Could Your Dog Be the Next ‘Star Pet’ in the Modelling Industry?

Published: 7th Feb 2020

Do you have a seriously fashionable dog but not sure what to do?

Our furry canine friends are fantastic to be around and have in our lives. Once they are a part of our family, we couldn’t imagine life without them. Dogs know how to pull at our heart’s strings and make us feel good. Why wouldn’t they? Their infectious personalities and unconditional love make us feel even more attached to them!

However, their talents don’t just stop at being our loving best friends. Have you ever considered your pup becoming a pet model? Stop and paws! Yes, you read that right! A pet model…! We’re not talking about your dog doing a catwalk though (as cute as that sounds!) We’re thinking more along the lines of the gorgeous and very famous Old English Sheepdog better known as the “Dulux Dog” or the sweet little Andrex puppy rolling around in loo rolls coming to mind.

We’re predicting that you’re taking a good look at your gorgeous dog now. Don’t be surprised if you start imagining your dog grace the silver screen and photoshoots! This thought isn’t a faraway fantasy either. It CAN really happen with our help, here at Models Direct. We’ve been connecting beloved pets to our clients for TV, films, catalogues and a whole bunch of other creative projects. Maybe it’s time you thought about getting your good-looking talent ahead of the animal crowd and in with the creative ones.

Can you prepare your canine for the lights, camera and action?

We think so, yes! You need a bucketload of patience, plenty of treats and a camera would come in handy too. You can use the following tips to help your pup prepare for pet modelling:

1. Practice commands

If you don’t typically use obedience commands, practice them a few days before your dog’s project to make sure your furry canine will do what you ask when you ask. It is a good idea if your dog responds to sit, stay and wait. Don’t stress if the commands don’t sink in. The team that will be working with you will know what to do!

2. It’s time for a good wash

Your star will love you for helping him look his best for the big day so either bath him or take him to the groomer. Ideally two days before the big day as this will give your dog’s hair some time to settle in place.

3. Trim your dog’s nails (he’ll thank you for it!)

Clip your dog’s nails so he won’t leave any scratches behind after this day’s work is done. If getting to your pet’s paws is proving difficult, don’t trim them yourself! Get this done as part of your dog’s grooming before the big day.

Models Direct rising pup star; Naruto

We recently captured Naruto’s special moments on his first project and we’re certain this won’t be his last either! Whitney, Naruto’s owner, described his first day as a pup star by expressing: “Naruto enjoyed his first modelling job. So proud of my boy. He even had some fun. But now he’s home and sleeping. Thank you so much Models Direct for giving him an opportunity to be a model. Can’t wait for his next one.”

And there you have it, dog-loving folks! It’s simple to register your canine friend for pet modelling so don’t give it a second thought. Register with us as your animal modelling agency. Simply fill out your details, your pups’, upload their cute snap and hit the submit button. You will hear from us when your dog has been viewed in a model search and if your four-legged talent has then been selected for projects. You can rest easy as we sort out everything else for you and your dog once you’ve selected a booking you want to go ahead with.

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