Father’s Day 2020: Gifting Your Superhero

Published: 19th Jun 2020

A year has flown by super quick! Another 365 days (well, almost) have been journeyed through and it’s that time of year again – Father’s Day.

The 21st June is fast approaching so are you prepared for showering your superhero with their dream gift or are you a last-minute.com person? Well, if you happen to be the latter, Models Direct have a good few ideas to help you find the right present for the man in your life you want to make smile. To make life easier, all products listed can be purchased online. 

For all the dads, step-dads, dad-figures and granddads, here’s to you!

First time dad? 

Make Father’s Day super special by gifting new dads with a personalised baby grow bodysuit. It’ll make his heart melt (and to be honest, it made ours melt too when we saw them online!) 

  1. Grooming set perfect to rejuvenate skin and hair

This gift definitely makes it into our top seven list of favourite gifts for dads. Face and body essentials are every man’s staple items so look out for a grooming set that will be perfect and usable for taking care and nourishing the skin and hair.

  1. Lounge in a dressing gown

Your dad might be relaxing himself in the lockdown so a great way of getting him into the spirit of taking it easy would be to pick him up a dressing gown. They’re comfy, cosy and warm – they’re impossible not to love!

  1. Personalise a card; create a keepsake memory

Your Father’s Day gift wouldn’t be the same without a card so to make it mean something more, why not create a personalised one? There are lots of companies now specialising in customised gifts ranging from calendar, mugs, t-shirts and more. If you decide a personalised card isn’t your dad’s thing then check out other personalised gift ideas that he’ll love. 

  1. Give his feet a treat with vibrant socks

Okay, so we all need socks to keep our feet feeling cosy and warm. Being a staple item, it doesn’t have to be boring nor does it have to be crossed off the gift list. On the contrary, colourful, funky socks are very much in and you’ll find most clothing retailers stock jazzy socks. Buy your dad a pair, we’re sure he’ll love them! 

  1. Personalised chocolates; a delicious treat

So, we’ve suggested sending a personalised card (and other items too) but how about the good old trusted box of chocolates which most dads will love tucking into? Send your love in a box with a “Happy Father’s Day” sleeve to celebrate the day in sweet style. 

  1. Sweet scents

A sure-fire winner that you can always rely on is perfume, aftershave or fragrance. If you want to gift something for the home, if your dad already has a massive collection, then opt for a candle which will be perfect for creating a long-lasting aromatic atmosphere.

We hope you’ve liked our ideas for Father’s Day, do let us know how your day went.  

We also wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful dads in the world – you’re awesome and you yourself are a gift to those around you that you love and love you.  

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