A Healthy Start to becoming a commercial model

Published: 21st Jun 2022

Our models love commercial modelling because they enjoy the challenge of taking on the different roles required.

In fact, one of the great appeals of becoming a commercial model is that it usually requires at least some degree of acting.

Those taking part in campaigns, commercials or promotional films – or even in still photography shoots – have to be able to step into someone else’s shoes.

They might have to pretend to be a young person shopping for clothes, for example, a mother dropping her children off at school or a footballer getting ready for the match.

It could almost be anything – and it means no two jobs are ever the same!

It also shows how commercial modelling can be a great stepping-stone for anyone hoping to move into acting in the future.

At Models Direct we always ask those joining us whether they have any previous acting experience and, if not, whether they believe they have the skills to pretend to be someone else.

One recent commercial modelling assignment was a perfect example of how easily some of those on our books find taking on a different role.

We sent four of our models – Emilia, Elroy, Liana and Laura – off to take part in a two-day shoot for the NHS.

The aim was to create video content for the online and social media promotion of the NHS’s Healthy Start campaign.

The client was thrilled with the models we sent, the work they did during filming and the speed with which we were able to find the right people.

So much so, in fact, that they contacted us afterwards to say:

Thank you for providing the models for our recent Healthy Start photoshoot. We really appreciate the help especially due to the time constraints we had for this project. We are happy with the outcome and look forward to these images being used to promote Healthy Start on our social media channels”

All our commercial models proved excellent at taking direction on the day; they were comfortable in front of the camera and had no problem at all with playing a character.

They all also told us how much they had enjoyed the experience.

They filmed their own behind the scenes content for us to use and gave us their feedback on the assignment itself.

Emilia said: “I had my first assignment with Models Direct. They picked a fab day for the shoot: the sun was shining, and everyone was friendly. It was as straightforward as you could get with a shoot.”

It was also Laura’s first experience of working with us;

“Charlie was fantastic in keeping me up to date, informing me of everything I needed for the day, telling me what was expected and completing a lovely follow-up call,” she said, “The project itself was great fun, with a lovely bunch of people. I enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to more assignments. Thanks again!”

Liana agreed, reporting back to us: “I had a pleasant time with everyone on set and with Models Direct. Everyone was very friendly and easy to talk to.”

Elroy was also impressed with how smoothly it all went;

“I had a great time on set with Models Direct!” he said, “The direction was great and so were the model handlers. I was told everything I needed to know beforehand – and everything went to plan.”

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