De Montfort University – A Study in Modelling

Published: 5th Nov 2023

We never stop learning and we all strive to be top of the class – and that includes our models!

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One of the many great benefits of working with Models Direct is that we are approached by all sorts of clients to supply models for an incredible array of very varied assignments.

One of our female models, for example, recently undertook some work for a student from De Montfort University.

Our model Maria was employed by a final year student from the well-known British university to pose for a fashion shoot.

And more recently she was also chosen for an assignment focusing on student accommodation.

Maria obviously has that special something that makes her appealing for a wide range of projects, including those connected to education!

Models Direct has, of course, sent models along to this kind of job before.

Sometimes students require models to pose for their photography shoots or act in the films they have made.

Our models have also helped out with hair styling and colour award competitions for hair salons; promotions for start-up companies and projects for self-employed individuals eager to promote their brands.

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Many of our clients are, of course, the major names we have all heard of – the high street shops, leading supermarkets and international brands that mount high profile campaigns.

But we are also very  proud to support smaller businesses, those who are just starting out on their careers or who are at the early stage of launching new products.

And we are thrilled to be able to supply models to students and educational establishments as well.

Maria was also only too happy to be part of the fashion photography project.

Afterwards, she said: “What an unexpected opportunity!

“Models Direct really does offer all kinds of work.

“This was such an amazing experience for me, especially as it was my first assignment!”

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