Electrolux – Keeping Modelling in the Family

Published: 9th Aug 2021

Spending quality family time together always cements relationships, but what if you could also occasionally work alongside your nearest and dearest?

The Karlsen family have been working together for some time now and have taken on a broad variety of assignments for Models Direct.

Mum Kristina is a successful lifestyle model in her own right, she has appeared in film and photography for a range of known brands, from KwikFit and Hive to Just You and Sanctuary Housing.

Her reliability, flexibility, professionalism and attention to detail in updating her portfolio, combined with her superb commercial look and smiley, friendly appeal have ensured booking after booking.

Now, however, she is also used to working with her family as well, and really values the chance to share her modelling experience with them.

The latest family modelling job saw the Karlsen clan head off down to London to take part in a photoshoot for Electrolux.

Swedish multinational manufacturer Electrolux is, of course renowned for its home appliances.

It prides itself on innovation and produces everything from fridges and freezers to washing machines, vacuum cleaners and floor polishers.

Like every household appliance manufacturer, Electrolux needs to appeal to everyday families – and who better to represent that in a commercial than a real life family.

“Yesterday’s family job for a Swedish vacuum company was great fun,” Kristina admitted afterwards.

“It was a long day, but the crew were funny, and it was totally relaxing. We love doing jobs together as a family and the kids are getting so used to it now. Thanks to my agent at Models Direct for this booking.”

Family modelling can be a great way to earn a few extra pounds to put away for that special treat that everyone can share.

Many of our families save for a holiday or a weekend break away or might use their earnings for something everyone will enjoy like a new pet.

The Karlsens were paid £633 for their contribution to the commercial, which saw them act out using a selection of appliances within a household setting.

Above all, however, they got to spend time together doing something a little bit different – and have new experiences is, after all, what keeps family life fun and rewarding.

Are you keen on finding out more about family modelling?

Then, why not see what some of our other families also have to say and then contact us if you’d like to discuss your families modelling potential with one of our agents!

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