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First I got a call from the agency saying I had to go for a photoshoot with lee the photographer. I was so excited to just take the photos because this was the first time the agency got back to me. He was really friendly, he explained everything that was happening. After a few days I was told I had the part and had to go for a wardrobe check! The day I went I was so excited but nervous about what I would be asked to wear. But when I was there the people were so nice and helped me with everything, I even got breakfast! On the commercial day they did my hair and make up, I was feeling like a star already ha-ha! I was looked after the whole time. It was an amazing day and if I had the chance to do it again I would!

Antoniette, Model Fee: £532.00, Ref: 139409

My Nintendo photoshoot went very well, the clients were very helpful.It felt amazing, dressing up, pretending to be a princess, you can't complain! The best thing was the clients telling me that they were very pleased with my performance. I was asked to act like a princess and dance as if I was at a ball, smiling and feeling excited to see my prince.

Yasmin, Model Fee: £266.00, Ref: A190140

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I feel really good and proud of myself about the assignment for Wii I've complete. In one sentence being a model for the day was the best experience ever and I would do it over and over again any day. The best thing was modeling for such a big company such as Konami. I was asked to play the game that I was modeling for while they took still photos. Some thing I would say to someone thinking of being a model... modeling is great fun for all ages and is a brilliant way to give you a chance to show how good you really are in front of the camera.

Robi, Model Fee: £851.00, Ref: V149827

The assignment I felt relaxed, comfortable and welcomed by all the members of the team. Everything ran to time and there was a constant supply of food and drinks available. Overall, the Hair Show gave me a greater understanding of the work needed to be done by everyone behind the scenes for a show like this to run smoothly. It also gave me more experience in hair modelling and in catwalk work. I really enjoyed this assignment and learned so much from it which I will hopefully be able to use in the future.

Leanne, Model Fee: £426.00, Ref: K187338

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