Getting to know The Avid Seamstress with Models Direct

Published: 27th Apr 2021

As one of the top UK modelling agencies, we have a varied amount of clients who come to us (Models Direct) requesting our professional models. We had The Avid Seamstress, a London based sewing pattern company committed to supporting makers who enjoy the art of sewing, come to us for a female model who could model apparel for their website. This original and very clever company brings the sewing community together by preparing everything an avid seamstress would need to make me-by-me garments such as gorgeously patterned dresses, a chic coat and a ready for any occasion blazer! The Avid Seamstress takes fashion to another level, it’s all about learning new skills and taking ownership of what the seamstresses out there have created – something that is a unique piece carefully curated by an eager learner. 

We couldn’t let this grand opportunity slide without hunting for the perfect match that The Avid Seamstress was looking for. Annie Orchard was the chosen star of the show who caught their eye for the assignment. Annie has featured in numerous assignments so her modelling knowledge and experience was spot on for the creative crafts company. 

Annie had the chance to try on their statement pieces just as a fittings model would to ensure that they fit her just the way the company intended. The images taken showcased the garments in a simple yet beautiful way with relaxed, natural poses. (If you’re camera confident and like trying on new outfits, why not try out being a model this year? Read on for more details about how to sign up!) 

The assignment was a success! You can check out her final images on The Avid Seamstress website and on Instagram where they currently have 14.8k followers!

Annie left us seamless feedback right here to reflect how her modelling day went: 

“Yesterday I had another great shoot thanks to Models Direct, this time it was a photoshoot for a London based sewing company called the Avid Seamstress. As always, I was given all the necessary information beforehand from Molly, plus I attended a casting a few weeks ago to ensure I was right for the job, so the day went very smoothly. We shot lots of different looks over the course of the day, with brilliant direction given from the fantastic photographer, Iurana. The client Lisa was so lovely to work with and was even kind enough to give me a gorgeous bunch of flowers at the end of the day. I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos!” – Annie

Get your sewing kits out, seamstresses!

Like what you read? Head on over to The Avid Seamstress website or Instagram to get to know the company better. Be inspired and pick up a new and diverse skill this year. 

If you’ve felt inspired by Annie, Models Direct welcomes aspiring models to get in touch and find out what your modelling potential is. Models Direct has a no-nonsense approach when it comes to working in our quirky industry, and backed with in-depth knowledge and a LOT of pizzazz, we are sure you will enjoy working with us. Our current models, whether they are fittings models or commercial models…or in fact any type of model, always leave reviews and feedback just as Annie has done. Hop on board and sign up with Models Direct – you’ll wish you had done it sooner! 

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