Jessica did almost everything she was asked to do,But did a few little extra bits that they were really pleased with. She was a good girl all day.

Lorna for Jessica aged 1, Model Fee: £182.00, Ref: A161859

Just finished filming, the twins loved it, everyone made them feel very at home and fun for them. They really enjoyed all the attention and fuss that was made of them and we look forward to doing the rest of the series. Thanks.

Julie for Gracie and Evie, Model Fee: £598.00, Ref: 198950

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