Getty Images

Published: 9th Jul 2022

Getty Images is the world’s leading visual media company. They are a renowned team of photojournalists, video creators, researchers, data scientists and customer service professionals who supply stock photography to just about any brand. When it comes to digital imagery, they’re at the top of their game.

No wonder they approached us recently for a lifestyle shoot. The combination of Getty Images and Models Direct made for a dynamic shoot, and the correlation of a global brand specialising in photographs asking for models to have their pictures taken wasn’t lost on us!

The booking took place in London – a city not too shy when it comes to camera work, as it’s regularly ranked in the top 5 most photographed cities. This modelling job really did have all the ingredients for a wonderful shoot, with our lucky five models pampered by stylist Esther and make-up artist Kerry. Not forgetting the photographers themselves, of course!

We’re committed promoters of models of all ages, so this was the ideal assignment to showcase our depth of talent, as four of our five were mature models. Requiring the all-important levels of confidence was absolutely necessary, although for our fifth younger model, Alexander, his work with Getty Images was his modelling debut and sure to kick-start his successful career. His experience speaks for itself:

“I had my first official modelling shoot today, and it was so much fun. It was very relaxing and not taxing; it took two and a half hours and I almost forgot I was doing a job! Thanks to Charlie and Kara for supporting me – especially Charlie, who gave me a call before and straight after the shoot to check in on my wellbeing / mental health. I can’t wait for the next one!”

Alexander’s evaluation demonstrates our commitment to our models, and the care we take from the initial booking to the end product. A happy model means a good model, and this philosophy has worked for us for decades!

Posing for stills with a professional camera team snapping away has a high impact on the quality of photos, so our four more mature models soaked up the experience and were all thrilled to be onboard for such an illustrious brand as Getty Images.  

Junita said, “Brilliant first experience with Getty Images. Klaus and Iain were both brilliant and very encouraging. I had lots of fun being a model and really hope Klaus and Lauren captured what they envisioned. Stylist Esther was very helpful and the makeup by Kerry was awesome. All in all a wonderful first time experience. Thank you team Models Direct! And thanks to Charlie for checking on me!” Cue smiley face: ☺! 

Ola was quick to praise the teamwork on the shoot, commenting: “Thank you to the team (Esther, Kerry, Lauren, Iain, Dennis and Klaus) for a better and more exciting second photo-shoot experience. The team worked well together, and I believe that they collectively brought out the best in me as such, much appreciated again.”

Annie contributed to another 5 star evaluation by saying, “It was a great first experience with Getty Images, and Klaus and Iain were both fantastic. Stylist Esther was amazing – she knew how to bring out the best in us and made us feel fab with the wonderful wardrobe choices. The makeup by Kerry was also brilliant. Overall it was a great experience. Thank you to Charlie for all the support!”

Time and time again we receive terrific feedback, and we can only assume that our models enjoy their work as much as we enjoy reading their evaluations. Thanks to Getty Images for making this shoot “picture perfect”!

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