A Day On Set With SUMEC UK

Published: 17th Jun 2022

What happens when you’ve registered as a model with Models Direct at the end of March this year? A call from our agency to confirm you’ve been booked for an assignment…Woohoo!

This is what’s happened with Liz; our new addition to our modelling platform. She was booked only a week after being registered – how amazing, we were just as thrilled as she was! Of course, this is not the same for every model that enters our books but it can happen and it did!

In case you haven’t heard of SUMEC UK, they provide affordably priced cutting-edge and innovative power tools and garden tools for customers. They were established in 2009 and reached out to our agency seeking a male and female model for their marketing and advertising. This comprised of working on set for 2 days in York, where the company is based, filming and taking photo stills with a range of power tools that SUMEC UK wanted to showcase.

Liz and Kerolos were selected and did a smashing job demonstrating their state-of-the-art tools. Liz demoed all of Vita’s garden tool kit which you can check out right here. It’s a superb ad we have all really enjoyed watching and we hope you do too! 

Our models shared their experiences with us, and we’d like to share them with you so that you can get a feel of what it was like in their shoes. Liz describes her assignment as;

Excellent shoot, kept to schedule in lovely location. Photographer friendly and supportive. All details accurate and supplied in good time.” – Liz

Kerolos shares his account with us right here:

Wow, what a day it was for a photoshoot . Really enjoyed it as the weather was lovely and the client team was friendly. Models Direct team were so clear on the phone, friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions regarding the photoshoot from the beginning through phone calls and emails. Thanks, MD” – Kerolos

It’s amazing to think what you could do in two days! No two jobs are the same at Models Direct; work is seriously fun and pays handsomely, not to mention a valued addition to your CV. If you’ve got the bug to fix up your garden, home, or surroundings, SUMEC UK is a place you can visit, and if you’ve got the bug to join our modelling agency, you can hit (preferably not “smash”) that apply button whenever you want!

Our online application is incredibly easy; we’ve made it a user-friendly experience so anyone (apart from children) can go ahead and make the first step happen. For any potential child models (because you’re a huge part of the industry too), parents and guardians can apply on their behalf. We’re looking forward to booking more models, and helping to match them with incredible brands, be it startups or established enterprises, we’re here for you! And if you’re already on our books, be sure to keep your phone close by because we could be giving you a call just like we did with Liz and Kerolos!

See you soon!

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