Aviva Retirement Campaign

Published: 15th Feb 2021

If there was one particular modelling assignment to highlight our relationship with long-standing clients, this would be right up there with the best of them!

Seven of our adult models were elected to pose on camera and speak about what retirement meant to them as part of the Aviva Retirement Scheme. The models starred in the company’s online video detailing what retirement can mean to a range of people. This was of particular appeal to the country’s “more mature” population, since we all have different aspirations and goals once we hit retirement age, and it’s something millions of people will give a great deal of thought to.    

Aviva is a highly-trusted insurance company, which offers some of the most respected financial advice and retirement planning to millions of customers. They support many operations, including sponsoring the 51,000 + capacity sports stadium in Dublin. The company helps its 33 million customers across 16 markets in Europe, Asia and Canada, and is the UK’s largest general insurer and pensioners provider. We’re proud to have Aviva on board with us, and we’re delighted that such an influential company chooses us when they need models for that “human touch” to increase brand awareness and getting the right message across to both new and existing customers.

The company rose from the ashes of Norwich Union, and after the merger it grew as a market leader. It was appropriate that our models posed in various locations around Norfolk, since Norwich Union was founded in…yep, Norwich.  

Our client was Krow, an award-winning digital brand agency based in London. We’ve worked with them before – similar to Aviva themselves – so both parties had the advantage of knowing each other’s quirks and specific demands and skills (this always helps). This relationship certainly put our models at ease, since for several of them, it was their first modelling assignment (see – it’s never too late to get on the first rung of the modelling ladder!)

The key message of the Aviva video was that retirement means something different to everyone, whether it’s spending some quality time with friends,  creating memories, going part-time, bettering yourself or simply kicking back and getting fingers green in the allotment. Whatever a person’s decision, retirement plans are personal, and Aviva are there every step of the way. 


Our models were geared up for the video, and clearly revelled in front of the camera. Our illustrious band of adult commercial models consisted of Paul, Villmore, Ty, Kevin, Marijana, Kastur and Bernice. For some, Norwich and its surrounding area was unfamiliar territory, whilst for others the biggest buzz was just the thrill of meeting new people and working with a professional advertising agency. One thing’s for sure – all seven of our models won’t forget the experience in a hurry! Here’s a selection of their feedback:

“I had a GREAT shoot with the Aviva team in Norwich! Thank you all for making me feel so special! Big thanks to my Models Direct agent, Charlie, who was wonderful from start to finish! It was my first shoot with Models Direct and I can’t wait to work with you again!” Marijana

“I had my first shoot today, thanks to Models Direct. It was helping to promote retirement planning for Aviva and involved some speaking and photography. I had an excellent time, and was looked after very well by the crew who helped to put me at ease and advised all the way until it was right. It was very professional at every step but also friendly and approachable. The setting was lovely – it was Norwich, a city I was not familiar with. As my first assignment for Models Direct it went way beyond expectation from start to finish. I also learned a lot about presentation and delivery. I’m looking forward to more opportunities. I also found the fee generous, given they only needed me for one hour.” Paul

“The whole process was excellent, from communication about the booking, to being picked up and dropped off. The crew on the job were excellent – I couldn’t fault anything! I enjoyed my shoot so much and I’m hoping to get more job bookings in the future. Charlie at Models Direct is the best :o). Thank you. x” Kastur

We’ve always said it – but let’s reiterate it: age is no barrier when it comes to modelling! All our seven models surpassed themselves – some with little or no experience – so there’s no reason why you couldn’t do the same. Plus, they made friends, visited a new city, and got paid for their time (of course!).

If you’d like to try your hand at promotional modelling, we’ve got the jobs for you, and the clients who need you. Now…where’s the Models Direct application form?

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