Published: 12th Oct 2023

As any other business will verify, repeat custom is critical to its success. We were proud to work once again with Centrepoint, providing a trio of dedicated models for their shoot in our capital. We’re pleased to have had multiple bookings with Centrepoint, and we’re always ready to supplement their ideals by putting forward the most suitable modelling talent to help them in their projects.

Centrepoint is one of the most pivotal organisations in the UK. As a charity devoted to end youth homelessness by 2037, their long-term plan will help thousands of young people in lots of ways. By supplying models to increase their awareness nationally, we’re an important cog in their marketing strategy for all young people who face hardships associated with being homeless. Our core values echo theirs, too, being completely open-minded and enhancing the quality of life for those who need help.

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What better shooting location than London? Our three models took their adrenaline to the Big City and were quickly in the thick of it. No nerves here. We’ve been giving our talent all the guidance and tips they need to be successful for years, so confidence was in no short supply.

The assignment was a straightforward but effective photo shoot for Centrepoint’s website. By selecting the right models, Centrepoint can appeal to the right young people, and encourage other youngsters to approach them for the help and guidance they need. It’s another reason why national companies have stayed with us throughout the years – they choose the hand-picked models we recommend so they can make their marketing projects as effective as possible.

And what did our models think of the photo shoot? We constantly receive heaps of praise, and we’re not shy of telling anyone following the commercial modelling industry how much we and our models achieve. In case you need reminding, have a look at our reviews. Adding to them now are Sacha, Judah-Pharez and Malikah, fresh from their London exploits with Centrepoint.

Judah-Pharaz was quick to praise the simple booking process and the organisation of the shoot: “Charlie was really helpful at preparing me for the shoot. When I arrived, Hugh was really encouraging and Steve was very engaging with a great personality. I had an enjoyable day and look forward to the next shoot. Thank you all for the experience.”

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Preparation is so important to a successful day’s shooting, and we’re pleased that Judah-Pharaz acknowledged it. Our very own experienced booking agent, Charlie, has been supplying clients with the ideal models for years – so our star models were in safe hands.

Malikah eased into the assignment and added, “I had an amazing experience with the team as they were extremely welcoming and supportive. I felt very comfortable working with them so overall it was a magnificent experience.”

Sacha was also grateful that the day’s work in London went exactly according to plan, saying, “The instructions Charlie sent were very good and the client was very friendly. I really enjoyed it. It was a great experience! Thank you very much.”

Overall, job done – happy models and a grateful client. That’s another successful story to add to our bulging folder of modelling triumphs.

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