Teen Models Looks & types

We represent teen models of all shapes, sizes and looks. Our clients have a ceaseless demand for teen models from all the different teen modelling categories.

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If you are blessed with classic good looks why not use them and you could earn yourself a useful part time income.

Real people

Advertisers need to appeal to everyone and that requires 'real' people!


Great things come in small packages. Petite teen models are usually around 5ft to 5ft 5”, sizes 6 to 10.

Plus size

Big is beautiful. Fashion and branding is going out of its way to meet the demands for plus size teens.


It's good to be different. Full of personality, quirky face with striking features or an unusual physique.


If you've got the height - you can reach high places. Tall models are always popular with clients.

Hands & Feet

For close up work modelling jewellery, cosmetics, nail polish, hand lotion, shoes, shampoo, and products.


Anything and everything needing a picture and a model to sell it. Clothing, product, emotion and lifestyle


Salons are always needing teen models for hair shows and publicity events. Cut, colored & styled, while being paid!


Fit and healthy? Clients want teen models that can provide a strong healthy look for their products and image


From fittings to high fashion, tall, slim and well presented fashionist as to model latest collections


Teen models with clear complexion and even features for close up advertising

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