What clients ask for

Here are just a few examples of the type of requests for baby models we receive at Talent Management.

"Independent photographer requires toddlers to advertise cots and bedroom furniture."

"Babies, three months old, for top clothing supplier."

"Production company is searching for a newborn baby girl, preferably premature, for a six-part drama series."

"Baby models aged 6-12 months, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, required for an international baby food company's next commercial."

"Models to make up a family group required for a nationwide energy company’s next commercial."

"Babies wanted to appear in independent film production."

"Twelve- to fourteen-month blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby model who can walk unaided for an international baby food company's latest commercial."

"Baby twins required for one-day shoot to be part of new BBC comedy sketch show."

"One baby and mother required for new prime-time Channel 4 reality show."

"Baby for half-day TV commercial shoot."

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