Get the Look: Soap Brows

Published: 12th May 2020

Most of us are indoors now so what better way to utilise time than to experiment and try out new hacks and things to do. So far, we’ve been through a few things that you can try out at home.

They are DIY face masks charged with natural ingredients, styling your nails with the latest spring trends and incorporating the power colour for this season into your fashion and beauty style – lilac.

Here at Models Direct, we love sharing current trends that could become signature looks as we know that our amazing readers should know all about them! Models will know just how important it is to keep up with the latest trends. Teen models who are on social media will know too. And once you’re in the know, you can pass on tips and tricks to friends and family to spread the love where sharing truly is caring.

So, you’ve guessed right! We’ve another beauty trend up our sleeve to let you know about – drum roll please – it’s soap brows

Fleecy eyebrows have been a must in many makeup routines for a while – technically since 2016 – but has made a comeback again through social media bloggers (yay!).

Check out Cara Delevingne’s rocking pair of brows. We’d say that they’re her signature feature and really accentuate her eyes and incredible face. 

Big, full eyebrows are gorgeous and aren’t difficult to achieve at all. So, put aside your worries if you’re thinking of recreating this look for yourself and start searching for a simple bar of soap! 

Dominate the soap brows look

Believe it or not, this technique is not only simple but also cost-effective and just effective in general. You might even be saying bye-bye to your much-loved brow gel because the soap method is so awesome! With a little water and a bar of soap, you can get your eyebrow game reaching high scores. 

The idea behind this is exactly how it sounds and here’s how it’s done:

Things you’ll need:

· Unused mascara wand

· Bar of soap (Pears or Simple as great)

· Water or setting spray

· Eyebrow pencil

1. Wet your wand and lightly move it along the soap.

2. Brush through brows in the direction of hair growth: up, then over, and then slightly down at the ends. 

3. Fill brows in after this process. Avoid doing this at step 1 as the colour may swish around with the movement of brushing with soap. 

And there you have it! A basic technique which can create a magnificent look. If your eyebrows need growing out, maybe now’s the time! 

And if yours aren’t as long as you’d wished for, don’t worry. This tip can even capture and lengthen the look of shorter hairs with the added help of plumping them up with colour. Try it out and let us know if you’ve achieved feathery, perky and fluffy eyebrows. 

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