Cancer Research UK

Published: 20th Apr 2022

One of the most rewarding aspects of commercial modelling is working with worthy causes to help get their message out there to the whole country. 

Cancer Research UK reached out to us to provide them with two female models for their important London campaign. As the largest independent research organisation in the world dedicated to fighting cancer, it was a prime example of an assignment that had us swelling with pride – and our models Charmaine and Edyta certainly were thrilled when our booking team put them forward for the shoot.

There are many elements to a modelling assignment, none more imperative than the others. However, we feel that any campaign that helps deliver a message to the masses is vital to the client’s purpose. In this case, Cancer Research UK needed a dynamic duo to be photographed to improve awareness and to continue their reputation as one of the finest charities globally.  

Our fabulous booking team got to work after receiving the initial request from Nonsense PR, who was the agency working on behalf of Cancer Research UK. They were delighted that we put Edyta and Charmaine forward for the stills shoot. The message was loud and proud: that together, we are all stronger in the fight against cancer, and that no one should endure this terrible disease on their own.

We all know – roughly – what cancer is, and we’ll probably know at least one person who has suffered from it. In short, cancer is a condition where cells grow and reproduce frantically with no control, often invading and destroying surrounding healthy tissue – including organs. Cancer can sometimes spread from one area of the body to another, affecting several organs.  

It’s no wonder that this assignment represented a big push to educate the world even more than what the esteemed charity has already done. As a commercial modelling agency, we were justifiably uplifted that Nonsense PR chose us to assist Cancer Research UK with their good work and the continued fight against cancer. No doubt we’ll carry on supplying the best commercial models for worthy causes – especially now that day-to-day schedules seem to be restoring some sort of regularity post-lockdowns.

Both our models were equally as pleased to be involved with Cancer Research UK. Edyta beamed, “I would like to thank Molly at Models Direct for securing my assignment with Cancer Research UK. She provided all the information I should know, and the communication and approach to the assignment was very professional.”

Charmaine said, “The Cancer Research UK shoot was brilliant. I was honoured to be a part of it; most people have lost someone dear to cancer, or know someone with the illness. The team was very nice to work with, and the location was perfect…it was right next to my house! I wonder what the future holds next – hopefully another amazing shoot.”

Well, the future looks far brighter, we can tell you, Charmaine!

It’s worth noting that we have models on our books in all corners of the UK (as well as clients), so it’s another advantage of signing up with us, because we do our best to make all our assignments as convenient as possible. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that most modelling jobs will take place outside your house (you struck lucky with this one, Charmaine!), but it just goes to show that our booking team keeps an active finger on the pulse when considering logistics.

All in all, this was one successful shoot for such a good charity, ably supported by our two talented models. We hope there are more to come, too!  

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