Why Models Direct?

There are many features and benefits of being registered as a male model with Models Direct. We are looking for new male faces and if you would like to apply to model with us... here's your opportunity!

Apply to be a model

Electronic e-Portfolio Management

At any time you can upload and edit:
- up to 10 pictures
- Your skills
- Audio Clip
- Video Clip
- CV/Resume
- Comprehensive statistics
- Your experience and qualifications

Models Direct provides online tools to set up and update your e-Portfolio simple and easy way. Photographers, advertising agencies, TV, film companies and business executives are the decision makers hiring models, and they want to see a wide selection of models quickly.

Based on this information, models are selected to appear on the catwalk, screen, cataloge, film set, stage and event … to be the star.  

Being seen on 'The World Stage' with your Models Direct e-Portfolio means you will be available to hirers and managers across the Globe. Let them see you - today!

Update photos, video file, audio clip, CV/resume, statistics, details, statistics and experience. You can update your e-Portfolio as your look changes and you get more experience – Hirers choosing models need to know about changes and see the difference.

Remember you can access and change your e-Portfolio online from anywhere - work, home, on holiday, college... all you need is web access.

Email alerts

Models Direct will automatically tell you by email every time you have been put forward for a modelling job plus every time your e-Portfolio has been looked at by a Hirer. No more wondering what's going on – now you are the first to hear! No other agency offers this benefit.

Booking Announcements

Selected: Whenever you are selected by a Hirer for a booking, Models Direct will automatically notify you by email with all the details (including job dates, requirements, fees etc.). We will also call you and discuss every aspect of the booking with you.
Not selected: If you are not selected for a booking, Hirers have the opportunity to say why - this may help and encourage you to review and improve your e-Portfolio.

Performance stats

Log-in anytime to see the number of times you have:

- been included in model searches
- had your e-Portfolio viewed

This is a highly effective, online visual display - a real hands-on approach to success!

Promote yourself

Print or email your e-Portfolio and forward it to prospective employers, colleagues and friends – let them see you mean business. Never miss out on a good opportunity.

Access to Models

Not just anyone can look at models on the site. Hiring companies and all others MUST first register before using the system.

Talent Management have approval procedures to ensure the validity of Hirers.
All Hirers must first meet these requirements BEFORE a booking is made, or a hirer requests to search the database.

Industry news, tips and events

Online daily news and industry updates, castings and newsflashes. Where the action is, what the castings are for, who is looking, who is making the bookings.

Directory of industry suppliers

An index of headings in film, fashion, music, advertising, video and entertainment, listing anyone and everyone who can help you be a star. Who they are, what they do and where you can reach them!

Booking feedback

When a job is complete you will receive an automatic email asking for feedback.

Modelling application