5 Ways to Utilise Your Time During a Pandemic

Published: 11th May 2020

The nation is on lockdown and now you’re indoors to protect others as well as yourself in hope for the pandemic to come to an end.

Hopefully, it will, and life will go back to normal eventually but until then your time is as precious as it always has been. 

Let’s rewind to a just a few weeks, where you were probably always on the go, busying yourself with the tasks of everyday life not to mention rarely taking time out for yourself. Fast forward to today and take a moment to think about all the times you wanted more time in the day. 

Well, now’s an opportunity that has been given to us all to make the most of our valuable time. We’re living through something historical and gaining these moments in the way we have might not have been how we envisioned more time being handed to us.

However, looking at the situation in a positive manner, despite all the news, articles and WhatsApp messages being circulated, is something that we, Models Direct, believe is how it should be. 

We’ve been gifted with time to grow, upskill and become a better version of ourselves. It’s time to focus on those feel-good, positive vibes and look to utilising our time during a pandemic. 

1. Exercise self-love 

As much as the occasional face mask and bubble bath are lovely ways to unwind and treat yourself, self-love is more than that. It’s setting a realistic plan to do more for yourself. An effective way to kickstart your self-love goal is by journaling. Write down how you feel about yourself and if it is negative then flip it into a positive. 

Write down positive affirmations on handy post-it notes and stick them around your mirrors and fridge, or anywhere where you mostly go to in your home setting. Read them aloud and use them as part of your self-love routine. 

2. Gain knowledge 

Knowledge is power, period. With so many resources at our disposal, why not learn something new? The internet is amazing without a shadow of a doubt. Most of us are connected with our friends, family and the world at the touch of a button. So, what better way to use this time than to invest it in online learning. The resources that are now available are so comprehensive and vast, the digital world is your oyster.

3. Stay connected

We know it’s very difficult not being able to see family and friends, to send over a meal, help with shopping or check on them if they are feeling poorly. But lockdown doesn’t mean that you can’t stay connected. Call them or use video call via WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or the many other platforms out there. Write and send positive messages and most of all, tell the people you care for how you feel! 

4. Quit putting off your personal projects

Any projects that you’ve had pending but never got the time to get around to – well now you have it! No matter how big or small the project is, dedicate time to planning so that you’re a few steps ahead. Small home renovations or work-related projects to larger projects with an entrepreneurial touch, get planning. Explore online or reach out to others you can learn from. Use this time to achieve those goals.

5. Get creative

The thing about time is that we can become so consumed by mundane tasks and life can turn into a box-ticking exercise. So, how can we get the chance to be creative? Experiment with your clothes, makeup, get painting, whatever you’re inclined to, start it now. 

Our thoughts

The lockdown will end at some point, but the thing is how do you intend to get back out into the world?

Let us know how you’re spending time in self-isolation. Get in touch with us on our social media platforms! 

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