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Published: 30th Aug 2023

When our talent management company, Models Direct, launched our social media platforms, we knew we’d be putting ourselves on the front line for brand awareness and engagement. Thanks to the social media giants – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat – we’re doing just that and letting users know that we’re here and we mean the biz.

Times have changed

There was a time when the Yellow Pages and retro landline BT rotary dial telephones were a big thing – very on-trend functional everyday must-have items. Fast forward to 2023, we gotta say that these pieces of the past still exist but the world looks a whole lot different through the lens of the internet. There’s no need to look for someone up in the directory and ring around like how you used to. Thanks to social media, almost 4.76bn users are globally active on platforms so it’s a bit easier to find someone!
When it comes to business, social media is an important ally to help expand reach and draw audiences. It’s no wonder we’re on it; simply check out these insane stats to understand why Models Direct are part of the 91% (and growing) club where businesses are leveraging the art of being social online!

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Growing in numbers
90% of marketers have expressed that social media has helped elevate their user recognition where 44% of local businesses in the US have conveyed that their brand awareness has increased. Across the pond, it’s a very similar picture here. The more active we’re online, the greater the chances of awareness and exposure.

More than 1 in 3 online users say they go to social media when looking for more information about a brand or a product so it makes business sense to be present on platforms since we want people to learn about us.

Facebook is at the top of the pack where 70.7% of UK users are liking and commenting on posts, followed by Instagram with 56.4% followers commenting, liking, tagging and private messaging.

Currently, Models Direct is engaging with 44K followers on Facebook and 40.5K on Instagram. YouTube and our most recent TikTok account have opened up new portals in the technological world where we’re revving modelling stuff up so that we can increase our engagement – for models and clients alike!

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Handing over the reins to our models

With the amazing tools social media provides us with, we’ve given our models the power to share their voices on Insta with reels. We encourage our models to record what it’s like on set and share their live-action modelling experience with other models – potential and long-standing. The short clips give a quick insight into what life is like on set and how our models’ assignments are going. There’s no pressure on our models to have to do this but it’s certainly helpful for our audience to promote themselves too should our clients be contacted on the platform.

The takeaway

With our platforms demanding attention and getting it, Models Direct would like you to follow and subscribe to our socials for hot takes on everything modelling! We’re soaking the benefits of being social so keep in the loop and get all the latest to stay ahead of this buzzing industry.

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