Commercial Advertising for Tipi’s Rental Revolution

Published: 18th Feb 2021

For the rental rebellions who want a contemporary, lively and smart place to live in London, Wembley Park’s neighbourhood boasts seven apartment buildings all belonging to Tipi. Each with their individuality and take on the stylish renter, Tipi’s team are on a mission to make their renters happy and love living in the capital. With this goal at the heart of their workforce, they required a marketing plan to get their message across to a wide audience.

Models Direct were thrilled when Tipi and Bandstand, a creative and innovative agency, wanted to collaborate to create stills for their commercial campaign. They requested models and we matched our professional talent including a star pet according to their requirements to create the perfect ambience for Tipi’s marketing story.

Carefully curated still shots were required and our promotional models did us proud by collectively supporting each other and working harmoniously which was translated onto camera. Even our star pet, Boo thrived on the positive energy which helped Tipi’s project move from a storyboard script to a successful end product.

First up, we have to thank our fantastic commercial models who did an amazing job for Tipi. We receive so many great reviews about our talent’s experiences which helps us learn more about their time.

Ethan, Anastazja, Alexander, Hope, Tajarne, Marta, AJ, Kleyolder, Carlo and Boo, our star pet pup, left us feedback which you can read right here. (And yes, even Boo wanted to leave a little note too). Grab a cuppa, salad or whatever floats your boat and tuck into these great reviews our professional models have left to share with you all:

“I’m pretty new to modelling and I’ve registered myself with few agents including Models Direct. I have to say I got my first job with Models Direct, very much enjoyed the shoot day although I was a little nervous on how it,s going to work. Charlie at Models Direct talked me through step by step and was very helpful throughout. This also gave me confidence knowing that an Agent is actually work hard to get you jobs lined up. I like Models Direct”Ethan

“I’ve recently worked for the first time with @modelsdirect for Tipi campaign. I had a great experience, met and worked with some great talented people. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity!”Anastazja

“Had been invited for a casting for a little commercial shoot recently in Wembley, it was a generally seamless and fluid experience, which was well organised and good fun. My booking agent, Charlie was very clear and communicated well regarding what and when and I look forward to future opportunities with Models Direct.”Alexander

“I had my first shoot with Models Direct 2 weeks ago, after being signed for nearly 2 years. It was a pleasant experience from booking to the shoot. My agent was informative and checked in to make sure I had all information. The production and other models at the shoot were friendly and made the shoot a pleasurable experience. Top Tip, my pictures are all unprofessional selfies, the better quality your pictures, the more likely you will get booked. I believe that is why getting that initial booking took so long for me, since my first booking, I had a second the week after!”Hope

Thank you Models Direct for the opportunity to work with some amazing individuals today. The director, the photographer and the rest of the team was amazing to work with 🔥”Tajarne

“Hi to all the people that wonder if Models Direct is worth your attention! I received a really promising offer recently and I have to say that I was surprised how professionally and smoothly everything went. All the people were very nice and making sure that I’m having a good experience. After leaving the workplace, an agent called me to ask how it was and if everything was okay, which I found really professional and nice. I would definitely decide for any cooperation in the future as my current feeling regards Models Direct is very positive. Many thanks!” Marta

“Another photoshoot with Tipi organised by Models Direct. Very professional crew, met wonderful models and made new friends. Thank you Charlie and the team.”AJ

“Thank you Models Direct for the opportunity. I met some really nice people and the team was amazing to work with. A nice group of talented and understanding people. Hope to work with them again in the near future.”Kleyolder

“Thank you to Models Direct for the opportunity to work with Tipi London, I had a great time and met really cool people. I can’t wait for a new job and experience..”Carlo

“What a fabulous experience for both Boo and her Mum! I take my hat off to the models as there is a lot of waiting around but that did not bother a very spoilt Bulldog who loved the attention (even when she did not do what they wanted!!) Her first shoot and hopefully not her last!”Boo’s Owner

Not come across Tipi? 

Our work with Tipi took place before they rebranded their name to Quintain Living in 2020. It’s great to see what our models get up to and the different types of assignments they receive. Our modelling talent continues to hear back from our assignment team and will continue to whenever 

a client calls for their look. Watch this space for more hot off the press jobs our talent receive. Check in and see what’s the latest on our social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram, and find out more. If you’re feeling inspired to take on a new career especially now that we’re off to another new year, then modelling could certainly be it.

Get in touch with our expert modelling team who know all there is about this industry. With the 30 years we have behind us, we continue our mission to get real people out there on digital, print and involved in live experiences for marketing and advertising. Got what it takes? Speak to Models Direct today

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