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Had a great day today with easyjet and the guys and girls with us both models and the back-up crew were all lovely! Was a fun day although tiring and I can't wait for the next assignment now!! Think it all went well and the agency seem to think we got some great pictures to be used in the PR promotion. It was really cool being a bit of a star for the day!
Neil, Model Fee: £222.00, Ref: M178511

Barcelona was really really good, I had a fantastic time! The clients were really really friendly, they put is up in a really nice hotel took us out to dinner. They said they might be looking to use us again in the summer which is really good. I didn't want to come back yesterday, I got used to the barca lifestyle ha-ha!
Matthew, Model Fee: £492.00, Ref: E159654

The assignment was fun and challenging, being a model for the day felt great and fulfilling. The best thing about the assignment was the people I worked with were very warm so that made the job a lot easier than I thought. I was asked to do a photo shoot playing football, pool and computer games then went into town to do another shoot going in and out of a Pub, Supermarket, using the Cash Machine and posing at the checkout counter.
Oluwatosin, Model Fee: £213.00, Ref: S209250

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I had to model winter clothing line, this consisted of me wearing a variety of Snow/Ski Pants and various jackets, so that a buyer was able to see what they looked like on a person as well as seeing them on a hanger... I very much enjoyed this experience and the Clients were very welcoming, I was there roughly for an hour and 45mins and it flew by. I look forward to doing this again...
Toby, Model Fee: £60.00, Ref: F160690

The photographer gave us all superb direction which made the assignment very easy to accomplish and they were very pleased with what they had shot. Not only do you get paid for a great job you also meet new people which is so interesting. I found the whole experience fantastic and would love to carry on with this type of work as much as possible.
Shaun, Model Fee: £133.00, Ref: 150334

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