Campo Viejo Online Promotional Video: Wine and Dine with Models Direct

Published: 9th Feb 2021

Campo Viejo really knows how to savour the moment. The winery opened its doors in 2001 and approached our modelling agency for… well, of course our professional models! Campo Viejo needed their advert crafted and delivered to get their wines noticed with the help of No Nonsense PR, who no doubt take the hassle and unnecessities out of PR. So with the two powerhouses on board – Models Direct and No Nonsense PR – Campo Viejo were set to take the industry by storm with their innovative theme of really capturing the present moment with nothing better than their wines.

Savour the moment

Their refreshing, delicious and mouth-watering selection of wines were sparkling and fizzing, waiting patiently to be opened and enjoyed by our models for the commercial campaign. Our professional talent hopped on board, ready to shoot the under 3-minute ad in London to get the message out there – savour the moment.

We put forward 3 female and 3 male models for the work – Annie, Terry, Gregory, Natasha, Khaled and Maggie who did a fantastic job. You have to see the ad to believe it!

Annie, our experienced model and actress, landed a more featured role in the commercial. If you get the chance to see it, you’ll catch her speaking to the other models about dining in with wine hero Campo Viejo (and eating too!) Spending quality time with family and friends is the key message and viewers of the ad can relate to this.

Check out our behind the scenes snap from the day and our models that featured in the awesome ad:

Read all about it!

Our six models kindly left positive reviews about their experience working on the assignment which you can read right here. Their recount of the assignment is really uplifting and inspirational particularly for any new models out there who are slightly apprehensive about applying. Give these reviews a scan and let us know your thoughts!

“Last week I had another job booked through Models Direct, this time an advert for a popular wine brand. As always I was fully prepped and given all the necessary information beforehand from Molly, who was on hand to answer any of my queries. The filming team and cast were all very easy to work with, and made the two day shoot really enjoyable. I’m looking forward to seeing the footage and to my next assignment with Models Direct.”Annie

“What a couple of days filming for Campo Viejo we were filming a few scenes over the few days, one at a dinner party with friends.” There was loads of amazing food and wine which was all prepared on set by the amazing prop designers. It smelt so good and a few times while we were filming a freeze moment, I felt a little dribble sneak out of my mouth lol let’s hope the camera didn’t see. The other scene was a group of friends around the sofa after dinner. We were all playing heads up and catching freeze moments amongst the fun. There were plenty and laughs and moments captured that will produce into a great advert for Campo Viejo. Thanks to Molly for arranging the assignment and thanks to the whole cast for their patients’ consistency and friendly feedback to allow us all to have such a great experience. Bring on my next assignment with is already in the diary for next week :))” – Terry

“Models Direct were very professional and I had a great time working as an extra! 🙌👌”Gregory

“Amazing couple of days filming for Campo wines! The yummy food provided on set and other actors and models from Models Direct made it really fun! Thanks Molly xx”Nata

“Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic time I had at my recent advert shoot. I arrived to be greeted by friendly hosts who kept me informed of what was happening at all times. The location was easy to get to and didn’t take long from where I live. I regret not taking the odd snap but there didn’t seem time due to chatting and getting to know the other cast members. Next time I will be sure to take lots of photos to add to my portfolio. All cast members were provided with a hearty steak lunch and plenty of refreshments throughout the two days. It was a really pleasure to experience how an advert is put together as well as being involved. The first day was preparing for the advert and the second day was videoing the advert. The two days at the studio have helped me to appreciate how long an advert for the TV takes and loved being part of it. Can’t wait for my next Job. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Great two days.”Khaled

Working with Nonsense was a fun yet professional experience. James and Will were carrying and made sure the results were achieved to their standards and satisfaction. The whole Nonsense Ltd team was supportive, friendly, optimistic and working hard to deliver the Campo Viejo promo material that can be used online or perhaps in television next year if other factors would play out favourably. I also value the way that my managing agent has approached me, helped me to stay informed and supervised the process. I find Molly very reliable and trustworthy. The experience was thoroughly positive and I feel grateful I could co-create it.”Maggie

Click here to view the final commercial

The Takeaway

The Campo Viejo ad was brought to life by our fantastically enthusiastic models. The winery liked their look when they approached our assignment team and it really paid off. We are proud to be a part of someone else’s journey in particular our models because this is it – Models Direct are focused on getting our models paid work along with the recognition and exposure they deserve. For more great blogs to read or if you want to get social, check out our Facebook and Instagram platforms.   

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